Monday, 30 March 2015

Complete Obedience

I was delighted to see elliot posting today.
Now Hannah had obviously decided that my girdle discipline, like my cock cage and morning corner time was to be a permanent part of our marriage. She would certainly listen to any real objections I might have at cocktails;but mild discomfort wouldn’t count and my humiliation would be a positive bonus.

And, in fact, my opinion didn’t matter a bit. My role is to be a submissive, obedient, husband. Hannah makes the decisions in our marriage and if she thinks I should wear a girdle the I should and do the best I can to make that discipline pleasing to her. It is just that simple. a man in my position

In fact I have not made up my mind as to whether I want to keep elliot in girdles. I think I do because I like his shape in a girdle. No residual belly which is so unattractive in a man.

But he understands his position perfectly. I like to ask him for his views on all sorts of things; but as my husband his opinion will certainly not change my mind. And, whatever my decision, he is expected to obey or face the consequences until he does.

It is a very simple and satisfactory way to organize a marriage.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

On Corsets

Malin James wrote a wonderful piece On Corsets last week, here's an except but you should read the whole thing.

The thing I’d been taught to think of as a torture tool of the patriarchy had, very ironically, given me access to the social autonomy that my young, insecure self so desperately craved. If I could find strength in something that had, historically, been seen as an oppression, maybe my love of red lipstick and high heels wasn’t such a cop-out either. Maybe real power came from pleasing myself, rather than worrying about the male gaze and what my fellow feminists thought.

A woman’s relationships with make-up, lingerie, high heels – all those things we think of as commercially “feminine” – are intensely personal; it’s too easy to dismiss them as simple bids for sex appeal. While it’s true, corsets have been fetishized, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, so long as the woman wearing it feels genuinely happy. Corsets are sexy, and I feel sexy when I wear them, but the reason I feel sexy is very specific to me. malin james

I replied,

I loved corsets from the first moment I laced into a little white Vollers waspie (the link is purple, the white is prettier). I have two, wonderful, long line custom corsets I wear for special occasions and they really do make me somehow feel like the grand Edwardian lady I am sure I was meant to have been. But I also have a couple of more practical, underbust corsets that give me that quiet carapace and just slightly weird waist.

I wear my corsets often enough that I don’t really pay all that much attention. Normally I have on a coat or jacket so the interestingly feminine things they do are not obvious. But it is fun to wear a well fitted skirt, a nice blouse or sweater and a belt. I am pretty fit so the three inch waist compression looks “almost” right. But a lot of people notice and I see women especially mentally doing the calculations and coming up with impossible numbers.


On of the nicest things about being a dominant wife is that I wear what I want. When I want to corset, which is quite often, it is not a big deal. Nor is it a big deal that elliot is required to lace me up. Judging from the strain on his cock cage as he does, it is a bigger deal for him.

But wearing a corset reminds me of the most feminine elements of my personality. In a busy life it is easy to lose sight of the small things which elegant women do. Sitting straight, breathing carefully, moving gracefully and deliberately. Wearing a corset, whether full Edwardian or just a little cincher, reminds me of the grace and deliberateness elegant women bring to all they do.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Caging the Male

I was amused to read elliot's reflections on his new chaste reality - basically he is in his cock cage full time, 24/7. It does not seem to cause him any serious discomfort and, rather obviously, it takes no effort on my end other than that satisfying "click" as the padlock snaps shut. I like to do that myself.

Now that I know it causes him virtually no discomfort, except, usefully in the morning when his little erection wakes him up in time to make my tea, empty the dishwasher and stand in his corner, I don't see any reason to take him out. Well, occasionally for my greater pleasure but his little cock really does not do much on that front. Much better for him to keep improving his pussy licking technique and retreat to his corner so I can have privacy for my climax.

Frankly, he is much more attentive and much harder working when he is on sexual edge. While there are those who argue that unless a man ejaculates regularly there may be health consequence, there are also those who argue that the surplus ejaculate is either emitted in a wet dream - which elliot has never had - or is simply absorbed. (Though his testicles are happy, sensitive, full and round after his 17 days in chastity.) And there is always prostate milking to ease the pressure if not the tension. Push the vibrator up his bottom and wait until he dribbles for ten minutes.

