Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Finding a Maid - A Ladies' Perspective

I've had a couple of emails about elliot's post on finding a maid. The view in the emails seemed to be: why would you get your husband such a treat?

Believe me, any maid we hire will only incidentally be a treat for my darling elliot. In fact I want the help around the house that a willing young girl is able to give. Everything from the daily vacuum to taking care of my clothes and a bit of my personal grooming.

The whole point of having a maid is to live a little more elegantly. Of course there is an element of teasing elliot with a pretty girl who he can't have. And, as the right maid will assist in his punishments, there will be an added bit of humiliation which will be fun.

But a properly trained maid is a joy. Just simple things like having a bath drawn and my cocktail outfit laid out. Once she is trained she'll be able to look after my things, put my stockings away, brush my coats. And there is something quite wonderful about having cocktails served rather than having elliot do it.

Of course a couple of emails asked why elliot could not do all this. Simple answer is that he can and to a degree does; but he is never going to really understand what I want the way another woman would. Men are not women and even the best trained male will lack the basic instincts to be an excellent ladies maid. Plus, having a bit of female company, especially young, pretty and obedient company is attractive.

Plus, the maid gets a rather sweet deal once she passes probation. A really lovely private apartment with studio space, all her meals and a salary. While there are a few hours in the day where she'll be required to be in uniform, much of the time she won't. And other than routine housework which can be accomplished in an hour or two a day in the morning, she'll have her afternoons entirely free. We're actually looking for an artist or a writer because that sort of occupation needs stretches of free time and a degree of security.

I doubt we will find anyone quite as cute as the girls in our maid book - but fun to look. Interviews next week.

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