Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Wife on Top

dominant wife, submissive husband, pegging, crossdressing, male chastity
Regular readers on this blog will have noticed that I have published a number of letters from women who have taken charge of their marriage.

Wife on Top is a collection of those letters in one Kindle ebook published today.

Publication of Wife on Top clears the deck for my own book on how to have a female led relationship, how to be a dominant wife and how best to subjugate and discipline a boyfriend or husband.

What I have been finding as I read and spend time on the internet is that the basic concepts of female leadership in marriage, the need to discipline and correct husbands, the desirability of male chastity and ejaculation control, are all becoming more mainstream. It is subtle but many women have realized that mere equality does not work for them, at least no in marriage. Instead, the overt submission of a fiance or eventual husband has become the new gold standard.

This is particularly true in the bedroom where more and more women are demanding their right to sexual gratification in preference to their husband's base urges. More and more women are locking down their husband's cocks  and adopting the principles of a single, female, cycle driven, sexuality for their marriage.

The stories in Wife on Top are meant to guide and inspire wives as they asset their feminine authority and husbands as they accept their need to submit and obey.

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