Tuesday, 31 December 2013

You can Wait

I promised my sweet man that I would give him a blow job. Now, truth to tell, I actually enjoy sucking his cock. It is not terribly big which makes it easy to take all the way in my mouth. Nor is it all that thick which also means it is quite comfortable to blow him.

But, and it is an important but, our rules are that he pleasures me. I only let him come very occasionally and then, mainly, into his little iron sake cup. Very occasionally I let him come in me but usually he must content himself with a few thrusts immediately after I have come, which I desperately desire and insist on.

I don't think I have given him a blow job to completion for a couple of years and I am not sure I will now. I don't mind the taste of his sperm but I don't like the fact I am not in full control.

So I suspect I will lick and suck him for a little while until he is close and then have him come, by his own hand, into his cup while I pinch his nipples. He has been very attentive and I want to reward him but keep him wanting to please me.

And, for Heaven's sake, it is New Year's Eve and I'll tease him a little by flirting with my old sweetie of a landlord. Perfect.

A New Year's Treat Starting tomorrow for a couple of days a number of my sweetie's books are free on Amazon Click here Free Kindle Erotica and to get the books we've published you can look under his author name "elliot jay"

All the Best for 2014!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Punishment and then Pleasure

I have been having great fun with my sweetie licking my pussy every morning and flirting with him all day. He really is getting very good at pleasing me.

But I have also been enjoying the entirely platonic attentions of my landlord, a delightful older gentleman who enjoys the company of a pretty, much younger, woman. He has a lovely old Jaguar and enjoys driving me where ever I tell him to go. His reward is to take me for a glass of wine and, if I am feeling a bit naughty, I'll model a negligee or pretty bra for him. It drives my poor husband crazy and, I am sorry to say, he forgot his place and was quite angry with me last night.

I should have sent him to his corner immediately and given him a whipping then and there but, unfortunately, circumstances did not permit. I sent him to bed.

This morning he was contrite; but contrite was not going to let him escape his whipping. I had him lie over the end of our tall bed. "Darling, I will not be kept in a golden cage. For me love is freedom and freedom love. You need to remember that. It is not your place to respond to my behaviour, much less get angry."

I did not warm him up at all. First I gave him a round dozen medium strokes with my wonderful plastic wand. He was vocalizing a bit by the last three or four. I then stopped.

"Just so we're clear darling, I enjoy the attentions of our landlord. He is a lovely man. And one of the reasons I am so wet for you is that he makes me feel very desirable. In this case I am quite certain nothing will happen; however, that is my choice. You have nothing to say about it. Now, just to remind you..."

I swung the cane a long way back and brought it down on his already red bottom with a hiss. As it struck the flesh a white line appeared and, as I drew the wand back for the second stroke a welt began to form. I was determined to make my point and I swung, hard, five more times. He squirmed hard and groaned with each stroke. When I was done his bottom showed six, clear, red welts across a field of crimson.

"Now, get up on the bed and lie on your back." He hastened to comply.

I straddled him with my bottom towards his obedient little tongue. I didn't say a word. I just lifted the hem of my long dressing gown and sat my already dripping wet cunt on his eager face. I felt his tongue get to work and I adjusted my position to ensure his nose was pressing on my backdoor rose. He licked and kissed and sucked as he has been trained to and, in a very few minutes, waves of pleasure shot down my thighs. I came long and hard and, as I did, I could feel his tongue pushing up into my pulsing cunt. I sat hard on my lovely husband's handsome face and, when the final wave had passed, lifted myself so he could lick me dry.

What a dear, dear man.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Short but Needed

My darling has been chaste for a week and a half. He gets, well, a bit distracted at this point in his cycle.

Nothing like six sweet red welts to bring him back into focus.

I like my flexy acrylic "wand". Just the right weight do create real pain with a minimum of effort. He better be good because I know I could leave big bruises with just a little longer swing.

But he is very obedient and I am actually very pleased with his behaviour. So I may wait to bring in the New Year with a really sound whipping.

For now it is just my simple pleasure to keep my darling husband reminded of his position.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Well, Get Down There

I have been feeling wonderfully, sexually, alive these past couple of days. One of the perfect things about a female led marriage is that we only have sex when I want sex. And we only have sex the way I want to have sex.

These past few days I have wanted to be licked. I have trained my sweet, submissive, husband to lick my pussy just the way I like it. I rarely let him finish of course. When I come I prefer to use my own hand after he has kissed and moistened me. He loves to watch. And then, if he is lucky, I allow him to slip into my wet, throbbing, pussy. Maybe to come, usually not.

But yesterday morning, after he had pleasured me for a while with his obedient and skillful tongue I decided I wanted my privacy.

"Take these panties and go to your corner...make sure you are hard when I am finished."

I have to admit that the sheer power of sending my husband to his corner to press my wet panties with his nose pushed me over the edge. I left him in his corner, hard, longing for me. I had to get on with my day.

"You can let your little cock go soft now, Dear. I won't be needing it. But stay in your corner until I am done in the bathroom."

Friday, 6 December 2013


I have set my darling to work putting together a picture book on Kindle of Maids. I loved having a maid and I will have one again in about a year...for now you can take a look at the gallery of Maid art he's built.