Punishment Garments

It is always nice to have your husband wear a few humiliating things for punishment and chastity. Here are some suggestions...All the links go to my Amazon account and you can use that account to do the rest of your shopping ;)

A Nightie for Him

husband's nightie
And so to bed!

Just wait until you send your sweet, submissive husband up to bed and he finds this innocent, cotton, nightie with cute feminine detailing laid out for him.

Imagine how much fun it will be to roll up the hem and make him hard and then roll over and go to sleep. Or take his little cock out for a quick ride before turning out the light.

Ideal for humiliation when he is going to be spanked or caned. He'll have to roll up the hem before taking his medicine.

Order now...Enjoy!

Punishment Panties

I love these!

This is actually a panti-girdle but with the bottom removed so your cane or paddle can be easily used. Perfect under any outer wear...just your secret.

When you send him to his room to get changed for punishment and he sees these on the bed he'll know you mean business.

Also ideal if you are punishing him with friends as it keeps his little cockette discretly tucked out of sight.

Order now...he really needs to blush.

Chastity Girdle

I like to keep my husband in chastity most of the month. I don't want him to come and, frankly, I don't want him to have a comfortable erection with that little cockette.

For the first couple of weeks he simply accepts his position; but anywhere past 14 days and he needs a good, firm, girdle to remind him that I am the only person in our marriage whose sexual needs matter.

A high waisted panti-girdle is just right. If you are a clever semptress you can easily run a lockable canvass band around the top and he is in until you let him out.

Order Today...of course his figure needs work ;)

Pull on Your Big Boy Panties

Sometimes I like to have my husband service me or be taken with my strap-on. Of course I want him to remember his position and telling him to take off his girdle and pull on his big boy panties really humiliates him.

Also ideal if he is serving my girlfriends as these plus a full length frilly apron and a cute pair of heels reminds him where he fits in our household.

Order today....he'll look great in his corner in his ruffled panties.


  1. I'd love to be under your supervision.

  2. I am sure its very nice and exciting to wear those garments

  3. A strictly monitored chastity and underwear regime is a wonderful idea

  4. A strictly monitored chastity and underwear regime is a wonderful idea

  5. we need to encourage more females to take this stance it is what we need and deserve

  6. There are chastity belts how does this stop him ? http://www.chastitybeltsusa.com/oscommerce-

  7. I ordered one after I was caught cheating.