Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Innocent Fun

Well, after the flurry of posts about hiring our new maid Mady, life has settled down a bit. True to her word Mady has altered her uniforms to fit perfectly over her corsets. She is a wonderfully quick study and we've been incredibly impressed with her ability to pick up the rhythms of our household. She's got the hang of the hour or so worth of cleaning and tidying required each morning after she has brought me my tray. Whether she notices elliot in his corner when she comes in is not at all obvious. If she does she ignores him.

During the day, other than the bit of cleaning, laundry and ironing she has very few actual duties and I encourage her to get on with her own work. We've had her possessions packed and delivered. A girl after my own heart she had more boxes of books than of clothes - but plenty of those as well. Mady is a nicely put together young woman and in her off duty outfits looks pretty if a little academic.

We are working out the blend of formality and informality that elliot and I so enjoy. We have a long, informal table in the kitchen. It is actually quite modern but we treat it as a country table. If I choose to eat there Mady is welcome to join us for lunch. We had a hour of fun sorting through which of her off duty outfits would be suitable in our company. The basic rule of the curtsey, which even off duty I expect her to perform, is that it can't be done in jeans or trousers. A skirt or dress is obligatory. Mady, who has taken to the curtsey, agrees and so has consigned her trousers to her own space and her jeans to the great outdoors.

What I am throughly enjoying is Mady's effortless transition from house helper to formal ladies maid in the evenings. We talked a little bit about this as she was dressing me yesterday.

"You seem to be settling in well." I said.

"Thank you Ma'am. It's much more fun than I expected." said Mady extending a stocking for me to slip on.

"More fun? How so?" I asked genuinely curious.

"Oh, much more fun. First off, I love my corsets - and having elliot lace them up. He is so grateful and very obedient. Well trained, Ma'am. And it is lovely to think of him entirely locked up. The next man I am with is going to have to accept a cock cage. Then there is all the wonderful work dressing you. Picking out your foundations and the right hose for your outfits.

And I have to admit I love the formality of cocktails and dinner. Here you are in the country but you could just as easily be in an elegant townhouse in London. It is a real pleasure to serve two people who have so carefully considered how they prefer to live.

Plus, I find I enjoy putting elliot through, as you put it, his paces, when he unlaces me. I let him take a few liberties, nothing too much yet, but just enough to earn him some time in my corner." she said this last with a pleasing smile.

"Well I am delighted to hear that. I know elliot is enjoying your company and your service and I think you are learning brilliantly." I said meaning every word.

"Thank you Madam." said Mady dropping a cute little curtsey, "Madam, if I might ask, have you given any though to my own discipline and maintenance?"

"Truth to tell, Mady, I had not. I've been enjoying your service far too much. But I will. And I will discuss it with elliot as he would administer both. I should warn you he has a firm hand."

"Yes, Madam, but might I ask how you know?"

"Because Mady, before we came to our present arrangement we were more 50 Shades of Grey long before that doubtful book."

"Really Madam, I can't imagine." said Mady quite surprised.

"Looking back, neither can I; but I have been over elliot's knee often enough to know what you are in for." It was my turn to smile. "But before that happens we'll have a nice chat. Some girls love to be spanked and from what I can tell you seem to be one of them."

"Somewhat, Madam. It's something I can very much enjoy in the right circumstances. Will you be there?"

"Oh, I think so Mady. I think you'll want me watching you as you roll up your skirt and roll down your panties."

"Yes, Madam. Yes I would."

And with that a slightly flustered maid went downstairs to prepare for cocktails.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And So To Bed

It would be impossible to say how impressed I was with Mady's service at cocktails and again at dinner. You never know when you hire someone whether or not they will have what you are looking for. Yes I wanted a maid; but a ladies maid reflects her mistress which means than not just any girl will do. I like elegance, grace and a sense of style. Mady came through on every count. Not only did she take to curtseying as if from another century, she smiled as she served.

It was such a delight to have a little digestif served on a silver tray in Elliot's study. He had his usual glass of Jamesons and we settled in to read a while before bed.

Mady curtsied as she served our drinks and said, "If Madam will ring when she is ready to retire I will assist."

I could see Elliot, the scamp, arch his eyebrows. I rose above it. "I will Mady. But you have had a long day."

