Friday, 27 May 2016

On Responsibility

dominant wife, maid, submissive husband
A few days ago my maid Mady and I discussed her vows and she said something rather interesting but also disturbing,

"Yes ma'am. I know that. But I wondered if you might consider a more permanent oath. I have so enjoyed this past year. All of it. And I think you are probably right about how the world has gone wrong in so many ways. I was just hoping that you might consider a different, more permanent promise. Then you could pick my husband and have me bred. Or you could have elliot breed me if you would prefer." said Mady blushing.

"Really Mady? You would like me to pick your husband for you?"

"Yes ma'am. When you are ready to have me bred." said Mady. (a conversation with my maid)
I was struck with her language "When you are ready to have me bred."

I looked around on the internet and discovered, frankly to my dismay, that there is a whole genre of "breeding" porn. Who knew? I flipped through a bit of it and, while it is not at all my thing, I could see how it might appeal to a young woman not entirely sure of what she wanted for herself. However, to turn the decision over to me and, what's more, to suggest that I might want elliot to "bred" her was more than a little worrying. Before making any decisions I thought I would have a chat with Mady who I rang for.

"Yes ma'am," she said with her now entirely natural curtsy as she entered the room.

"I have been thinking about your request the other day. Quite seriously I might add. As you know, elliot and I are very fond of you and I want to make the best decision I can for all of us." I said.

"Yes ma'am, that was what I was hoping for." said Mady looking rather demure in her sheer top with her nipples hardening in her quarter cup bra. It was not the chill, it was, I think, the excitement of her own complete submission.

"We quite understand your desire to obey and be directed. And you are certainly a wonderful maid and a dear companion. Plus you keep elliot wonderfully interested which is a huge bonus for us all. But what is all this about "being bred". You are not a horse or a dog, girl, You are an intelligent, pretty young woman who, if I have anything to do with it, will marry from this house and be in charge of her own."

"Thank you ma'am. that's what I wanted to. But I also thought that you would understand if I gave you my complete submission which meant allowing you to bred me if that is what you think is best." Mady said obviously having thought about it.

"Well, Mady in a few years I may introduce you to a man you are to marry. But, like most things which women do, you will have to decide if he is what you are looking for. As for breeding: you are going to have to chose whether or not you have children and with whom. But, again, not for a few years." I said this gently knowing that Mady would be disappointed.

"Yes, ma'am...But I thought." said Mady her lower lip quivering.

"That's just it Mady, you thought. You are not a horse or a dog or a slave. You are a thinking young woman who is writing a book, learning to be a wonderful and valuable servant, and, most importantly, learning to lead."

"May I speak frankly ma'am?" she asked.

"Of course Mady."

"I asked you to consider accepting a more fundamental vow from me. I am not quite sure what it would be but something which I would acknowledge without a time limit. Where I would become more than your maid and more like a possession." Mady said this as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "I feel so safe, so loved, here. I realized I need that and I need to know it will last."

"I understand Mady. But, honestly, it is a big "ask". I have never liked the idea of "slaves" whether in the context of "play" or in any sort of real life situation. But I have thought about it and I've done more than a little research. It is a difficult sort of a question because what it seems to me you are looking for at one point was very common. It was the basis of your first vows.

You are now, for a limited period of time, my bondswoman. It is an old usage and not likely to be enforced in a court of law; but you are my indentured servant."

"Yes, ma'am. I understand that." said Mady.

"To go beyond this gets us into very, if you will excuse the expression, feudal territory. I am having elliot research it now. The problem is that we do not live in a feudal world. Which is why I have postponed your renewal of vows. We'll come up with something which will let you make your submission and become a permanent...and there is the problem Mady. A permanent what? In any case, you may go. But I want no more talk of your being bred. When the time comes I am quite certain that the man you decide to marry will be absolutely delighted to cover you when you are on heat assuming you let him out of his cage."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am." said Mady as she curtsied and left the room.

