Sunday, 23 February 2014

Chastity Girdle

One of my delightful readers has purchased the pretty little girdle shown above from Amazon.

While it is actually a butt lifting girdle and, I have to say, makes Elliot's little tush look most inviting, I use it for light chastity purposes. The open back allows for easy caning but it is wonderfully tight and flat in front

While Elliot is wonderfully obedient and I think well trained, I just don't want to be bothered with his little cockette most of the month. I can have him masturbate but I usually like to whip him prior to allowing him to come. Which takes a bit of time which I don't always have.

Putting him in this light chastity girdle means it is difficult, but not impossible, for him to get hard. I don't mind him being hard but he is forbidden to touch his cockette in any way without my permission. I rarely give that permission and this little girdle reminds him of his position.

It is wonderfully inexpensive, $7.95 plus shipping, and I have half a dozen of them. Three are small, for real constriction and three are medium so he is confined but not too uncomfortable.

With the backless design he has no choice but to sit to pee. Which I require in any case.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ladylike Desires

dominant wife, ladylike

We were chatting over Valentine's Day dinner about the whole idea of style. Where can a woman find the beautiful things which combine elegance with style and a degree of practicality. How should she dress?

"Well, I'll pick the clothes and you build the blog." I said.

My darling does what he is told and here is the link to the new blog.

Ladylike Desires

It is still in construction mode. It is a sort of Pinterest for the Lady of the House.

I'll try to have him post a couple of outfits a week.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Valentines Gift

From midnight tonight until Saturday night I thought it would be fun to offer this pretty set of my photographs for free on Kindle...Just click on the book below.

dominant wife

And while you are Amazon why not purchase a few of our other books or, as one of our regulars so very kindly does, basically buy all your needs through the my link. It keeps me in stockings and pretty lingerie.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Silly Man

I see from my darling's blog that he is hoping I will need his little cock soon...As if.

But I am certainly looking forward to his talented tongue. What he seems to be unaware of is that I just got this wonderful little vibe from Amazon.

Once in a while I like to feel him inside me. But a little goes a very long way. Much better to have him pleasure me orally and then go to his corner with my nice wet panties while I come properly without all that mess.

I love watching the look on his face when, after he has kissed and licked me for half an hour I say, "Beautiful, darling, now go to your corner and I'll finish." Loving disappointment and complete obedience: what more could a wife want?

Monday, 3 February 2014

Pretty Girdles

Unlike many a modern Miss, I happen to love girdles. Not shapewear, not Spanx: real live, zip up the side, attach your stockings open bottom girdles.

Of course my sweet husband has learned to love them too and, as I like to put him to work to earn a little champagne money for me, I had him first, put on one of his tightest, chastity panti girdles and a pair of nice stockings, second, go through the images of girdle advertising he has been collecting for me for several years and make a little Kindle book which I have him flip through in bed.

I like to tease him for a few minutes before drifting off so I play with his nipples, he gets very hard and then I go to sleep. I like him hard and in his girdle when I am sleeping.

You can get the book here.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

What fun

I have been enjoying my flirtation with my older gentleman friend. Yesterday we went off in his pretty Jag to find a few things I've needed. Lucky me I found a beautiful, new with tags, white side zip open bottomed girdle and a gorgeous black bra. Such fun buying these with my gentleman friend know my lovely husband will be wondering if I modelled them for him.

I didn't but when my husband asked I simply told him it was none of his business. It is in the nature of his position that he must accept my right to do precisely as I want. Which is hard for him.

So I think he'll need a reminder whipping this weekend. Not maintenance - an actual punishment whipping with the message that he is never even to ask me what I do or don't do with whom ever I wish. There is never any harm in re-enforcing a lesson a man has not quite learnt.