"Not so long, Madam. And quite wonderful. I'd like to finish as I hope to every night. I can easily hear your bell in my studio."

"As you wish Mady." I said actually rather looking forward to a ladies maid's assistance. Much as I love retro clothing and lingerie, a good deal of it was designed for a time when ladies maids were the rule rather than the exception. And it would give me a chance to chat with Mady. Really see how she had enjoyed her first day.

"So, Elliot, what do you think?" I asked growing a bit tired of my book.

"So far I don't think your pretty little maid has put a foot wrong. Your instincts are almost always right on this sort of thing."

"Well she certainly has taken to the job hasn't she. And she certainly has figured out how we like to run our house."

"She has, hasn't she." said Elliot.

"I'm sure you won't mind another woman to obey. Not, of course that you have any choice in the matter. But I did admire the way that Mady both took charge and asked permission. I suspect you are in for a bit of fun." I said with a smile.

"Well, only with your permission."

"I don't think it's mine you have to worry about."

"Aren't you, well, a bit jealous?" asked Elliot rather presumptively.

"Should I be? I don't think so. You Elliot, while you are a dear man whom I love deeply, are no longer a maiden's dream. No doubt you and Mady will become fast friends and she seems to have the right inclinations so far as your behaviour is concerned. But were I a betting girl I would say Mady's interests are more in the feminine direction than yours. Oh, I suspect she'll play with you and you'll have a delightful time; but she's hardly going to run off with my husband." I said.

And, until I had actually said it, I had been uncertain as to Mady's inclinations. But, on a bit of reflection, I realized that the sense that I had been getting from the moment she came in to help me in my bath was that Mady preferred girls. Nothing specific. Just an intuition. Which was, as I thought about it, more than a little interesting.

My own inclinations, allowing for the interest I have in obedience, are pretty much entirely hetrosexual. I love what women look like. My retro fashionista's eye is drawn to their beauty. But a well trained man is my idea of sexual heaven. Which is not to say that an attractive, docile, girl would not pique an interest; but more in terms of sensuality rather sexuality. If that makes the least sense.

No matter. I was tired.

"Are you staying up dear?" I asked Elliot.

"For a little while if I might."

"Go right ahead. It isn't late and if I want you later perhaps I'll ring." I said with a smile.

"You might need two bells." said Elliot.

I rang my little bell and, in a moment, heard Mady coming. I kissed Elliot and met Mady at the foot of the stairs. She dropped a perfect curtsey and we went up to my dressing room.

"If Madam will just stand here." said Mady gesturing to a spot in front of my trifold mirror. She got to work first taking my jewellery and then unzipping my cocktail dress. I stood in my slip as she carefully removed my shoes and then unclipped my stockings. She ended up behind me and reached up to unfasten and then unzip my girdle. Very gently she slipped that tight garment over my thighs and down my legs. While Mady didn't linger, she certainly took her time. Then she stood up and opened my nightdress closet.

"And for this evening, Madam?"

I chose a long linen nightie which had the grand advantage of being just a little warm.

Mady surveyed the closet. "I can see I have some ironing to do."

I popped into the bathroom and removed my makeup. I came back out to the dressing room wearing just my slip which I pulled over my head. Mady held out my nightie and I stepped into it. She drew it up over my thighs and on up over my breasts. It might have been the cold but my nipples were stiff and actually caught on the neckline of the nightie.

"Here is your robe Madam." said Mady, "I have lemon water beside your bed. Will there be anything else this evening?"

"No Mady. You must be exhausted." I said.

"Not particularly. There has been a lot to learn but I think I am getting it." said Mady.

"You are Mady. You're obviously a very quick study."

"Thank you Madam. It's all really a matter of common sense. And thinking about How I would like to be treated if I am every lucky enough to be in your position."

"I think that's right Mady. Other than my little conceit of a curtsey it really is very straightforward."

"I love the curtsey Madam. It felt a bit awkward at first but over the course of the day it just seemed natural. But it does something. I am not sure how to put it but it somehow makes this more than a job." said Mady.

"I think so. And are you satisfied with the arrangements with respect to Elliot?"

"Very much so Madam. It is always best to make things clear at the beginning. Am I right in thinking that you are more than a little playful where Sir is concerned."