Feudalism, matriarchy, mistress and servant: it all seems a rather long way from the moment I decided to take charge of my marriage. But it also seems to make a lot of sense. Mady has found a terrific peace and contentment in her service to me. She understands her duties and her position and, perhaps most importantly, for the first time in her life has a degree of steady, consistent, discipline. Plus, and it is no small thing, she also has a good deal of authority to deal with elliot in her own right.

In many ways Mady is like a stray kitten who has found a home. Wonderfully content but a bit worried she might somehow lose that home. I need to reassure her.  

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Locked Man is a Happy Man

The weather has cooled down again and I have changed my mind about letting elliot out of his chastity cage. Much as I enjoyed my "ride" the other day, the fact of the matter is that elliot's little cock out of its cage is far too distracting for elliot.

As I have remarked to Mady my maid, men are very simple creatures. Creatures of impulse. While I am quite certain that elliot would never ejaculate without my permission, I noticed him touching himself several times when he was out of his cage and thought I was not looking. Plus, because it has been several weeks since he was last allowed to come, he kept having unwanted erections. Even when Mady was exercising him, his little cock would be hard as a rock.

The best thing about his chasitity cage is it desensitizes his cock. Not only does it physically prevent his unwanted (at least by me) erections, it also also isolates his little penis from the stimulations men find so distracting. That, in turn, means that elliot is more productive at work and far more attentive to my needs.

Being in his cage also makes him a much more obedient and considerate lover. Yesterday afternoon, after he had been locked up, I took him upstairs for a few minutes of oral pleasure after lunch. He knows I never want his cock in the afternoon but, that message is made all the more clear when he is in his cage. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy being able to lie back on my bed, slip off my panties and have a lovely man expertly lick and suck my pussy until I send him to his corner while I finish. Over the years I have become quite private about my own orgasms. I don't mind if he hears my sighs give way to moans; but I don't want him watching. And, of course, unless I unlock him before he starts, he knows his only focus is to be my pleasure. Which he is very, very good at. All the more so because he knows that my pleasure is his most basic duty as my submissive husband.

Philosophically, I am inclined to think the world would be a much better place if men had their desires completely curbed and controlled by the women they love. There is no reason a man needs to come more than a few times a year. In fact, honestly, really well-controlled male sexuality is a hugely creative force. Since elliot has been caged he has been much more productive and has managed to keep me more than sexually satisfied. Plus, of course, he has been required to service Mady. Of course he is a bit crazed with sexual frustration; but that means he works harder and is much more obedient and docile.

I may yet let him out of his little cock cage in the heat of the summer. After all, I want him disciplined not uncomfortable; but, then again, I may not. What I may do is swap his current soft silicon cage for a metal chastity cage to match his ball stretcher. I suspect that would be cooler, if a little more obvious in swimming trunks.

So much to think about. But at least elliot's little cock is out of the way.

Monday, 16 May 2016

A Conversation with my Maid

dominant wife, maid, submissive husband
Well, I must say that it was delightful to have elliot a few days ago. I tease him about his little cock but, honestly, once in a while it is just the right size for my pleasure. And he was such a good boy with his nightie up over his hips and his ball stretcher gleaming as I took him.

When Mady was bathing me afterwards I could tell she was very, very excited.

"So he really cannot ejaculate unless his nipples are pinched?" Mady asked as she soaped my back.

"Oh, I am sure he could if he really tried. But he knows he would be severely punished if he did. You've been in our little punishment cupboard. Would you do something which had you in there for, say, a few hours?"

"No ma'am. I would rather be caned." said Mady quite sincerely.

"Well, elliot knows that if he ejaculates without the permission his nipples being pinched gives him he'll be caned hard and put in the closet for at least twelve hours. So he doesn't. Ever." I stood up and Mady began to dry me with a wonderfully fluffy towel.

"Do you think you will ever let him ejaculate in you?"

"Probably not Mady. But I have changed my mind before. The point about being in charge of your marriage is it is entirely your decision. As I have told you, there is only one sexuality in our marriage: mine. I do what I want, elliot does what he is told."

"Yes ma'am." said Mady holding my night dress for me to slip into.