However, later in the week I may want my greater pleasure or I might just let him out of his cock cage to fill his little sake cup, lap up his mess and go to be humiliated. I haven't made up my mind.

[I am delighted to see that more wives are using out links to purchase these clever silicone cock cages for their husbands. So far this month we've been selling one a day. For unmarried men who believe that they could benefit from serious chastity discipline - and I am pretty sure most men would be much better off without the option to masturbate - if there is enough interest I might set up a remote keyholder service. Comment below if that would suit your needs.)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

What Do Women Want?

The wonderful Julie Burchill understands the confusion:
She continued: 'We’ve all heard about those broads in relationships who mysteriously stop shagging their Significant Other, claiming they “haven’t got time for sex” and, “I’m too tired”.
'How come they’re never too tired to get trashed on rosé wine with their mates on a Friday night, go to the garden centre early on a Saturday morning and spend every weekday on Mumsnet?'
She continued: 'Maybe sex wouldn’t take so long and be so tiring if they didn’t demand the Ring Cycle equivalent of romance first?" daily mail

Miss Burchill has it partially right. There is certainly a level of "romance" required to bring most women along to the point where they want to have sex. And modern life gets in the way of romance in any number of ways. Cleaning the oven is not usually a prelude to a bit of afternoon delight.

Where Miss Burchill is, I think, off the rails a little is that she seems to think that romance is a discrete, finite thing where a husband woos his wife with a few flowers and a nice bottle of wine and, after much palaver is somehow rewarded with a a rigorous poke. If this is the scenario little wonder that wives are getting gunned on rose (yech) and spending hours in the garden center.

Imagine the same scenario - the flowers, nice wine - as a matter of course. At our house we call it cocktail hour and it is the high spot in our day. There is no need to flip the romance switch. Elliot is romantic and wonderfully attentive all the time. And, if you have been reading this story so far, you know that elliot is chaste and locked in his cock cage so he is well aware that even if he does have an ulterior motive, he only has sex when I decide I want him to. That's one part.

The other part, and this is critical, is that I am in charge of our marriage. I like elliot to do his alpha male thing in the business world because I like the rewards that brings. I like to motivate him to work hard and be successful. (Getting him a maid to lust after will be very motivating.) At the same time, I have trained him to be a loving, respectful, romantic husband. As with any course of training what I have done is rewarded the behaviour I want to encourage and punished the behaviour I find unacceptable. Elliot started out a nice, if not quite house broken, man when I met him. I put in the time to actually tell him what I liked. Men are not good at guessing and women, whether in a female led relationship or not need to make their needs known.

It does not take very long before a well trained husband does what you want him to without you having to say a word. And, of course, a man in chastity is even more ready to please.

The question "what do women want" is always to general to be answered. The right question is what do I want? As a wife, dominant or otherwise, you need to know what you want, need and expect and then you need to make that very clear to your husband.

Of course, once you start being that clear with your husband don't be surprised if you end up as the head of household and all round dominant wife. Because men actually are happier, healthier and more productive when they know who is in charge. Most men, after a little resistance, actually like doing what they are told. Miss Burchill should try it with her husband.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Spring is Around the Corner

What fun! Cocktails on the deck under the umbrella. (Served by elliot until we manage to find a maid.) Pretty dresses and play suits. Bare legs.

Giving elliot a really severe whipping has made all the difference in the world. It has cleared the air and reminded him of his place. And it reminded me not to neglect his discipline.

I was amused to see in February clever wives and obedient husbands bought more than a dozen cock cages through our link. I suspect a number of wives will be in for a very pleasant surprise once their husbands have accepted that their cocks have "disappeared" except when the lady of their house might have some use for them.

I have been looking at getting a strap-on for elliot to use when I want my greater pleasure but don't want to let him out of his cage. It would be deliciously humiliating to send him to his corner while I finished myself off and telling him to strap on a good big cock to pleasure me with. What fun...