"I am now. It took several years to get things just right. Now he understands his position and, I think, would not have it any other way. Neither would I. Long after friends of ours have been divorced or have been secretly unfaithful, we seem to be falling even more deeply in love." I said truthfully.

"And you are not worried about having me around?"

"Funny, Elliot asked me exactly that earlier. No, Mady I am not. Quite the opposite. You're pretty, smart and my sense is that you are a great deal of fun. Why shouldn't my faithful, loving, Elliot have a little bit of visual and mental stimulation? And why shouldn't I have the sheer luxury of another set of hands?"

"Why not indeed, Madam."

"Well good night Mady. I'd like my breakfast tray at eight. Will you have Elliot loosen your corset tonight?"

"With your permission, Ma'am. It is a bit awkward to do myself."

"Lucky Elliot. Just remember that in your studio you tell, you don't ask. He likes to do as he is told. Good Night."

Mady curtsied and left. I settled in with my book and looked over to my bedside table where, in a drawer, was the key to Elliot's chastity. I wondered whether a few strokes might not be in order for my delightful man. He would certainly be stimulated.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Pleasures of the Boudoir

dominant wife, submissive husband, maid
No matter how submissive, obedient and attentive a husband is there are some things which he simply cannot do. Mainly supply the easy conversation which another woman can. It was one of the main reasons why I wanted to hire a maid.

I was so delighted to have my little crystal bell back. I had put the three I have away when our last maid left and now,  sitting on a table beside the tub, sat the precious, pretty thing. It took quite a long time to find bells which were not ridiculously frou-frou - however Ebay is your friend for this sort of thing. I rang and Mady arrived beside the tub with a huge fluffy bath towel.

I have to admit I was curious as to how she would dry me as I stood naked in the tub. I needn't have been. Like any sensible girl she started at my shoulders and worked her way down. Not a moment's hesitation or embarrassment as she gently dried my breasts and, eventually, my more intimate places.

"If Madam would step from her tub." she said getting onto her knees on the bath mat and drying my legs and feet. "Does Madam use powder or talc?"

I didn't that particular moment but made a note to order some. Years ago I had the most marvellous bath powder. I like the image of standing in front of my mirror with Mady wielding the powder puff. Decadent but great fun. Mady held my robe and I slipped my arms in and tied the sash. And, yes, all that attention was indeed sensual and rather exciting. I am not at all into girls save to look; but this was grand fun.

We adjourned to my dressing room.

"And how did you get on with my husband Mady?" I said as she held out my pretty silk panties and drew them up my legs. Which I noticed could use a little attention with a razor. Another duty for my maid. "I see he managed to find you a corset. Not too tight I trust."

"Not at all Ma'am. I am sure I'll be able to lace down much smaller when I have had a bit of practice. Sir was very nice to me. I think we have reached the required understandings. I do have to ask you for some permissions though."

"Oh, really Mady." I said as she helped me into my girdle and zipped it up. "What sort of permissions?"

"Well Ma'am I am delighted that Sir will be dressing me for my evening duties. Lacing up your own corset is not so very much fun. But it places him in a particular role which needs to be formalized. Sir also shows a very amusing interest in my panties which I am fine with but thought I should report to you. Finally, as you might guess, Sir is delightfully handsy which I am fine with however I think I need to be in control. For that I need your permission."

"To do what exactly?" I asked genuinely intrigued.

"Well, in my space I would like him to call me Miss. And I would like to be able to give him instructions which have the same authority as yours Ma'am." said Mady.

I had to chuckle at that. Poor elliot: not one but two demanding women.

"I see no reason why not Mady. It is, after all, your home and in her home a woman has the right to make her own rules."

"Thank you Ma'am." said Mady holding a stocking out for me to slip on. "And I would like your permission to be able to send Sir to the corner if he is disobedient."

"Of course. But you'll have to come to me for express permission to whip him."

"Oh, I am sure it will not come to that Ma'am. You have trained him very well." said Mady fastening my garter strap.

"Thank you Mady. I think I have. He'll enjoy your discipline. At root Elliot just likes doing what he is told."

dominant wife, submissive husband, maid
Mady held my cocktail dress out and I stepped into it.

"You look lovely Madam." she said zipping me up as I stood in front of my mirror. "If I might be excused I need to prepare the hors d'oeuvres."

"You may. Thank you. I think we are all going to get along very well Mady. You certainly suit the uniform."