"Most men, even alphas like elliot, need a very firm hand if they are going to be productive and happy. They need to focus on their work. Unfortunately, most wives entirely fail to train and temper their husbands. They don't now how or they are worried that their husband will not accept his place. But, as you have seen, it is not terrifically difficult to train a man if you are willing to be firm from the outset. Honestly, I started late."

"Yes ma'am. I know that if I get married I will start well before the wedding day. Will you let me get married?"

"I hadn't thought of that Mady. You are pledged to us for one more year and then you are entirely released from your oaths. So, marriage? That will be up to you." I said pulling on my wrap.

"Yes ma'am. I know that. But I wondered if you might consider a more permanent oath. I have so enjoyed this past year. All of it. And I think you are probably right about how the world has gone wrong in so many ways. I was just hoping that you might consider a different, more permanent promise. Then you could pick my husband and have me bred. Or you could have elliot breed me if you would prefer." said Mady blushing.

"Really Mady? You would like me to pick your husband for you?"

"Yes ma'am. When you are ready to have me bred." said Mady.

"And when would you think that should be?" I asked, curious at this lovely girl's complete submission.  

"Well, whenever you decided of course ma'am. But if you asked me I would say in a couple of years. Right now I am still learning and I am very much enjoying being your maid and working on my writing. I have one more thing I want to write and that will, I expect, take about three years. Then I'll be ready."

"Let me think about all this Mady." I said. "I will give you your answer when you renew your vows which will be very soon."

"Thank you ma'am." said Mady dropping a deep curtsy. "I am sure you will make the right decision for me."

It is, frankly, an interesting dilemma. I have no doubt that Mady is completely sincere and would be delighted to become my...what? Slave? No. I don't want slaves. Other women might but it is not something I am interested in. But if not that then what? I walked back to the bedroom where elliot still stood, erect, in his corner. I had Mady lock him in a nice longline girdle. Wouldn't want him to think he was going to come.

And so to bed. Mady had given me a lot to think about.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

A Man in Full

dominant wife, submissive husband, cock cage
As elliot relates at his blog, I decided as it was a hot weekend, to release his dear little cock from its cage for the weekend. Maybe longer. His ball stretcher remains in place, but he can now have unrestricted erections for at least the weekend. Which is not to say he will be allowed to ejaculate. He was allowed to a couple of weeks ago and that is plenty.

Men are so wonderfully obsessed about their cocks. When elliot is locked up, which is most of the time, he tells me he can feel nothing through his silicone cage. Now that he is unlocked he was telling me over cocktails that even the light stimulation of his panties is keeping him hard or semi-erect most of the time.

My theory is that little boys, from puberty until their mid-twenties, are in a state of sexual excitement pretty much full time. This abates as they get a bit older. The effect of a cock cage is to eliminate the little acts of disobedient masturbation men seem to be incapable of living without. So different from women who are wonderfully cyclical and come on heat with predictable regularity.

As it happens, this is the weekend where I like to take my pleasures. elliot is well trained and is more than capable of giving me just what I want with his tongue; but I am in the mood to have strokes as well. And, frankly, there is nothing more fun than getting elliot good and hard - which licking me does without fail - and then having him mount me knowing that he has to give me a set number of strokes and then be sent to his corner while I finish privately.

I wonder if I should have Mady watch how a well-trained husband is to be used? I'll have to think about that. Although the thought seems to be deliciously exciting.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016


I suspect there is a joke which goes, "How does a dominant wife dress? Any way she wants." Which might be true in isolation but very few marriages, especially ours, exist in isolation. We have a position in our community and, in fact, my position as the head of our household, all require a certain formality. Plus, I love clothes. I've been collecting for years.

I also prefer elliot to dress nicely. Years ago, when he was building his business, he was allowed to wear the power suits and the golf casual wear his contemporaries wore and he still has a couple of rather boxy jackets and quite nice trousers for those occasions when he needs to project a more masculine image. (Of course A Man In His Position will almost certainly be locked in his cock cage and wearing a good firm girdle under his trousers - can't let things get out of hand.)

