Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Art: Dominant Women

femdom art, dominant woman art
Now go to your corner!

I encourage my darling to find interesting art devoted to Dominant Women. There is not that much of it about and what there is is often pretty crude. But I wanted a little Kindle book to show to a girlfriend who is interested in leading her marriage and so I told Elliot to start rooting around in his archives. Here's what he wrote over at his blog.

"I wonder,"said Hannah "If you have collected enough really elegant dominant female art to make a book. Show me what you have."

So, of course, I did.

"No, no, no, Oh please. No. This one is pretty strong. No..." Hannah is very, very selective. But, in the end, she chose 50 pieces of various sorts. A bit of bondage, some forced feminization, whips, men as servants. And then, having selected the first fifty pictures and rejected about four hundred, Hannah wrote an introduction for the book.

We both hope you will enjoy Hannah's choices of Dominant Woman art.

I fear the Kindle rules forbid a number of rather saucy pictures which show the finer points of caging a cock or pegging your submissive husband. But some of the art is really quite beautiful and some is deliciously suggestive. Elliot's corner time today will be nicely fragrant. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

If a Job is Worth Doing....

I want one of these. I realized that I had not properly whipped Elliot for a month. Partially because he has given no cause - which is good - and partially because I have been rethinking the entire maintenance discipline concept.

In actual fact, between a fair amount of corner time, occasionally having to have his nipples clipped, wearing a girdle twelve to twenty hours a day and having to wear a nightie to bed every night, Elliot is more than aware of his position and, I think, very much enjoys it. When his little cock cage gets here - soon I hope - his passive discipline will be complete.

But what about whippings. The fact is that I find Elliot much more humble and subservient when his bottom is well welted. However, we have slipped into the habit of fairly prefunctory "maintenance" sessions. Not a good thing. Better not to have maintenance at all than to do it half heartedly.

So, as Elliot relates at his blog, instead of the usual half dozen fairly light strokes, I decided to really make his maintenance count. Half a dozen medium and half a dozen stingers with a light rattan cane. The last six I delivered with the little wrist flick which makes the cane bite. I wanted him to wear his welts for a few days.

I am not by nature a sadist or particularly cruel; but I do believe that if you are committed to doing something you should not go in for half measures. Maintenance whippings should not be just "routine"; Elliot needs to know they are going to sting and that he can look forward to them more often.

I must admit I can hardly wait for his cock cage to arrive. Then his submission will be complete - even if I only lock him up occasionally. The fact I will have that much control over his sexuality, that he will not be able to have an erection without my permission, that he will have to sit down to pee, is very, very intriguing.

The lovely dog whip pictured would make both maintenance and correction a bit more interesting. Now Elliot does not know if I will be using a light or medium cane or the lovely bit of acrylic which has a bit more density. The dog whip would add a bit more weight and, I suspect, would welt Elliot a bit more efficiently.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fall is Here

Lest people think that only Elliot wears the girdles in this house, now that fall is here, the picture to my left pretty much covers my own foundations.

If you like wearing stockings, an open bottomed girdle is wonderful for daywear and evenings. While I am happy to wear a roll-on like the one in the picture during the day while I shop and generally am out and about, in the evenings I like a side-zip high waisted girdle - after Dior - such as the Rago Hi-Waist Open Bottom. Now the open bottom style is really unsuitable for husbands as you need to wear stockings to keep all the various tensions aligned; but it is fabulous for a fashionable girl like me.

I know there are lots of women who will complain of discomfort but, in fact, once you are used to it, a girdle is like a second, slightly tighter, skin. Plus, wearing a girdle will mean that nicely tailored clothes fit perfectly and you will have a wonderfully sleek silhouette. No jiggle. The key thing to remember is that girdles look best on the toned bodies of women who don't actually need to wear one. Which means my walking and bike riding are rewarded through the fall and winter.

I might post some snaps one evening when I am getting dressed for cocktails.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Chasing the Maid

That naughty man...here I was thinking he has been working hard on my book about Escorting for Elegant Women but it turns out he has been building another sexy Kindle Book.

Just for fun I put all my maid art together in a pretty little - well actually quite large (100 pages) - Kindle Book. The Art of the Maid has drawings and cartoons of maids as well as an introduction Hannah and I wrote. We had a wonderful maid and we're looking forward to having another once we get on with expanding our house. The Lady of the House has even more fun when she can enjoy the attentions of a really well trained lady's maid.

