Monday, 13 April 2015

Pleasures of the Boudoir

dominant wife, submissive husband, maid
No matter how submissive, obedient and attentive a husband is there are some things which he simply cannot do. Mainly supply the easy conversation which another woman can. It was one of the main reasons why I wanted to hire a maid.

I was so delighted to have my little crystal bell back. I had put the three I have away when our last maid left and now,  sitting on a table beside the tub, sat the precious, pretty thing. It took quite a long time to find bells which were not ridiculously frou-frou - however Ebay is your friend for this sort of thing. I rang and Mady arrived beside the tub with a huge fluffy bath towel.

I have to admit I was curious as to how she would dry me as I stood naked in the tub. I needn't have been. Like any sensible girl she started at my shoulders and worked her way down. Not a moment's hesitation or embarrassment as she gently dried my breasts and, eventually, my more intimate places.

"If Madam would step from her tub." she said getting onto her knees on the bath mat and drying my legs and feet. "Does Madam use powder or talc?"

I didn't that particular moment but made a note to order some. Years ago I had the most marvellous bath powder. I like the image of standing in front of my mirror with Mady wielding the powder puff. Decadent but great fun. Mady held my robe and I slipped my arms in and tied the sash. And, yes, all that attention was indeed sensual and rather exciting. I am not at all into girls save to look; but this was grand fun.

We adjourned to my dressing room.

"And how did you get on with my husband Mady?" I said as she held out my pretty silk panties and drew them up my legs. Which I noticed could use a little attention with a razor. Another duty for my maid. "I see he managed to find you a corset. Not too tight I trust."

"Not at all Ma'am. I am sure I'll be able to lace down much smaller when I have had a bit of practice. Sir was very nice to me. I think we have reached the required understandings. I do have to ask you for some permissions though."

"Oh, really Mady." I said as she helped me into my girdle and zipped it up. "What sort of permissions?"

"Well Ma'am I am delighted that Sir will be dressing me for my evening duties. Lacing up your own corset is not so very much fun. But it places him in a particular role which needs to be formalized. Sir also shows a very amusing interest in my panties which I am fine with but thought I should report to you. Finally, as you might guess, Sir is delightfully handsy which I am fine with however I think I need to be in control. For that I need your permission."

"To do what exactly?" I asked genuinely intrigued.

"Well, in my space I would like him to call me Miss. And I would like to be able to give him instructions which have the same authority as yours Ma'am." said Mady.

I had to chuckle at that. Poor elliot: not one but two demanding women.

"I see no reason why not Mady. It is, after all, your home and in her home a woman has the right to make her own rules."

"Thank you Ma'am." said Mady holding a stocking out for me to slip on. "And I would like your permission to be able to send Sir to the corner if he is disobedient."

"Of course. But you'll have to come to me for express permission to whip him."

"Oh, I am sure it will not come to that Ma'am. You have trained him very well." said Mady fastening my garter strap.

"Thank you Mady. I think I have. He'll enjoy your discipline. At root Elliot just likes doing what he is told."

dominant wife, submissive husband, maid
Mady held my cocktail dress out and I stepped into it.

"You look lovely Madam." she said zipping me up as I stood in front of my mirror. "If I might be excused I need to prepare the hors d'oeuvres."

"You may. Thank you. I think we are all going to get along very well Mady. You certainly suit the uniform."

"Thank you Madam," said Mady dropping a deepish curtsey, "I am going to alter the dresses to fit well tonight."

And off she went downstairs.

Very nearly perfect I thought to myself as I put on my perfume and lipstick. One of the downsides of having servants is that they sometimes get under foot. Or they expect to be told what to do for every little thing. In which case they are creating work rather than saving it.

Plus, in our slightly unusual situation, a maid might be forgiven for taking a little while to adjust to the femdom rhythms of the household. Mady was just the opposite. Self starting and, apparently, completely at home as a dominant female in her own domain. All good.

UPDATE: Elliot is given his instructions and is reminded of his place.

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