However, over the years, I have dressed elliot in an increasingly androgynous way around the house and out and about. Nothing terribly overt unless he is due for a bit of humiliation. For example, I let him wear camisoles and panties as regular day underclothing; I think a man wearing lingerie is very much reminded of his place. Especially if his lingerie is laid out for him by the maid and, because elliot is required to exercise more or less nude under Mady's supervision (or under Mady herself if truth be told) he can count on a little dose of humiliation as our serving girl sees him in his pretty underthings.

While I have no compunction about putting elliot in skirts regularly, I actually prefer him in nicely fitted, back zip ladies trousers. Especially now that Mady's exercise program has really begun to show results in his derriere. Before she started him on some dreadful number of squats a day, he had a typically male, somewhat flat, butt which required a good girdle if it was to have any shape at all. Now, oh la la, his gluteus is maximus and is really enhanced by a well fitted pair of light weight wool or, as spring comes, cotton slacks. His tummy has disappeared so, unless he is being punished, I allow him to dispense with a girdle except, of course, when we go to Church as any well trained housewife wears a girdle to Church to avoid unsightly jiggle.

Tops: well, in the winter time I like elliot in a nice cashmere or light wool sweater. If I have him in a bra, and his man boobs have needed one when he has run a bit to fat, he has lovely lady, well teen girl really, breasts. And all of his camisoles have support built in so, year round he has a few curves when most men just sort of sag. In the summer, a pretty cotton blouse, often sleeveless, and often with pretty patterns, complete his outfit.

Shoes were a problem. I don't particularily like men in heels. A bit too drag queeny. But there are so many nice casual shoes with just a little heel, no more than an inch, which keep him on his toes and remind him to walk attractively. I don't want him to mince, but I also hate the big clomping strides men like elliot take unless they are reminded not to.

I keep his hair quite long so, if I decide to have a few days en femme, Mady can style it. But most of the time I have it swept up and back off his face. He has lovely soft skin because I make him take care of it with moisturizers and a weekly facial. Unlike the boy in the picture, elliot is required to shave, closely, twice a day.Very minimal make-up most days: just a sun screen foundation with a hint of colour to keep his skin tones even and a little clear lip gloss with a hint of colour to show he is wearing it and reapplying when necessary. At home he has his own small bag with lip gloss, foundation and the mascara I like him to wear for cocktails and in the evenings. He has eyelashes to die for so why not take advantage. Mady does his nails and, again, we use a very clear nail polish with just a hint of pink. He has one silver bracelet he wears on his right wrist at all times. He has several more which I sometimes have Mady put out for him in the morning. I don't make him wear earings during the day and only sometimes will he find a set of pretty clip-ons for cocktail hour.

Dressing elliot my objective is to soften and feminize without actually having my husband in drag. I will put him in much more feminine clothing if it suits me, but day to day I want him to be able to, albeit self-consciously, answer our front door without shocking the neighbours. Yes, I know, the maid answers the door...but with Mady in a sheer top and quarter cup bras, the neighbours would really be shocked.

For Church elliot is allowed to wear flats and a pair of ladies trousers with a fly and a looser sweater. So long as he remembers to walk a half pace behind me I don't need to show off to the Church ladies and, as I say, we have a certain position in the community to maintain.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Summer Dress

Summer is around the corner and, as is my custom, I like to go top to bottom in our house. The winter weight duvets are put in the lovely, cool, basement airing cupboards. Summer weight curtains replace the insulating drapes we put up at the end of October. I even switch out the daily wear dishes for more floral, springy patterns.

Mady has been a huge help. She joined us last year and now knows where everything is. And, as elliot is prone to remark, in her shorter daytime skirts and hose, looks lovely atop a ladder putting up curtains. Her waist training is going well and in the evenings elliot laces her down to what she tells me is a comfortable 20 and a half inches. She has been laced to 18 and 1/2 but that really is just showing off. She looks lovely with her waist that tiny but it makes anything more serious than pouring wine and handing around hor d'oeuvres pretty much out of the question. I like my maid to work and work hard when she is on duty and while I insist she corsets, I don't insist on a Lady of Leisure waist. "Plenty of time for that when you are married and have a husband and maid of your own."

