Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Innocent Fun

Well, after the flurry of posts about hiring our new maid Mady, life has settled down a bit. True to her word Mady has altered her uniforms to fit perfectly over her corsets. She is a wonderfully quick study and we've been incredibly impressed with her ability to pick up the rhythms of our household. She's got the hang of the hour or so worth of cleaning and tidying required each morning after she has brought me my tray. Whether she notices elliot in his corner when she comes in is not at all obvious. If she does she ignores him.

During the day, other than the bit of cleaning, laundry and ironing she has very few actual duties and I encourage her to get on with her own work. We've had her possessions packed and delivered. A girl after my own heart she had more boxes of books than of clothes - but plenty of those as well. Mady is a nicely put together young woman and in her off duty outfits looks pretty if a little academic.

We are working out the blend of formality and informality that elliot and I so enjoy. We have a long, informal table in the kitchen. It is actually quite modern but we treat it as a country table. If I choose to eat there Mady is welcome to join us for lunch. We had a hour of fun sorting through which of her off duty outfits would be suitable in our company. The basic rule of the curtsey, which even off duty I expect her to perform, is that it can't be done in jeans or trousers. A skirt or dress is obligatory. Mady, who has taken to the curtsey, agrees and so has consigned her trousers to her own space and her jeans to the great outdoors.

What I am throughly enjoying is Mady's effortless transition from house helper to formal ladies maid in the evenings. We talked a little bit about this as she was dressing me yesterday.

"You seem to be settling in well." I said.

"Thank you Ma'am. It's much more fun than I expected." said Mady extending a stocking for me to slip on.

"More fun? How so?" I asked genuinely curious.

"Oh, much more fun. First off, I love my corsets - and having elliot lace them up. He is so grateful and very obedient. Well trained, Ma'am. And it is lovely to think of him entirely locked up. The next man I am with is going to have to accept a cock cage. Then there is all the wonderful work dressing you. Picking out your foundations and the right hose for your outfits.

And I have to admit I love the formality of cocktails and dinner. Here you are in the country but you could just as easily be in an elegant townhouse in London. It is a real pleasure to serve two people who have so carefully considered how they prefer to live.

Plus, I find I enjoy putting elliot through, as you put it, his paces, when he unlaces me. I let him take a few liberties, nothing too much yet, but just enough to earn him some time in my corner." she said this last with a pleasing smile.

"Well I am delighted to hear that. I know elliot is enjoying your company and your service and I think you are learning brilliantly." I said meaning every word.

"Thank you Madam." said Mady dropping a cute little curtsey, "Madam, if I might ask, have you given any though to my own discipline and maintenance?"

"Truth to tell, Mady, I had not. I've been enjoying your service far too much. But I will. And I will discuss it with elliot as he would administer both. I should warn you he has a firm hand."

"Yes, Madam, but might I ask how you know?"

"Because Mady, before we came to our present arrangement we were more 50 Shades of Grey long before that doubtful book."

"Really Madam, I can't imagine." said Mady quite surprised.

"Looking back, neither can I; but I have been over elliot's knee often enough to know what you are in for." It was my turn to smile. "But before that happens we'll have a nice chat. Some girls love to be spanked and from what I can tell you seem to be one of them."

"Somewhat, Madam. It's something I can very much enjoy in the right circumstances. Will you be there?"

"Oh, I think so Mady. I think you'll want me watching you as you roll up your skirt and roll down your panties."

"Yes, Madam. Yes I would."

And with that a slightly flustered maid went downstairs to prepare for cocktails.


  1. Like the others ... incredible. Thank you!

  2. The new maid is certainly working out very well! I am looking forward to hearing more about her discipline and maintenance. Yes, Thank you so much for sharing with us.