(Elliot notes: If you are an Amazon Prime user - and you should be if you are eligible - you can "borrow" The Art of the Maid free...and don't worry, Hannah's champagne fund is still paid.

Key thing...your first 30 days of Amazon Prime are Free...so you can download lots of books.

It's nipple clips for cocktails for Elliot I say...

Monday, 22 September 2014

Lock Down

A delightful man has been in touch with me. He has been trying to use my Amazon wish list to purchase the cock cage for Elliot. But, for some reason, the wish list is not working.

I have to say it was quite fun to tell Elliot to fix the wish list so that his little cock can be locked up most of the time, or at least from time to time. He has adapted quite well to having to wear a girdle most of the time so a cock cage will not be that radical a change. Although peeing sitting down and having to wipe will be quite an adjustment.

In actual fact I am inclined to think that cock cages may put too much focus on the caged object and take focus away from obedience and service...but there really is only one way to find out.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Calm and then a bit of Amusement

A little later I am going to sink into the lovely hot bath Elliot will draw for me. I have this month's big thick Vogue Magazine and by that point a glass of bubbly wine will be a delight.

I suspect I'll send Elliot to his corner while I am in my bath. It will, I'll bet, be a welcome relief to peel off the girdle he's been wearing since the beginning of the month. Next week, until he loses those pesky last five pounds he'll have to wear the firm girdle during the day and a lighter girdle to bed. Those last few pounds are always the hardest to lose and Elliot needs incentive.

I am leaving the question of locking his little cockette up to my readers. I have this rather elegant cock cage on my wishlist at Amazon. If you want Elliot to be locked in chastity under his girdle all you need to do is click on the link. I don't think he'll like being locked up but I think it is something I would like to try on him. Needless to say he has no choice in the matter and I will be instructing him to post this on his blog as well.

So now, another couple of hours of work and then the bliss of a bath and then, if he's lucky, I suspect I will indulge myself before cocktails with his very clever tongue and my stylish vibrator. (By the way, I cannot say enough nice things about this vibe. It is simple, elegant, powerful and sleek. I've had it for years and while I have other toys this is the one I require Elliot to bring to me most often. As a piece of humiliation magic, having your husband bring you your vibrator and then have to go and stand, naked, with his back towards you, hard as a rock in his corner listening to the purr of the vibe where his tongue has just been is fabulous.)

Once he has got me wet I'll have him put his girdle back on and fix hors d'oeurves. He has not come for ages and I think I might let him over the weekend. But not before cocktails.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Incorrigible ;)

My delightfully incorrigible Elliot has been sitting in his girdle working hard on a bunch of projects but boys will be boys and he put this delightfully smutty collection of pretty 1950's girls being spanked. If they were not so adorable and the situations so silly....Here's what he said. I wonder if I should send him to his corner like the naughty little boy he so clearly is.

1950s spankings, 1950s housewife, 1950s secretary, Sassy gals get spanked

I've been working on Hannah's book, Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman which is taking longer than we expected. But all work and no play makes for a dull Elliot so I put together this affectionate look at 1950's Cartoon Spanking. Late for work, spelling errors, dinged the car, a girl in the 1950's knew she'd be over her boss's or husband's knee in no time. Have fun and watch out for the political correctness police - they might give you a spanking.

You can click on the image or go here to see a sexy sample of those nice 1950's gals getting what they deserve.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

No Wimps

There seem to be two distinct lines on submissive husbands: some husbands are submissive because they are naturally inclined to subordinate behaviour, some are pretty much dominant in every aspect of their lives except their marriages. Both can be happy, surrendered, husbands but I have to admit that I am much more interested in having the respect and submission of a man who I love and admire.

And Not Today Either
Elliot is sitting up in his office in his girdle having been throughly teased and absolutely denied both when we went to bed - I wore a particularly sexy nightie and didn't let him touch me and then stroked his little cock until he was thrusting into my hand - and then this morning when I used my fingernails on his morning erection and then sent him to his shower with the requirement that the last two minutes be cold. He loves these marks of his own submission, but I have no doubt he is pushing forward with his business, writing and working very hard (in both senses of that word) as I type this. His submissive side is only on display in our marriage, the rest of the time he is all the things I want my husband to be: smart, aggressive, risk taking and, when required, even a bit of a bully.

