Sunday, 24 November 2013

pleasure and punishment

The silly man knew he had to be punished. He was disobedient last night. And he was needlessly jealous of a man I enjoy flirting with. He begged me to let him lick me this morning. I was not goingbto let him but he is so very good at it and I was wet thinking about caning him. I said yes and, in an instant, he was between my legs licking and sucking my pussy. Eventually, I finished myself off. I love how he licks me but usually finish because I am in charge even at the height of my pleasure.

I thought about letting him have some strokes but I think the thought of his caning kept his lttle cock soft.

I lay in his arms as he made his confession and asked for his punishment.

"Yes, darling, you were very silly and disobedient. So stretch out over the bed. I will see if I can leave you few reminder welts."

Naturally he obeyed and I took a couple of practice swings with the new, clear plastic, cane he found for me. Very nice. A bit denser and heavier than the rattan I usually use. Perfect for a quick but severe punishment session.

I only gave him eight strokes but three raised gorgeous red welts. He will be wearing thse when I send him to bed tonight. I will tease him a little about his well whipped bottom and then have him get back to work on my pussy. But tonight he better be hard or he'll get an even dozen strokes.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


What fun. My daring husband is back in chastity for a few weeks. But I was feeling a little frisky. "Turn off the light, I'm having an orgasm." Of couse he obeyed and lay beside me. Hard, longing, as I fingered myself to completion. "All done. I'd like a glass of ice water with a little lime." He looked so cute with his little, hard, cockette pushing against the sheer cotton of his nightie. I'll have to have him start wearing his panti girdle to bed soon. Don't want any accidents. A husband needs to know his place.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

#Free Naughty Kindle Book

I like to have j compile little stroke books from his erotica archives. Here is a free book about pretty nightwear. It's for your Kindle but you can get a Reader for virtually any computer, tablet or phone...Enjoy! We'll be putting out more free Kindle books soon. So To Bed
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Girdles are Fun
I was hardly going to let my poor husband cum for Halloween without dressing him up. Having spent the day in bra, girdle and a pretty sweater he was ready to trick for his treat.

"You can go up an change into your costume now dear. You'll be handing out the candy. Keep your wig and your foundations on." Which was perfect as it gave me an excuse to show my sweet, submissive, husband off to the neighbours.

I suppose I could have dressed him in a French Maid's outfit or as a naughty schoolgirl, but he'd look ridiculous. (Which has its place but not in semi-public.) No, I had laid out a witch's outfit complete with pointy hat and over the top witch shoes with heels and very pointy toes. Stockings of course and a semi sheer skirt and top. It was opaque enough that only people with a discerning eye would realize my dear husband was wearing a tight little girdle. The outfit was completed with a wide, corset laced black leather belt. 

He came downstairs looking chagrined. But what was wonderful was that he looked distinctly feminine in a witchy sort of a way. The door bell rang and he went off to dole out the treats. Two hours later we turned off the porch light and I had him serve a bit of bubbly wine. 

He had no idea what would happen next.