Thursday, 31 October 2013


And now, just to keep things interesting as my darling husband sits at his desk in his gorgeous sweater, I am having him look through one of my favourite ebooks:

B&W Pop-Up (Pop-Ups)

It is fun knowing how hard he is in his little panti girdle. Each page of the book makes him a bit more desperate.

A Lucky Man

But first you have to earn it
36 days.

The longest I have kept my sweetie chaste and, today, well, tonight, I am going to allow him to ejaculate.

But first he is going to spend Halloween remembering his place. When we got up, while he was in his shower, I laid out his clothes for the day. A nice, snug pantiegirdle, a long line bra with his cute little breast forms, a soft angora sweater and a pair of rear zip high waisted trousers. A pair of two inch heeled sandals completed his outfit. Then I went downstairs for coffee.

It took him a few minutes but he looked very humble indeed as he adjusted to his functionally feminine outfit.

"That is a lovely sweater dear. I don't know why I don't have you dress this way more often. You could grow your hair out. With a little practice we could both forget you even have your little cockette." I teased. "I bet you thought I was going to have you spurt first thing. No chance, dear. I have a few more Halloween surprises before we even think about letting you have your treat."

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

You Can Look

Love Sheer
But you can't touch.

I've decided to keep j chaste until Halloween. He's not happy about it as it will mean he has not ejaculated for more than a month - longest run ever!

But it has certainly kept him on a nice edge. I have been having great fun with my night wear. I love sheer, transparent, comfortable nighties. Just wisps of fabric.

So does he. And I am enjoying watching his poor, frustrated, cockette coming to attention as I comb my hair or read in bed. He longs for me but four years of training mean that he knows better than to even ask. I have always loved my body and its effect; but that effect is some much more interesting when the man who loves me has not had one second's sexual relief for over a month. He has a little wet spot right at the tip of his cockette which means he is dripping pre-cum. Sweet.

Two more days...I wonder what I will do. I could just have him masturbate into his little cup and then dress him up for Halloween; but I am sure I can think of something more fun...

Any thoughts?

Monday, 28 October 2013


A chaste man is an attentive man
So, poor e, passed his one month no ejaculation mark. He is getting that hang dog look of a man throughly whipped without actually having the stripes to prove it.

But heavens has he been attentive, particularily the last week where I have kept him in control panties by day and a tight panti girdle for bed. there is nothing he can do except try to please me.

He ran a delightful bubble bath last night and helped me change into my robe. I had him strip to his panties and stand in the corner of the bathroom, nose to my fresh panties, as he waited to soap my back and then dry me. I was not in the mood for anything else so I sent him to change into his panti girdle and white cotton nightie. I gave his cockette a little tease as he was trying to pull up his girdle. It is even more fun when he has to encase an erection under the pink lycra front panel.

"Now, darling, you may read for ten minutes and then lights out."

He gave me a little moan as I bent to kiss him good night and pinched his right nipple, hard, through the thin cotton of his nightie.

Monday, 21 October 2013


dominant wife, submissive husband
Look Up....
Long before we get to how best to discipline your husband or keep him chaste or have him provide oral services, a moments' attention to how you present yourself seems important.

A dominant wife is first and foremost an elegant woman. She finds a style which suits her, she is demure, lady like, contained and confident. Her husband, day in, day out, cannot believe his luck.

Hose, shoes, handbags, dresses and, for fun, stylish little hats or lovely long leather gloves all add to her allure.  While a dominant wife might well have a bit of black leather discretely tucked away for play, her dominance comes from who she is and not from her husband's strange little fantasy life of black leather and chains.

There is a reason for this - an elegant woman can go anywhere in public. She will demand and receive courtesy from all who meet her. She will set a standard of behaviour which will in turn set the standard for her husband. The fact she has a long handled hairbrush in her handbag is her business. The fact she is quite prepared to march her husband into a secluded corridor and use it is also her business.

The click of highheels (which he has polished) coming down a hall towards a husband who knows he is to be punished is often more powerful than the punishment itself. The delicate arching of an eyebrow when a husband is begging for release is an exquisite reminder of his absolute submission to her authority.

Or, at least, that's what works at our house.

The Lady's View

Can we talk?
We have been running our main site, A Man In My Position for a couple of years now. We've had great fun, published a number of books, met some lovely people and had a fabulous time exploring a female led marriage. But it has always been "his" site. I will assign him topics but my voice is always reported. This blog is where I would like to write my own thoughts primarily directed to other dominant wives but, of course, obedient husbands with their wife's permission, may read as well.

I suspect my entries will be short. I have a busy life which I love. If anything, one of my biggest challenges as a dominant wife is finding time to discipline my husband consistently.  You might think a quick caning will only take five minutes but it never does, especially if you have to tell him why he is being punished. Even a simply dozen maintenance strokes take a bit of time even if the total verbal interaction is "You're due, pull down your pants."

And this entirely leaves aside the time a girl should take for her own pleasures.

More on all of that as we go...for the moment, welcome.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A little secret

I have a little secret.

I cane my husband whether he needs it or not.

Because I am a dominant wife.

With a submissive husband.

Who I love.

And who needs to be punished regularly or he gets nervous and unproductive.