While I require him to do some of the housework and attend to my clothing, shoes and lingerie, I also want an equal in my marriage. A contradiction? I don't think so. What Elliot subordinates to me is first off his sexuality, second his right to make decisions in our marriage and third, any inclination towards "bad" behaviour as I define it. These are all things which he is better off without. There is no reason for any man to make sexual decisions: men are happiest when they are simply told what to do sexually. Yes, every so often I let him have the illusion of a sexual encounter in which he is on top. But he is well enough nipple trained that he is not coming until he has his nipples pinched.

Elliot has accepted the fact that his normal state is chastity. The fact he is hard, that he is horny, is wonderful. It is also not at all relevant to my sexual pleasure which is all that counts in our marriage. I do like him hard when I want him hard and that means he takes his little dose of Viagra and waits for my needs. In our marriage his "needs" are entirely immaterial.

The best marriages have one partner in charge and responsible for the decisions which have to be made in a marriage. I listen to Elliot but al the decisions - financial, social and family - are mine to make. As to bad behaviour, whether Elliot is snippy or disrespectful, if he goes out without permission or has one too many drinks, if he looks at another woman the wrong way or pretends to have the right to comment on my conduct, he knows he'll be strictly and severely punished.

It is how we chose to live. It is not for everyone but it works well for us.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Our Girdle Book - Free

With all the chat about girdles on this site recently the Lady of the House has instructed me to make our girdle book - A Girdle Must Advertise - available for free on Amazon starting at midnight Pacific time tonight and running through to Friday. Enjoy!

girdles, husband in a girdle, girdle punishment
Remember you can read Kindle books on almost any device.

Here's the link for the Kindle Reader App (Android, Mac, PC)

One note: while most of our discussion has been about my having Elliot wear a girdle - and it is doing wonders for his posture, obedience and figure - I actually wear girdles myself through the Fall and Winter months. A really well fitted girdle makes a girl's clothes fit more smoothly and keeps your stockings up much more comfortably than even the nicest garter belt. But I wear real girdles not the "pantihose on steroids" which are Spanx. I do have a couple of pairs of Spanx for a really smooth line in jersey or fine knit dresses but, frankly, a fine old vintage girdle is more substantial and usually much more comfortable.

They are also a lot prettier

You can Sleep in Your Girdle - I Mean it

Not tonight
I think I finally have Elliot trained. He was all hard and horny last night at bedtime. I was tired so I told him to get into one of his panti girdles, be quiet and go to sleep.

Not only did he obey me - which I would have expected in any event - but he also waited until I woke up on my own to ask to be allowed to take his overnight girdle off. He's had his shower and in about ten minutes he'll have to pull on his day girdle and get to work.

Once he's lost his weight I think I will keep him girdled as a matter of routine but I am still interested in locking his little cock up. I thought this cock cage was quite elegant. I had Elliot put it on his Amazon wish list - I don't think he is "wishing for it" at all but it would be great fun if it turned up in our mailbox. I'd lock him up and take cute little snap shots of his cockette in jail.

Meanwhile it seems that more husbands (judging from the sizes ordered) are being subjected to girdle discipline. And it looks like some wives like to buy their obedient husbands pretty girdles - if this one was open bottom I'd want it for my collection. I prefer Elliot to see his foundations a pretty practical rather than beautiful or feminine. More Sears than Dior. I want him to simply understand that his fitter, slightly more feminine, figure is for my pleasure not his.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Naughty Boy

Don't stop until I tell you
This is the time of the month, just a few days, when I love my pleasures. And, while I could take care of myself, I have trained Elliot to near perfection. He is able to provide me with pleasure and, perhaps more importantly, obey me even when he is at the extreme end of horny and hard.

The most important thing he has learned is that I am in charge in our relationship and in bed. My pleasure is what matters. I am not opposed to his having a bit of fun but I have learned from long experience that he is more attentive and productive when he is only occasionally allowed to make a mess.

I have also learned that it is best to only let him come in me rarely. When he has to masturbate in his cup knowing that most of the time he'll have to lick his cup clean, he is a humble and humiliated man. Just as he should be. It keeps him deeply enthralled.