In the summer time I release elliot from his cock cage  for a few months. When he is allowed to have Mady in celebration of her year in service, I suspect I will leave his delightful little cock unbound. Not so his scrotum. In fact, that will be the occasion on which the second ball stretcher will be added to the first. It will double the weight pressing down on his testicles at all times. The first stretcher has certainly stretched his sack with no deleterious effects. And prolonged chastity and a daily dose of Viagra has ensured that his testicles themselves are lovely and full. Not huge but a reasonable size for a man in his position.

I turned my mind to Mady's summer uniform. She's a pretty girl with a nice body. Pleasingly rounded but not terribly large breasts and nice, light pink, nipples. She has a pert bottom and keeps her pubic hair neatly trimmed and her pussy itself well waxed.

I called her to my sitting room and suggested that she summon elliot as well. When they were both there I had her, after she had made her curtsy, stand in front of me.

"Strip to you corsets Mady." I said expecting and receiving instant compliance. Mady has turned out to have a strong and very willing submissive side. She has told me that, if she has one complaint about her service it is that I am not strict enough.

She quickly took off her black skirt and sheer blouse. Then her lacy quarter cup bra and her smoky grey hose.

"Panties too, ma'am."

"Of course Mady. elliot won't be seeing anything he does not regularly taste will he?"

"No ma'am." she replied and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her cotton panties and pulled them off. I could tell she was nicely aroused by her obedience which is just how I like it. I had my lovely dog heeling stick to hand and I touched the tip to her nipples which erected them quicker than a cool breeze. She stood, one hand covering her sex and the other behind her back. Still wonderfully modest which I appreciated. I touch the hand covering her sex.

"Proper presentation Mady."

Over the year she had been with us I had trained Mady to be, if the occasion warranted, a properly submissive girl. While I think Mady is, in fact, a natural dominant, every girl should know the basics of submission. Proper presentation while standing means hands behind your back and legs slightly apart. Mady adjusted her position.

"Much better, Mady. But I should not have had to tell you. Turn."

The heeling stick is a bit cruel even from a sitting position. Mady turned and was quickly corrected with six welts across her now quivering bottom. She didn't wimper or move from her position as I punished her. I was soon done.

I took the dog stick and ran it up her left thigh.

"A little further apart Mady."

She obeyed and exposed her pretty slit to the dog stick's tip. I began a gentle wrist rocking motion with the tip of the stick pressing up against her clit and catching on her little pink hood. From the corner of my eye I could see that, even in his cage, elliot was getting aroused.

"So, Mady, I have been thinking about your summer uniform."

"Yes ma'am."

"I am thinking a simple quarter cupped summer weight set of corsets for lingerie. No panties as they are so hot. Off duty you can wear some pretty cotton panties to keep elliot interested in his corner. For day I have decided on white cotton tunics and shirts. I am afraid they will be quite short but, if you are careful, quite modest. Sheer. If you are serving guests, you'll have a little skirt and a second tunic which will, to a degree, hide your nipples."

"That sounds lovely ma'am. So cool."

"I thought so." I said, "After five you'll switch to a black cotton corset and black sheer blouse with a longer, black or grey linen skirt. No hose and, of course, no panties."

"Yes, ma'am, thank you."

"Do you like my little dog stick?"

"Yes, ma'am. Where it is now, ma'am."

"Excellent. But enough fun for now. Have elliot service you later. You have work to do."

It is difficult to curtsy with a dog stick tickling your clit but Mady managed, picked up her clothing and retired.

"Enjoy yourself dear?" I asked elliot.

"Oh yes Hannah." he replied, "You just love teasing us don't you?"

"I must confess elliot, I do. I want you eager when it's time to take Mady."

"I don't think you need to worry too much about that." said elliot. "In this case doing what I am told is going to be delightful."

"Well I hope it is elliot. Because you are going to be giving her strokes on my direction pretty much all summer. I'd like Mady to stay with us for some time and, well, she's a young girl and talented as your tongue is, and tiny as your cock, the fact is she needs to be taken regularly. Call it summer fun for her. Not that you will be coming; but I want her to, a lot."

"Yes darling. I'll do my best." said elliot with a smile.

"Oh, I know you will."