"Thank you Madam," said Mady dropping a deepish curtsey, "I am going to alter the dresses to fit well tonight."

And off she went downstairs.

Very nearly perfect I thought to myself as I put on my perfume and lipstick. One of the downsides of having servants is that they sometimes get under foot. Or they expect to be told what to do for every little thing. In which case they are creating work rather than saving it.

Plus, in our slightly unusual situation, a maid might be forgiven for taking a little while to adjust to the femdom rhythms of the household. Mady was just the opposite. Self starting and, apparently, completely at home as a dominant female in her own domain. All good.

UPDATE: Elliot is given his instructions and is reminded of his place.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Maid's Training

Like every new employee, our new maid Mady, will have to be trained. Nothing I require is especially difficult but I am quite demanding in the sense that I like things done right. This is a fairly large house, though very simple in design. At one end there is what amounts to the guest house which was the original house when we bought the property. Then there is the pavilion which contains my wonderful kitchen, what I call the bar and our formal dining room. Then there is another two story structure which contains eliot's study and office on the north side and my sitting room overlooking a creek to the East and the lake to the South and West. I abhor clutter and poor elliot, who is, I fear congenitally untidy, is allowed one desk which is disordered. The rest of the house is minimal, with clean lines and clear surfaces.

Upstairs is my dressing room, a large bathroom, a little dressing room with a tiny single bed for elliot when I don't want him in my bed and a lovely bedroom with a wrap around balcony overlooking the creek and lake.

The house is deliberately designed to require minimal maintenance. polished concrete floors, flat faced cabinetry, glass fronted modern book cases. I know from experience that twenty minute a day with a damp cloth is all it really needs. Once a week you - well elliot - runs a damp mop over the floors and the area rugs are vacuumed. So, realistically, Mady will have minimal house cleaning to do.

I love to cook but I am not so keen on cleaning up. Here is where Mady will be a great help. Then there is service at cocktail hour and the few nights a week we dine formally. We'll not have company until after Mady has been trained.

My clothing and linens need some care. Mainly delicate washing and ironing. Elliot has been doing some of that, mainly my hand washing, but there is more which should be done.

My personal care will evolve. Right now I have Mady running my pre-cocktail bath. In time I'll teach her how to wash my hair and do my nails. Again, elliot has been doing my nails but, happily, he is a busy man and while it is lovely to have him on his knees cutting, filing and painting my toenails, it is a treat which should be reserved for special occasions. Day to day Mady can certainly take care of that sort of thing. Down the road I may have her do more intimate grooming. My earlier maids have not but that was before we moved to the country, a hundred miles from my waxer.

Everyone of these functions requires training.

As I was thinking this Mady came into my bedroom and bobbed a very pretty curtsey. Elliot had managed to outfit her quite nicely in a below the knee black cotton dress and a lovely apron. No cap...I think they look silly. Looking at Mady's waist I suspect elliot was able to find a suitable corset.

"Your bath is ready Madam."

"Thank you Mady." I was wearing a wonderful, slightly sheer bath wrap. I walked into my bathroom and, interestingly, so did Mady. I was interested what she would do and I undid my wrap. She didn't blink and took my wrap and offered me her arm as I climbed into the egg tub.

"Will Madam require her back soaped?"

I hadn't really thought of that but, why not?

"Yes Mady. Then you can go and see to my cocktail outfit and lingerie. I'll ring when I need you to dry me."

"Very good Madam."

I leaned forward in my bath and enjoyed the sensation of Mady soaping and washing my back. Pure luxury. More than a little decadent but that was, to be honest, one of the attractions of having a personal maid.

UPDATE: It appears elliot is having fun with my maid...perhaps a little more fun than is entirely appropriate (horrible word).

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Maid Hired

I have never been one to fuss when it comes to making decisions. The last couple of maids we hired I'm afraid I let Elliot spend far too much time discussing and explaining: my maid would be working for me and her employment was my decision.

Mady seemed to understand the rudiments of the position. She was a pretty girl. Her short brunette hair was nicely cut and glossy. Her nails nicely files and polished. She dropped a pretty curtsey and was properly dressed for an interview. When she spoke she used full sentences and no slang. All points in her favour.

