Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And So To Bed

It would be impossible to say how impressed I was with Mady's service at cocktails and again at dinner. You never know when you hire someone whether or not they will have what you are looking for. Yes I wanted a maid; but a ladies maid reflects her mistress which means than not just any girl will do. I like elegance, grace and a sense of style. Mady came through on every count. Not only did she take to curtseying as if from another century, she smiled as she served.

It was such a delight to have a little digestif served on a silver tray in Elliot's study. He had his usual glass of Jamesons and we settled in to read a while before bed.

Mady curtsied as she served our drinks and said, "If Madam will ring when she is ready to retire I will assist."

I could see Elliot, the scamp, arch his eyebrows. I rose above it. "I will Mady. But you have had a long day."

"Not so long, Madam. And quite wonderful. I'd like to finish as I hope to every night. I can easily hear your bell in my studio."

"As you wish Mady." I said actually rather looking forward to a ladies maid's assistance. Much as I love retro clothing and lingerie, a good deal of it was designed for a time when ladies maids were the rule rather than the exception. And it would give me a chance to chat with Mady. Really see how she had enjoyed her first day.

"So, Elliot, what do you think?" I asked growing a bit tired of my book.

"So far I don't think your pretty little maid has put a foot wrong. Your instincts are almost always right on this sort of thing."

"Well she certainly has taken to the job hasn't she. And she certainly has figured out how we like to run our house."

"She has, hasn't she." said Elliot.

"I'm sure you won't mind another woman to obey. Not, of course that you have any choice in the matter. But I did admire the way that Mady both took charge and asked permission. I suspect you are in for a bit of fun." I said with a smile.

"Well, only with your permission."

"I don't think it's mine you have to worry about."

"Aren't you, well, a bit jealous?" asked Elliot rather presumptively.

"Should I be? I don't think so. You Elliot, while you are a dear man whom I love deeply, are no longer a maiden's dream. No doubt you and Mady will become fast friends and she seems to have the right inclinations so far as your behaviour is concerned. But were I a betting girl I would say Mady's interests are more in the feminine direction than yours. Oh, I suspect she'll play with you and you'll have a delightful time; but she's hardly going to run off with my husband." I said.

And, until I had actually said it, I had been uncertain as to Mady's inclinations. But, on a bit of reflection, I realized that the sense that I had been getting from the moment she came in to help me in my bath was that Mady preferred girls. Nothing specific. Just an intuition. Which was, as I thought about it, more than a little interesting.

My own inclinations, allowing for the interest I have in obedience, are pretty much entirely hetrosexual. I love what women look like. My retro fashionista's eye is drawn to their beauty. But a well trained man is my idea of sexual heaven. Which is not to say that an attractive, docile, girl would not pique an interest; but more in terms of sensuality rather sexuality. If that makes the least sense.

No matter. I was tired.

"Are you staying up dear?" I asked Elliot.

"For a little while if I might."

"Go right ahead. It isn't late and if I want you later perhaps I'll ring." I said with a smile.

"You might need two bells." said Elliot.

I rang my little bell and, in a moment, heard Mady coming. I kissed Elliot and met Mady at the foot of the stairs. She dropped a perfect curtsey and we went up to my dressing room.

"If Madam will just stand here." said Mady gesturing to a spot in front of my trifold mirror. She got to work first taking my jewellery and then unzipping my cocktail dress. I stood in my slip as she carefully removed my shoes and then unclipped my stockings. She ended up behind me and reached up to unfasten and then unzip my girdle. Very gently she slipped that tight garment over my thighs and down my legs. While Mady didn't linger, she certainly took her time. Then she stood up and opened my nightdress closet.

"And for this evening, Madam?"

I chose a long linen nightie which had the grand advantage of being just a little warm.

Mady surveyed the closet. "I can see I have some ironing to do."

I popped into the bathroom and removed my makeup. I came back out to the dressing room wearing just my slip which I pulled over my head. Mady held out my nightie and I stepped into it. She drew it up over my thighs and on up over my breasts. It might have been the cold but my nipples were stiff and actually caught on the neckline of the nightie.

"Here is your robe Madam." said Mady, "I have lemon water beside your bed. Will there be anything else this evening?"

"No Mady. You must be exhausted." I said.

"Not particularly. There has been a lot to learn but I think I am getting it." said Mady.

"You are Mady. You're obviously a very quick study."

"Thank you Madam. It's all really a matter of common sense. And thinking about How I would like to be treated if I am every lucky enough to be in your position."

"I think that's right Mady. Other than my little conceit of a curtsey it really is very straightforward."

"I love the curtsey Madam. It felt a bit awkward at first but over the course of the day it just seemed natural. But it does something. I am not sure how to put it but it somehow makes this more than a job." said Mady.

"I think so. And are you satisfied with the arrangements with respect to Elliot?"

"Very much so Madam. It is always best to make things clear at the beginning. Am I right in thinking that you are more than a little playful where Sir is concerned."

"I am now. It took several years to get things just right. Now he understands his position and, I think, would not have it any other way. Neither would I. Long after friends of ours have been divorced or have been secretly unfaithful, we seem to be falling even more deeply in love." I said truthfully.

"And you are not worried about having me around?"

"Funny, Elliot asked me exactly that earlier. No, Mady I am not. Quite the opposite. You're pretty, smart and my sense is that you are a great deal of fun. Why shouldn't my faithful, loving, Elliot have a little bit of visual and mental stimulation? And why shouldn't I have the sheer luxury of another set of hands?"

"Why not indeed, Madam."

"Well good night Mady. I'd like my breakfast tray at eight. Will you have Elliot loosen your corset tonight?"

"With your permission, Ma'am. It is a bit awkward to do myself."

"Lucky Elliot. Just remember that in your studio you tell, you don't ask. He likes to do as he is told. Good Night."

Mady curtsied and left. I settled in with my book and looked over to my bedside table where, in a drawer, was the key to Elliot's chastity. I wondered whether a few strokes might not be in order for my delightful man. He would certainly be stimulated.

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