Thursday, 23 January 2014

Even after his whipping and my letting him come, my darling husband is still very eager for sex. I'm not.

Like many women I have a cycle of desire; but unlike my girlfriends who feel they have to "service" their husbands even when they are not at their sexual peak, as a dominant wife I can just ignore my darling's urges until I am ready.

Over the years I have taught him to accept his chastity as his natural state. He has been trained to only come when his nipples are clamped tight between my fingernails and to regard his maintenance whippings as essentially the closest he gets to sex three weeks a month.

But during the one week I am in the mood he knows my satisfaction, my pleasure, always trumps any chance he might have at completion. If he pleases me, is completely obedient, then, for my greater pleasure and after I have come, I sometimes let him take strokes in my pussy. And, once in a while, I will pinch his dear little nipples and let him make his mess inside me.

But not often. It has taken quite a while to train him to accept the fact that in our marriage only my sexual feelings matter. I don't want to ruin his training so he'll just have to wait. But I might grant him his wish and send him to his corner with my wonderfully scented panties.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Always time for a Whipping

The lovely Jerry Hall once remarked that if you had five minutes you have time for a blow job...perhaps if she had used a cane she'd be with Sir Mick today.

My darling has written up his maintenance whipping over at his blog. I will only add that having him kneel, ask to be punished and then lie down and accept anything and everything which I decide to give him is incredibly erotic. Watching the lines form on his still tight little butt and then slashing in the welts I know he adores is delicious. As is making him masturbate his little cock and then lick his cup clean.

I left with a smile on my face and, I fear, there will be more hand washing when I get home.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

My Pretty Breasts Fondled

Our New Years story continues with my darling man having to offer my breasts to my gentleman callers' touch and kisses. All my darling could do was watch as I enjoyed myself.

As we have written elsewhere, there is only one sexual partner in our marriage. If I want another man to touch my breasts my darling has no choice but to make that decision as easy as possible for me. In this case, as my admirer is older and very conventional, it was easier to let him think that I was being offered by my husband rather than getting into a lot of explanations about our true positions.

Besides, it was great fun to watch my husband forced to accept his submissive role and humble himself by offering another man his wife's pretty breasts. However, his humiliation is not yet complete.

There is more to come but I think you may enjoy his description of his obediently offering his wife's naked breasts to her gentleman.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Delightfully Naughty

Well My darling husband's attitude towards my flirtation certainly has been corrected...I will write more a bit later but I can say I had a delicious New Year's Eve. I am having my sweetie write it up. He was such a pet showing me off and letting my gentleman friend know that he was fine with whatever happened. (Almost as if he was sharing his wife rather than having to sit obediently while I entertained my guest.)