When she served me my tea, after seeing the rather brilliant accommodation we were offering, it was quite clear she wanted the job. Which suited me because, while elliot would no doubt have enjoyed interviewing all three candidates, I preferred to have a maid with none of the fuss.

I sent elliot to his corner upstairs.

"Come here Mady." I said when he had gone. "Give me your hand."

She complied and I took a good look. Scrubbed clean, quite soft. And I was right about the nails. It also gave me a chance to establish physical contact. I let go of her hand.

"So, Mady, why would you be suitable to be my maid?"

"Madame, I have been going to university for the past five years. I have a year to write a Master's thesis. During university I worked at the hotel you see on my resume. I began helping to serve the afternoon tea but later I was promoted to taking care of what are called VIP guests. I would unpack for them when they checked in, make sure the clothes they needed were pressed and clean. I was trained to serve room service breakfasts and dinners. I enjoyed the work, the uniform, the tips and, most of all, the people. They were al so different but also very much the same. They all liked to be pampered."

"As do we." I said interrupting.

"Yes Ma'am. Just looking at your kitchen and dining room tells me that. And this beautiful, feminine, minimal room. Beautiful.

When I saw your ad I was thrilled. While I loved my hotel job the fact was that I never really got to know any of the guests. It had become a bit mechanical. Being able to attend to guests' needs is, of course, a bit mechanical; but I wanted to take that a lot farther. I looked at a lot of ads and went to several interviews but most of the employers were younger. They had no idea what a "servant" was and they were embarrassed which, of course, embarrassed me. And I don't embarrass easily. None of them understood how a properly run house means that everyone has a position and all are respected."

"What is your thesis about?" I asked on a hunch.

"Oh, it is not very fashionable but I think I have something to say about Jane Austen."

"Then you and elliot will get along very well. He is a huge Austen fan. But continue." I said thinking that my hunch had been correct. She was a very old fashioned girl.

"Yes, Madam. I believe that service is a calling of a sort and it seemed that you do as well. And then I saw your reference to "other duties" and I wondered. When I wrote you, and you wrote back so nicely, you were kind enough to mention that yours was a female led marriage. Which, seeing Sir sent to his corner, it obviously is. That intrigued me." said Mady. I was impressed. It was obvious Mady had thought about what she might be getting herself into.

"Go on."

"I had no idea what a female led marriage might be. So, Google is your friend and I looked around. I read a lot of the articles and blogs I found and then I looked up "dominant wife" and, I suspect, I found both your blog and Sir's. At least the writing seemed to match up with your letter." said Mady looking quite intense.

"I suspect you did, Mady, we've been writing for quite a while. What did you think?" I asked delighted that a lot of explanation would now be superfluous.

"Honestly, I didn't know what to think. I am, I think, a very liberal girl. Not to go into detail but I've had boyfriends and a girlfriend or two. And we've played with a bit of spanking and toys and such like. But this was totally different. For one thing, none of it is a game but you seem to have a great deal of fun and love and delight in your marriage. I read both your blogs all the way through. And, of course, I read about your other maid.

You seem to have figured out a way for your marriage to work. But what I kept coming back to was how it was not about sex exactly; it was about elegance and ritual and a deep commitment to living a particular sort of life. You seem to want to live outside the modern world in a way." said Mady.

"And what did you think of that Mady?"

"Honestly, at first I thought I was reading an interesting fantasy. Quite exciting, but impossible. But as I read your blog and Sir's going back years I realized that, if anything, you leave a great deal out. I took a few days before writing you back because it was pretty obvious that you were looking for a girl who would make a commitment." said Mady blushing a little.

"Yes." I said. "We do want a commitment. It is a position which requires a lot of trust. But, as importantly, it requires a girl who actually wants to take on all the duties of a maid in a female led household."

"Yes, ma'am. And before I wrote you asking for this interview I wondered if I was that girl. Obviously I decided I was. If you'll have me." Mady looked me straight in the eye as she said this. Which I liked. I like respect but not docility. There is a huge difference.

"You might well be." I said sipping my tea. "Now, if you would be kind enough to undress to your bra and panties I'd like to take a closer look at you."

"Yes ma'am." said Mady. She turned slightly away from me and she reached down to the hem of her sweater and in a deft movement pulled it over her head. She folded the sweater and placed it on the desk next to her. Then, without a second's hesitation, she unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it and folded it and put it beside her sweater. She turned back to face me.

