Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Man in Your Life

Mady has been reading around the internet about female led relationships. I encourage her. She often discusses what she reads with me as she is dressing me for cocktails.

"Ma'am, I very much enjoy the LadiesonTop blog by Lady A." she said last evening.

"So do I Mady, when I have a chance to read it."

"But I was a bit confused with Lady A's last post about "The Natural Order". There was a graphic there with a picture of a girl in business clothes and a guy in a cock cage and a collar standing by a stove. The caption was something like, "She is a successful career woman, he is a piece of property kept at home naked and chaste, to cook. clean and satisfy his female owners sexual needs" I don't like the sounds of that." said Mady beginning to lace up my corset.

"Neither do I Mady. But different women like to led their marriages in different ways plus, different women have different material to work with. If you are silly enough to marry a beta male who is submissive because he really has no other choice, you might think about keeping him barefoot and in the kitchen - but I can't imagine that would be much fun. I mean why would you marry at all if that was all that was available?"

"Yes. Ma'am. But I think women your age had a lot more choice. Most of the men I met in university were so, I don't know, weak? I mean they had no idea what they wanted to do, who they were. It was one of the reasons I spent most of my time with girls. At least I wasn't disappointed. Breath in Ma'am." Mady pulled the ribbons of my corset a little tighter that I wanted but I knew there would be a little give.

"You might very well be right Mady. The fact is that elliot was and is very much the alpha male type. Even though I keep him locked up and chaste, it took my years to first of all realize that was what I wanted and then lead him to the position he is in now. It was a bit of a tightrope. Because I want his complete sexual submission but I don't want him to be any less aggressive in the business world or any less interested in his books or his wine or, frankly, women as sexual creatures. I read on the net and a lot of the time I wonder why some of the dominant wives don't simply have their husbands castrated and have done with it."

"But that isn't what you want Ma'am. And if you could lift your foot for this stocking." said Mady.

"It most certainly isn't. Let me ask you Mady, when elliot dresses you is he indifferent to you sexually?"

"No Ma'am. Quite the opposite. And often, when he has the opportunity, he'll slide a hand up my skirt or down my blouse just for fun."

"Exactly. Now, if he is more active than you'd like you know you can tell me and he'll be whipped and, in a little while, you will be whipping him yourself; but not so he'll stop wanting to grab your pretty little bottom or tweak your nipples; rather to ensure he knows he will be punished for his impertinence. I like him to be interested. And, of course, he is."

"Yes he is Ma'am. Very." said Mady.

"Is he being a pest." I asked in case there was any cause for concern.

"No Ma'am. Other foot if you could Ma'am. He basically responds to my provocation. Some days I just want to do my job, other days I like a little attention. And it certainly isn't hard to get your husband to pay attention."

"No. And I want to keep it that way which is one of the reasons I like having you around. He's perfectly harmless in his little cock cage. So we both can tease when we want to without his having the slightest chance to get out of hand. I wanted a "well tempered" husband, not a eunuch." I said as Mady knelt behind me to fasten my back garter tabs.

"I understand that Ma'am. Which is why you are never worried about his taking liberties with me...or me with him."

"Exactly right Mady. I want my husband to be sexually on edge. More than a little frustrated most of the time. I like his little cock hard a lot of the time. The little doses of Viagra are wonderful, but the testosterone is all his own. A manly man who is well trained and obedient is a great deal more fun than some sort of slavish man who is devoted because he has no other options. elliot loves his submission and his obedience but every day he makes a choice because he has a choice."

"I see Ma'am; but have you ever thought of turning him into even more of a wife than he is now?" asked Mady holding my cocktail dress for me to step into.

"For a second or two occasionally. But, truth to tell, I don't want a wife. I want a chaste, sexually obedient, husband who loves me, will care for me and protect me. Who loves to go and make lots of money and bring it home and give it to me. Who brings me flowers and buys me pretty things. Of course, I want him perfectly mannered. But, most of all, I want a real man who accepts his position and my own." I said as Mady zipped up my dress and went to fetch my pretty gray heels.

"I think I understand Ma'am. But I suspect I'll have a hard time finding a man like that."

"Perhaps, Mady, but after you have been in my service for a few years, you will know exactly what you want and you will have a very good idea of what it takes to train the sort of man you might want to have. You are on the right track when you say your husband will be married to you in a cage. And, were I you, I would have him promise to obey in your vows. I'm sorry I didn't when I married elliot. You'll know better."

"Yes, thank you Ma'am. I'll go and see to the cocktails." said Mady with a low curtsey. "I have a lot to learn."