As my lovely, obedient husband, writes today

 "She requires me to put both my hands under my bottom when she is riding me like this. And I am only allowed to come if she’s pinching my nipples. Other wise I just have to lie there and follow her delicious lead." 

Just right. Right now he is upstairs working, in his girdle, wet with my juices and very, very hard. Just as I like him to be.

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Note on Pleasure

numb cock, male chastity, submissive husband, dominant wife
Numb is nice, Hard is better
Over at the wonderful Monkey in a Cage blog the monkey discusses having to apply Oragel to his little cock to prepare for a bout of pleasing his lady,

Sounds fun in theory – ML gets to ride my cock and use it in any way she desires, while I’m stuck with a numb cock unable to feel any pleasure. So I grabbed a glove and began to apply the Orajel to the shaft of my cock. After a few minutes of rubbing in the gel, I took a moment to wash it off before ML had her way with me – neither of us wanted her to have a numb pussy!
I fear all did not turn out exactly as planned. I certainly think numbing gel is an excellent idea and one commentor pointed out that applying the gel and then rolling on a condom could be very effective.

I commented,

One thing I have tried with Elliot is to give him a little Viagra – not too much, we find 20mg more than sufficient – and then have him make a little mess in his cup. I usually send him to his corner with a pair of my panties to press into the wall with his nose while I get busy with my vibrator. In a little while I will be close to the edge and he, thanks to the V, will be hard again. Sweetness ensues but, because he has already come, he stays hard as long as I want him but he is not even close to coming. He can then alternate pleasuring me with his tongue, cock and fingers plus I can use my vibrator again having sent him back to his corner to preserve my privacy.

Well worth the trivial cost of the Viagra.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 3

What Well Trained
Husbands Are Wearing
My Darling Elliot is upstairs working in his nicely tight girdle. He made it until 2:00PM the first day until he finally had to ask me to let him remove his girdle. I told him that after he had taken the dog for a two mile walk, in his girdle, he could remove it. That meant, on his first day, he wore the delightful garment for just on six hours.

Yesterday, the same routine, shower, girdle, work, walk but I added half an hour after his walk. Today I will add another half hour which will take him through until 4:00 PM when he gets ready for cocktails.

He is being weighed just before bed, in his nightie which is wonderfully humiliating. His walking combined with the fact I have forbidden him wine or beer except on weekends, plus my reducing the size of his portions, has worked a little magic: two and a half of his required ten plus pounds have been shed. Early days.

Meanwhile, according to my Amazon sales, three other husbands will find a girdle in their future. Remember to work your husband up slowly and don't skimp on the exercise or portion control. You should only have to tell him once that he is to wear a girdle every day and make sure he knows he has to ask your permission to remove it. (And do write a comment about your experiences.)

I plan to get Elliot up to the point where he is girdled from the time he gets up until I send him to bed around 9:00. Of course, the one other benefit of a well girdled husband is that he is very chaste indeed. All that elastic keeps even a serious erection tightly confined. 

And, of course, as we know, men love routine no matter how much they protest or how humiliated they are. So be firm, set goals, whip him if he does not comply.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Yes, Dear, the long legged panti-girdle...Now
One of the lesser known pleasures of being the dominant partner in a female led marriage is that you don't have to be patient when you are correcting a problem with your husband. You can, and I do, simply announce the solution to the problem and your lovely husband knows he either obeys you or will be punished until he does. Elliot long ago realized that it was much, much, better to simply do what I tell him without complaint.

I want him to lose a little weight, about ten pounds, and redistribute a little more. Now, I could just tell him he is to walk two miles a day, do some crunches and some squats - which I will be doing - but first he needs a good reminder as to what the problem is. Essentially his tummy and his thighs are a little larger than I would prefer.

Solution? Well, now that the weather has cooled off it is time for him to start wearing his girdles. He has several but for a little while I'll keep him in a rather plain long legged panti-girdle. It is not at all too small, but it is tight enough that his belt is on the notch I prefer. As he sheds the weight his girlde will be less uncomfortable. But I am going to keep him in it eight to sixteen hours a day which will constantly remind him of my decision and his position.

A simple,easy solution and I have the pleasure of seeing what I am aiming for immediately.

I don't think he was very happy when I told him he was going to be wearing a girdle for some time. But, sensible man that he has become, he put it on and is working happily, if a bit uncomfortably, as I write.