Monday, 4 July 2016

A New Book

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We have been busy and, I'm afraid, still are.

I have just put out a new book called Modern Mistress: Leading the Luxury Life You Deserve. Like my earlier books on escorting there will, I suspect, be some question as to how a dominant wife could come to write about mistresses in the old fashioned sense of that term.

The answer is very much that I see a few years as a kept woman as an extremely empowering, worthwhile experience for a girl in her twenties. The fact is that is takes experience to learn how best to, on the one hand, be the sole object of a man's desire, and on the other to be in charge.

Every successful mistress is, at root, in charge of her patron. Right from the point where she negotiates her allowance and makes it clear that gifts, on top of her basic allowance are a given, she is controlling him. And she is learning the great secret which dominant wives have always known: even the most alpha man, the captain of industry, the innovator, the entrepreneur wants and needs a degree of feminine control.

Becoming a mistress when a girl is young allows her to maximize the advantages of youth while learning the skills which will ensure her marriage is both very happy and very much at her command.

If you listen to happy husbands they almost always defer to their wives. Of course only a very few couples take the next step and put the wife in her proper place at the head of the household. And even fewer will accept the need for a husband to be chaste and subject to corporal punishment. This is because very few wives have had the essential experience of being a mistress.

As I said to Mady when I gave her the promotion to companion, "Now is the time for you to really learn. Before you are married. Before you have the responsibilities of a wife. Because now you can enjoy elliot as he is best enjoyed. Submissive, obedient, chaste and great good fun."

Enjoy the book.