Thursday, 29 May 2014

Panty Perfect

I decided that Elliot needed a bit more attention as his whipping worked out so nicely. So I left the panties I wore yesterday out and told him to have his nose in them this morning as the water boiled for my tea.

I luxuriated in bed as he striped off and did as he was told. I could see the lovely light bruising of his whipping. The kettle whistled and he carefully put my panties away to be wahed during his coffee break later in the morning.

He was very grateful for the attention and more than a little hard as he put on his robe.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


When you lead the household you are responsible for disciplining your husband. Now, part of that is punishment as required; but part of it is attitude adjustment and obedience re-enforcement. I realized a few days ago that Elliot was in real need of a good hard whipping. He was getting cranky and not paying me nearly the attention he should. Plus his work was consuming him and he needed to be taken to a different place.

He has written up his whipping at his own site here. I have nothing to add except it was exciting to bring the cane down hard enough to leave a welt with nearly every stroke. Elliot was bucking and vocalizing for the last half dozen. I'll have to properly restrain him next time.

The results have been amazing. A well whipped man is an attentive, loving, relaxed and very grateful man. He was up early making my tea and wiping down the kitchen. Yesterday evening he was loving and very respectful at dinner and went straight to bed when told. He knew I was not at all in heat but he asked very nicely if there was anything he could do for my pleasure.

So, a good, strict caning twice a week whether he deserves it or not will be my watch word for the summer. I think Elliot simply is a better man, husband and lover when his bottom is welted and a little bruised.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Preparing the Ground

I haven't been spanking Elliot nearly enough recently. Partly because he has been very good, partly because I have not felt like it. But he has been working very hard and, I fear, is a bit grumpy. Can't have that. So he needs to be whipped.

Now, the truth is that he loves being whipped when he's been chaste for a week or two. Rush of hormones and all. But I want him to get the full benefit of his delayed whipping. So I had him stand beside our bed, his cute white cotton nightie tucked out of the way, and I made him masturbate into his cup, drink it and go to sleep.

he was only allowed a minute of two to make his mess. I love rushing him. He gets some pleasure but not nearly as much as when I use his little cock for my greater pleasure. In any case, he obediently came, didn't spill a drop and drained his cup - which he doesn't like much - when I told him to.

Now, when I whip him tomorrow he'll really feel the cane with none of those built up sexual hormones to take the edge off. It actually made me quite excited to think of him dropping his jeans and lying across our bed ready to take his stripes.

It will cheer him up no end.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Keeping the Naughty Boy Busy

Well the fact is I am utterly not in the mood and that is all there is to it. But I am keeping the naughty man busy putting together the next volume of his stories about being "A Man in My Position". Should be out by June 1 and, to whet your appetites, I have told him to make the first volume free for a couple of days. So, starting at midnight Pacific time you can get a free copy of Elliot's sweet little book of punishments, humiliations and milkings.

Enjoy...I know I did.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Just have to Wait

It is my darling husband's birthday today and I was planning on giving him both his rather vigorous birthday whipping and, if was good and made me nice and wet, after he had stood in his corner while I finished myself off, strokes until he made his little mess. In fact I told him we'd be doing just this last night before I sent him to bed.

Alas, I woke up with a splitting headache. He was all set to go. Hard as ebony. I sent him to the shower. "And make it cold enough so your little cockette goes right down."

Poor has been a long wait and now at least another day.

Which is, in some ways, the perfect birthday gift for an obedient, submissive, chaste husband.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


If you have any experience with men at all you know that they are visually driven for the most part. Which explains, I suppose, the vast pornography industry.

I encourage Elliot to look at erotica - not porn - and show me what he enjoys. From time to time he makes little Kindle Erotica books of some of his finds. (You can see his books here. And if you look you'll see some are free to download.)

As with many male habits, it is much better to be on top of your husbands little peccadillos and use them for your own purposes rather than having him sneak around. In fact, from time to time, when I want him hard for some reason, I will tell him to go and look at his collection of pretty girls in lingerie. Being told to look is more than a little humiliating as is the inevitable errection. Not that he is allowed to do anything with this; but, for example, when I am sending him to his corner it is even more fun if he is pressing my panties into the corner with his nose while his delightful little cock is all hard and purple.

At least I think it is.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Quick Pull

I am always a bit torn between keeping Elliot chaste or regularly milking him. Well, not me milking him you understand. There is none of that sort of thing at my house; but having him masturbate into his little cup as I am dressing is often fun.

I think he likes it when I tell him to "Hurry up and make your little mess with your tiny little cockette."

He can tug himself off in less than two minutes and is delightfully docile for the rest of the day.

And grateful.