She'd been reading our blogs and her lingerie reflected what she learned. Her pale pink bra was well constructed, lacy and quite supportive. She did not have especially large breasts but they were pleasingly full and, as they write in the bodice rippers, swelled from the cups. Sensible, well constructed, matching panties and a serious garter-belt holding up her nude stockings. The garter straps under the panty as it should be. While she was a small girl she was in wonderful shape.

"Lovely." I said. "You must work out."

"Yes ma'am, regularly. And I walk everywhere."


Mady turned and I could see her pleasing waist and a taut, not over large bottom framed by her stockings and garter-belt.

"Well, elliot is in for a treat. I like my maid to tease him. It's perfectly safe, he's under lock and key. Put your clothes back on."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I think you'll do Mady." I said having made up my mind. "When can you start?"

"Immediately madam. If you would like me to." said Mady pulling up her skirt. "I brought a few necessities in the hopes of being offered the position. Sir indicated that you might arrange to move my things. It is just clothes and books and a few bits of furniture. A studio apartment about a quarter the size of the beautiful space Sir showed me."

"Not at all a difficulty Mady. I like the fact you came prepared. But, before I make my final decision I need to be sure you will be able to discharge your other duties. There is no point in taking this position if you have any hesitation about what is an important, if only occasional, part of the job. Let's go and see Elliot. Just do as you are told and you'll be fine."

We went upstairs, Mistress and soon to be Maid. Elliot describes what took place at his blog.

A few minutes later we were done and we went back downstairs leaving Elliot in his corner with a well smacked bottom.

"Well, Mady, that was perfect. How did you feel swinging the bathbrush?" I asked.

"It was fine Ma'am. Actually, it was a bit awkward for the first few strokes because I was not sure how hard I was to smack him, but when you told me to put some force into it it seemed easy. I wasn't sure how I would feel but it turns out I liked it. Quite a lot. Much more than I thought I would." Again Mady was blushing and I suspected that her panties were more than a little moist. Before I could speak Mady said, "Ma'am, might I ask you a couple of things."

"Of course Mady."

"Is Sir always in his cage?"

"Pretty much. I let him out for fun once in a while but I find I like him under lock and key."

"I thought as much reading your blogs but that is very good to know. I think he is a very interesting man and I suspect I can have quite a lot of fun, with your permission, teasing him. But knowing he's locked makes me feel very much safer."

"Oh, you are completely safe. Even if he was not locked up, and he wasn't with our last maid, he is very well trained and very obedient. He knows he has my permission to play a little - how much is largely up to you - but he never comes, never really becomes erect, without my permission."

"Thank you Ma'am. And there is just one other thing, in your note you said I would be expected to submit to discipline "to some degree". I just saw what you do to discipline your husband. I am not sure I would like that."

"I suspect you won't. However, as I mentioned in my note, anyone in this house is subject to my discipline. It is non-negotiable. I prefer to have a measure short of dismissal for lapses in your behaviour or performance. And, between ourselves, Sir throughly enjoys giving a pretty young girl a good spanking. For the most part a spanking is likely the extent of the discipline you would be subject to. Girls rarely need to be bath brushed or caned. However, if the need arises, I would administer your correction if instruments are to be used."

"Non-negotiable. I see, Ma'am. So every little error I make will be..."

"Good heavens no." I laughed, "Mady, the fact is that you'll make hundreds of minor errors and as you learn you will make fewer. You will never be disciplined for an error. On the other hand, if you are told to do something and fail to do it without good reason, there might be a reason to discipline. You are obviously a bright girl and there is no reason to think you won't learn quickly and effectively. In which case discipline will be entirely unnecessary." I said reassuringly.

"Yes, Ma'am, but you see, the thing is, I think I might like a bit of routine. You give Sir maintenance whippings..."

"Hmmm." I said taken aback, "I really had not considered that. And I hear elliot coming down the stairs. I know how he would vote if he had a vote which he doesn't. I'll think about that. We have lots of time."

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hiring a Maid

My Darling has the first part of a longer post up about interviewing a potential maid. I like his perspective but I think he misses one essential point: inviting an attractive young woman into your house is - as many a wife with an au pair problem will tell you - a risky proposition.

