Monday, 21 October 2013

The Lady's View

Can we talk?
We have been running our main site, A Man In My Position for a couple of years now. We've had great fun, published a number of books, met some lovely people and had a fabulous time exploring a female led marriage. But it has always been "his" site. I will assign him topics but my voice is always reported. This blog is where I would like to write my own thoughts primarily directed to other dominant wives but, of course, obedient husbands with their wife's permission, may read as well.

I suspect my entries will be short. I have a busy life which I love. If anything, one of my biggest challenges as a dominant wife is finding time to discipline my husband consistently.  You might think a quick caning will only take five minutes but it never does, especially if you have to tell him why he is being punished. Even a simply dozen maintenance strokes take a bit of time even if the total verbal interaction is "You're due, pull down your pants."

And this entirely leaves aside the time a girl should take for her own pleasures.

More on all of that as we go...for the moment, welcome.

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  1. Very happy to have found you and your blog, Hannah. I am happily married in an FLR and have my wife's permission to read blogs appropriate to our own domestic life. I look forward to your insights as you wish to share them with your readers.