Friday, 28 November 2014

#FemDom Free Book for Black Friday

femdom, submissive husband Shopping Madness! Before you buy enjoy our first book A Man In My Position Free!
And then, when you have downloaded that book carry on shopping at Amazon. I have a few items to pick up for elliot's training:

And I would like to buy this smokey eye shadow palette, this lipstick, these pretty control top panties and these gorgeous seamed stockings.

So, like everyone else on the internet we ask you to consider doing your shopping at Amazon through one of our links...maybe this one to get your free copy of A Man in My Position

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Much better

It is really true that a man locked in chastity is a lot more attentive and obedient. In fact, elliot is positively looking for ways to please me.

I have been a bit distracted recently but this morning I was in the mood for a lovely submissive husband bringing me tea in bed, cleaning up the kitchen, spending time with a nice moist pair of my panties in his corner and then pleasuring me until I was ready to have a glorious orgasm.

I've taken to having him retreat to his corner when I am close. I love watching him push his nose in my panties and, if not for his cock cage, get harder and harder as he hears me coming to the edge and falling over. So that is exactly what happened.

After I had throughly enjoyed his very skillful tongue - he just gets better at licking and sucking my pussy, not to mention sliding a couple of very clean fingers right into me - off he went in his adorable little cage. It didn't take me long to come and when I had I lay back and sipped my tea.

"You can get into position now." He knelt on the bed and I took my time bringing my medium rattan cane down hard against his ass. I wanted welts and I got them. When I was done I sent him back downstairs to freshen my tea. He was very grateful.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

That's better

I have been experimenting with elliot's cock cage. We have established that he can be caged pretty much full time for as long as I want. The question has been how long that actually is.

elliot is two things: first, chaste unless I permit him to come. Second, nipple trained - basically, unless I am pinching his nipples quite hard, even if he is erect and thrusting he is not allowed to come. Which means that his cage is not keeping him chaste, it is doing something else.

At one level having his sweet little cock in its cage is just another way of reminding elliot of his position. He has no sexual rights in our marriage and that is just the way we both like it. But the cage also isolates his cock. While he is never allowed to touch his cock without asking permission there are moments where he gains a certain amount of stimulation from rubbing, or wearing his girdle or even just against the sheets. With his cock in its soft cage that stimulation is gone.

I prefer to be the sole source of elliot's pleasure or frustration. The cock cage enforces that situation. When I came home from shopping and elliot handed me the key he knew he was going to stay locked in until I let him out. I suspect he also was acutely aware of the fact he has not been allowed to come for nearly three weeks. All the while taking his micro doses of Viagra.

His behaviour has been far from perfect so locking him up will need to be accompanied by a good caning or two...But first it's time to give him something to make his little cock uncomfortably hard, I am going to have him lace up my corset for cocktails. Maybe I'll whip him as well. We'll see.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Playing with Twitter

I have been having fun playing on Twitter.

It is a silly place but there are some wonderfully erotic images posted.

It is also a great place to post our Kindle Books and my Pins at Pinterest.

I've set up a feed to your right.... Enjoy!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Not One Thing It's Another

What a silly week or two. Lots to write about but just as elliot was about to write our wonderfully remote power went out.

Well, there are many things you can do by candle light. Many. Especially with a delightful, obedient husband who has his little penis locked in a soft cage. No danger of mess with my pleasure and elliot is growing quite resigned to the fact he is pretty much going to be wearing his cage full time.

He did beg briefly as I had not let him out on Halloween as he thought I night. A quick caning and half an hour en femme in his corner reminded him that it is always my choice and it is vulgar to plead.

He's been delightfully docile since and contentedly making Kincle books which makes him hard. His cage makes that uncomfortable but not impossible.

I told him to put up a couple of free books and here they are:

We had great fun shooting some of the pictures in this book. I styled the lovely young and remarkably well build young lady and elliot, under my direction, had fun shooting them.

Half way through the shoot it was quite obvious that he was enjoying himself a little too much so I asked the girl if she had a nice wooden hairbrush, took elliot to her bedroom, shut the door and spanked him until his little cock settled down. I fear out model quite enjoyed the noise and was all the sexier for the remainder of the shoot. You can get the book free here.

This is the first of our Spic and Span series of reprints of the famous 1950's early 60's British magazine. Nothing but pretty, amateur girls who know they are naughty showing off their stockings, gorgeous petti coats, knickers and bras. This is the first of six of these collections.

You can get Spic and Span #1 free here.