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I must admit I had not really thought through the implications of having a ladies maid. Especially not one with Mady's eagerness and sense of play. I like to take a bath around four in the afternoon. It ends my day and I can change into something pretty for cocktails and dinner. I have been collecting clothes and lingerie for years. Beautiful things, usually vintage, but sometimes new. During the summer, I dress quite simply: skirts, dresses with pretty, loose lingerie: tap panties, camisoles. Pretty silk slips under sheer cotton antique tea dresses. I will, occasionally, wear a light, summer, corset for cocktails; but from June to September, comfort is my watchword.

That in mind, Mady's ladies maid duties were really very simple. I go upstairs for my bath which she draws to the temperature I like and, in theory, as I bathed, she laid out a couple of outfits for me to choose from and put away my day clothes. My lingerie would go in a basket for her to hand wash. In practice, well in practice Mady is a little minx. She loves to "help" undress me which is awfully silly as there are really no fastenings which need a maid's assistance. But, in fact, she just likes touching me and I find I rather enjoy being touched. She'll finish undressing me and, before handing me my wrap, will often suggest a bit of grooming or a quick touch up of my toenail polish or, and this is quite recent, a pleasing pre-bath massage. She is an untrained but enthusiastic masseuse. And she is a cross between very gentle and mildly provocative.

Then, bath time. Mady is just out of sight rinsing out my smalls and it is the easiest thing in the world to ask her to "do my back". When I am done I call her and she arrives with a glorious fluffy towel and gets to work. She is very, very through. She also will bring a little pair of scissors and a razor to ensure that my grooming is faultless. I have never liked the bare Brazillian look - I am not twelve - not am I a fan of the landing strip. But I like to stay trimmed so that elliot can enjoy his duties. Before I had Mady there were all manner of complications with mirrors and such like. Now she takes care of it all.

Three times a week, before my bath, Mady washes my hair which is one of life's great luxuries. Unhurried, gentle, easy. And my hair has never looked better. I encourage Mady to chat as she works. She's very bright. A couple of days ago, as we were waiting for the conditioner to set, Mady asked,

"Do you mind that I have elliot go down on me?"

"Of course not Mady. It keeps him interested and in practice. Actually, I have been surprised you have not asked for his key. You are welcome to it you know."

"Thank you Ma'am I do know. And I suspect I will ask when the weather is a little cooler."

"Well you should. He is actually very well trained and while his little cock is not a maiden's delight, he has plenty of stamina. And, of course, he will never come without your express permission. And a well pinched nipple."

"Yes Ma'am. I know. But, for the time being, I much prefer him in that cute little black cage. I think I am a bit like you, Ma'am. I like to feel a man's cock in me, if at all, a few times a year. But unless they are as well trained as your husband....well, you know how men are. Once they have it they want it again."

"Quite right Mady; but not elliot. Oh, he loves being allowed in me. Even for a few strokes. But he is well trained and it does take quite a lot of discipline before a man is really docile enough to be trusted to think only of your pleasure and his obedience." I said thinking of the canings it had taken before elliot accepted his position. "Elliot tells me you have decided that if you marry you are going to have your husband caged at the ceremony. I wish I had."

"Well, until I met you and saw how your marriage worked I must admit that I was not planning on marrying at all. Just have a girlfriend and leave it there. But a well trained, submissive husband might be a better alternative." said Mady.

"I think so but, then again, I very much like men."

"I know Ma'am. I think I do too. But there has always been the sex thing which I have to say, until elliot initiated me, I never particularly enjoyed."

"But you enjoyed elliot's little cock?"

"Yes ma'am. Very much."

"Have you thought about why?" I asked genuinely curious.

"It seemed so small, so in control. Even when he went into my backdoor - and I have never had a cock there Ma'am - I felt that between us we were in charge. And that made it all so much gentler. I knew if you told him to stop he would."

"Of course he would Mady. He knows that if he disobeys me I will give him a caning he'll remember for a month."

"Yes Ma'am and you were caning him as he took me."

"I was, but not very hard. More a reminder than anything else. But I think I see why you have not asked for the key. You are not sure he would, when it come to the point, do as he was told if I was not there."

"Oh I am sure he would Ma'am. Pretty sure."

"So am I; but your instincts may be right. After all, as I said, it took a long time and a lot of fairly severe treatment with the cane and the bathbrush before I was certain of his obedience. Of course there is really only one thing for it."

"What Ma'am?"

"Poor elliot. You are going to have to start disciplining him regularly."

"He spends plenty of time in his corner Ma'am."

