Monday, 20 March 2017

A Chastity Question

Dear Miss Jay,

I have been married for three years and have "led" our marriage since our honeymoon when I first took my husband over my knee on the second night. My husband is very obedient, trustworthy and understands that, in our marriage, his sexuality is entirely subordinate to mine. I am not a big fan of penetrative sex so he has only been allowed to enter me twice since we married. I allow him to masturbate, in the bathroom, once a month which seems to me to be more than enough.

Recently I have noticed he is becoming erect and, worse, "dribbling" and even having nocturnal emissions. I am quite sure this has effected his behaviour despite knowing he derives no pleasure from these lapses. They still represent unconscious disobedience and I would like to nip this in the bud. The whole point of having a chaste husband is to ensure that what pleasure he gets depends completely on my assessment of his performance in his marital duties.

I read your blog and know that you keep your husband in a cock cage. I have thought of putting my husband in such a device but I wondered if the fact his cock is in a cage might not be making too much of his male member. Drawing attention as it were. What are your thoughts?

A Young Wife

It is an interesting question. Obviously, putting man's cock in a silicon or metal cage, locking it and keeping the key means you are paying more attention to that little cock than you might prefer. However, I find that once elliot is locked up I pretty much forget about his cock after a day or two. Now, from his perspective, between his silicone cock cage and his heavy stainless steel ball stretchers, he never forgets the loss of his cock.

He tells me that the silicone cock cage ensures that his cock feels nothing. None of the normal friction that men, from the time they are little boys, find so enjoyable. When he gets hard - which is quite often as I micro dose him with Viagra - his little cock strains against the cage and can look quite painful if Mady or I tease him. But I have him in a small cage and this makes it impossible for him to have a full erection.

Most importantly, the cage ensures he cannot touch his cock directly. I suspect your husband, perhaps unconsciously, touches his penis dozens of times a day. Most men do. In these permissive times, young men are not corrected for this sort of behaviour and masturbation - to emission or not - is seen as healthy rather than disgusting. As a wife it is your responsibility to teach your husband how a gentleman should behave. You are certainly on the right track. If you do not enjoy penetrative sex then that is, and should be, the end of that story. And you are quite right to confine your husband's emissions to the bathroom. Monthly, for a younger man, is difficult but certainly not impossible. (I do hope you treat his monthly mess as a chore on your list rather than any sort of big thing. A well-trained husband will come to associate ejaculation with humiliation which will increase your control.)

Introducing a cock cage into the discipline of your husband is an excellent idea even if it carries a bit of an initial risk of concentrating too much attention on your husband's obviously redundant cock. That risk has to be weighed against the reward of knowing your husband will no longer have any of the passive male excitements a free cock enjoys. He will be even more dependent upon you for what little direct sexual pleasure he will enjoy in the years ahead.

Now, that said, a cock cage, in itself, does not ensure a husband will behave properly. Restricting your husband's direct sexual pleasure is only a part of the discipline a properly dominant wife deploys. As I am sure you know, a regular course of whippings, humiliations and teasing as well as ensuring he pleasures you as required, will make for a thoroughly docile and loving submissive husband. In time he will understand and cherish his place beneath your heels. Caging his cock is simply a lasting reminder of your husband's complete surrender of his will to yours. It should not be the only reminder.


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