Elliot talks about my interviewing strategy and he is certainly right as far as it goes; but my real objective in the preliminary interview is to make it absolutely clear to the prospective maid that in my house my instructions and word are final. We offer a wonderful package of compensation and accommodation for the right girl. Yes, she does have a few duties which are a bit our of the ordinary. Yes, she does have to curtsey. Yes, she does have to wear a uniform in the later afternoon and evenings. Yes, she will be encouraged to tease elliot for my amusement. But for the right sort of girl the ability to pursue her work without worrying about food, accommodation or money is a very attractive package.

So I am very picky. I can get along perfectly well without a maid but, truth to tell, I love having one.

No, I am not going to tell you if little Mady is being fitted for the corset which is the basis of the evening uniform. But I will tell you that she was a sweet, demure young lady who seemed to take our female led relationship in her stride.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Long Term Dominance

Many a couple has had a fling with dominance and submission: a wife may like to be spanked occasionaly or a virile young husband may have the secret desire to be forced to wear panties. What fun!And many long term female led relationships start just this way.

However, when a wife takes charge of her marriage she is taking on a role which, to some degree will last a lifetime. Which means thinking about how she is going to manage her position and keep her husband in his. This is not as easy as it might look simply because a dominant wife has to know what she wants and make her rules so that is what she gets.

Long term dominance involves at least three levels: what I call background submission, maintenance and, from time to time, demonstration.

Background dominance is day to day. Regular readers will know that I have kept elliot chaste for years. As part of his submission he has given sexual control of our relationship to me. Part of that is that he is not allowed to come without my express permission. That is just how it is because that is how I like it. But the maintenance element of that is more interesting. For several years, when he was getting frisky I would make him put on and sleep with tight panti girdle on. That ensured his chastity without my having to do much. Recently, I decided to underline his chastity and my complete control of his sexuality, by caging his cute little cock. Now instead of having to deal with his horniness when he's frisky, I can forget all about his cock until I want it or want to reward him.

Demonstration is not really applicable to chastity per se; however, pegging elliot or pushing a vibrator up his backdoor to milk him reminds him of his complete sexual surrender. So does pinching his nipples very hard every time he is allowed to come.

All of these measures, active and passive, have evolved from my initial decision to take control of elliot's sexuality. He has accepted each of them as necessary for my satisfaction. And he has recognized that I will not change my mind on any of them. Elliot knows that any whining or pleading for release will be ignored and, if he persists, he knows he'll be whipped for being annoying.

As you might guess, once you have taken charge of a man's sexual life his obedience in all other areas of married life soon follows.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Finding a Maid - A Ladies' Perspective

I've had a couple of emails about elliot's post on finding a maid. The view in the emails seemed to be: why would you get your husband such a treat?

Believe me, any maid we hire will only incidentally be a treat for my darling elliot. In fact I want the help around the house that a willing young girl is able to give. Everything from the daily vacuum to taking care of my clothes and a bit of my personal grooming.

The whole point of having a maid is to live a little more elegantly. Of course there is an element of teasing elliot with a pretty girl who he can't have. And, as the right maid will assist in his punishments, there will be an added bit of humiliation which will be fun.

But a properly trained maid is a joy. Just simple things like having a bath drawn and my cocktail outfit laid out. Once she is trained she'll be able to look after my things, put my stockings away, brush my coats. And there is something quite wonderful about having cocktails served rather than having elliot do it.

Of course a couple of emails asked why elliot could not do all this. Simple answer is that he can and to a degree does; but he is never going to really understand what I want the way another woman would. Men are not women and even the best trained male will lack the basic instincts to be an excellent ladies maid. Plus, having a bit of female company, especially young, pretty and obedient company is attractive.

Plus, the maid gets a rather sweet deal once she passes probation. A really lovely private apartment with studio space, all her meals and a salary. While there are a few hours in the day where she'll be required to be in uniform, much of the time she won't. And other than routine housework which can be accomplished in an hour or two a day in the morning, she'll have her afternoons entirely free. We're actually looking for an artist or a writer because that sort of occupation needs stretches of free time and a degree of security.

I doubt we will find anyone quite as cute as the girls in our maid book - but fun to look. Interviews next week.

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See all our books at my Amazon Author Page here

Remember Amazon Prime Customers and Books Unlimited Customers can down load all my books FREE