Dominant Wife Books

Here are a few books I think you will enjoy...and of course you will enjoy the books to the right:

A Lady's Guide to Prostate Milking

If you want to keep your husband chaste or if you simply want to train him to accept the fact you are the only person whose sexual needs matter in your marriage prostate milking is for you.

Men, when they are not allowed to cum for long periods of time can complain of a build up of what they like to think of as "pressure". The fact is that they are horny but that is not your problem.

A Lady's Guide to Prostate Milking explores the wonderfully humiliation you can impose on your husband by causing him to make his little mess just by stimulating his prostate. Whether you use your rubber gloved finger, a strapon or, my favorite a vibrator he'll ejaculate without any release of the sexual pressure you keep him in chastity to create.

Prostate milking can be as simple as my preferred method of tying his hands and pushing a vibrator up his bottom and leaving the room, to an elaborate ritual where he spreads his cheeks for your big, black, cock.

Take control of your husband's little messes how

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