Thursday, 2 April 2015

Long Term Dominance

Many a couple has had a fling with dominance and submission: a wife may like to be spanked occasionaly or a virile young husband may have the secret desire to be forced to wear panties. What fun!And many long term female led relationships start just this way.

However, when a wife takes charge of her marriage she is taking on a role which, to some degree will last a lifetime. Which means thinking about how she is going to manage her position and keep her husband in his. This is not as easy as it might look simply because a dominant wife has to know what she wants and make her rules so that is what she gets.

Long term dominance involves at least three levels: what I call background submission, maintenance and, from time to time, demonstration.

Background dominance is day to day. Regular readers will know that I have kept elliot chaste for years. As part of his submission he has given sexual control of our relationship to me. Part of that is that he is not allowed to come without my express permission. That is just how it is because that is how I like it. But the maintenance element of that is more interesting. For several years, when he was getting frisky I would make him put on and sleep with tight panti girdle on. That ensured his chastity without my having to do much. Recently, I decided to underline his chastity and my complete control of his sexuality, by caging his cute little cock. Now instead of having to deal with his horniness when he's frisky, I can forget all about his cock until I want it or want to reward him.

Demonstration is not really applicable to chastity per se; however, pegging elliot or pushing a vibrator up his backdoor to milk him reminds him of his complete sexual surrender. So does pinching his nipples very hard every time he is allowed to come.

All of these measures, active and passive, have evolved from my initial decision to take control of elliot's sexuality. He has accepted each of them as necessary for my satisfaction. And he has recognized that I will not change my mind on any of them. Elliot knows that any whining or pleading for release will be ignored and, if he persists, he knows he'll be whipped for being annoying.

As you might guess, once you have taken charge of a man's sexual life his obedience in all other areas of married life soon follows.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your post, I am impressed by what you do for your husband, I know it requires a lot of dedication and forethought. He is certainly lucky to have you, I really think you are in the minority, most wives would not be proactive as you and any attempt at a happy and successful FLR is 99 % your willingness and understanding to give your husband what he can't help but desperatly need

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  3. Long term dominance is a 24/7 wife led marriage, particularly one where the husband quits his job to become a househusband. Anything else is just play.

    1. I prefer my husband to work. He works at home but the fact is that I want him to make money, engage with the world and be the creative, intelligent man he is.

      As for housework...that is why God invented maids.

  4. Wow. Excellent post Ms. Hannah. Thank you for sharing.

  5. elliot is very lucky to be Yours - he should work very hard to be a good obedient boy to demonstrate his gratitude

  6. You make a great point that once a woman takes charge of a man's sexual life, his obedience in all other areas will follow. Controlling his sex life is a necessary first step in this type of relationship as you make him feel more submissive to your authority.,