Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Living with a Dominant Wife

A surprising number of my reader don't realize that I have had my submissive husband write a book about his life in our female lead relationship.

It's great fun with the poor darling taking his corner time, humiliating female under clothing and, of course, his whippings with grace and grimace. In fact, now that we have been living as dominant wife and submissive husband for nearly six years, he understands his position perfectly. He has even accepted the fact that, at best, he's allow to come once or twice a month but still has to be hard for me when I want greater pleasure. It is such fun to have him make me come and then push into me for a dozen or so strokes only to be denied. I mean who wants the mess. So much cleaner for him to masturubate into his silly little sake cup.

In any case...buy the book. A second volume is in the works.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Reward?

Silly Boy.

My Darling has been especially good these past few weeks. So good that, despite the fact that only a few days ago, after I had him lick me nearly to completion, then sent him to his corner while I finished and then let him come in me, I told him he was going to get "A Reward".

And he has been panting after me ever since. Which is sweet but also a bit annoying. He thinks he might get a blow job....as if. What I am thinking of is letting him pull himself off into his cup after his maintenance whipping this afternoon.

We'll see. But if he asks one more time he'll be getting 18 strokes rather than the usual dozen for maintenance.