"Not the same thing at all. Nor is the fact he knows that if you report any bad behaviour I will correct it instantly. No, he needs to know that you can swing the cane. Or the bathbrush. He hates the bathbrush and I made more progress in one good session with the brush than I would in three or four with the cane. Of course, I was less expert with the cane then." I said, "So what I think we should do - before you take the key - is have you administer a few good hard whippings. elliot will not like this a bit but he loves any sort of penetrative sex he's allowed and a pretty young girl? There are very few men who could resist and my husband's certainly not one of them. We'll keep him caged for the moment. I want to think about this but I suspect that some time over your knee with the bathbrush and more time under the cane and he will be absolutely obedient in bed...if that's what you want. And it would probably be good for him in any event. Let me think about it. And I have just the cane in mind for you to use."

"Yes Ma'am. But, other than at my interview, I have never really whipped a man."

"Oh, well you saw how easy it is but I will teach you. This might be quite fun. Well not so much for elliot but that is the submissive husband's position. The point is that after you have whipped him a few times, especially when you have done it on your own, elliot will accept the fact that you are completely in charge. At that point you'll be able to do what you like without any worries about "disobedience". And, of course, he'll know that if you have cause to correct him, he will be getting the same and more from me."

"Yes Ma'am. Now lean back and I will rinse your hair."

"Thank you Mady."

"Thank you Ma'am."

It is going to be an interesting Fall.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Lazy Summer Coming to an End

Well, at last that naughty husband of mine has finished the account of my maid Mady's initiation into my service. I say "my maid" because the Covenant she made and the Oath which she swore before God were to me. I had considered involving elliot but watching Mady take charge of my delightful husband I realized that while my dear submissive man might well discipline my maid, he should have no authority over her. Quite the opposite in fact. And so it has been over this long, hot summer.

I could have kept elliot in his little cock cage for the summer but it is a bit sticky and not fun to swim in. Especially as I have elliot swim lengths in the lake every day to improve his physique. If there is one thing I will not put up with it is flabby men. And he is of an age where he needs to exercise. For similar reasons, unless he does something requiring correction, I rarely whip him in the summer time. I am accurate with my cane but a welt below his swimming trunks might reduce his inclination to take his exercise. I swim regularly myself but I also enjoy taking a picnic and a good book and watching elliot.

Of course this summer we have had the delight of my maid. I had thought that she might prefer to work on her thesis in the early afternoons when we go to the beach and gave her that option.

"No ma'am, if it is all the same to you I would like to serve you there as well as at home. I am taking a little break from my thesis while this weather holds."

So when it has been sunny we have - or rather Mady has - packed the picnic basket, grabbed our lovely beach umbrella and headed to the lake. A three block walk. elliot carries the umbrella and basket, Mady my beach bag and her own. As elliot swims she sets up our little encampment under a spreading maple. She usually wears a little sun dress and a maillot underneath. I do not permit her to wear a bikini in public and she tans a little naked on her balcony at home. I like her in retro look swimwear and ordered her three pretty, but very modest, swimsuits. When she has finished setting us up and has laid out lunch she cursies to me and, with my permission, pulls the sundress over her head and goes off duty. I have not the slightest idea what our neighbours at the beach think of this ritual. I do know that Mady has atttracted more than a little male attention with her tiny waist, long tanned legs and high, firm, breasts. Which is fine by me. While I am, at least, twenty years older than Mady, I attract my fair share.

Even "off duty" Mady sees it as her place to serve me. Everything from very gently rubbing sunscreen into my skin to keeping my water glass filled from the thermos. She takes care of elliot too and has a positive gift for teasing the poor man. I have never seen a girl so adept at flashing her nipples or accidentally running her hand up his thigh. And, if no one is looking, she is quite capable of grabbing his little cock and stroking it through his swim trunks until he is sporting a little erection. "Time for a swim, Sir. Walk of shame time." Poor elliot, I suspect he might long for his cage occasionally. But, no matter, it's fun to watch Mady tease him and I know, because he has told me, that he very much appreciates his luck.

So we swam and read and idled - well elliot was busy with work - and the summer slipped away. We'd leave the beach around four and would convene for cocktails at six. I usually worked on my book for an hour. Somewhere in that time Mady would shower and elliot would go and dress her and perform whatever services she required. Mady's summer evening uniform is extremely simple: a white cotton chemise with matching panties, a summer weight underbust corset, then a sheer peasant blouse and a very simple cotton skirt. Low heeled sandals complete the outfit. She will serve cocktails in this and add an apron for the kitchen and dinner service. It is modest, pretty and looks summery.

We'll go on living on summer rules for a while, at least until Labour Day. However, elliot has been locked up for the past week and I doubt I will be letting him out of his little cock cage for a while. I find being locked up focuses him. Now that we have Mady his own duties have changed. I want him to work hard and be very attentive to me. The distraction of a pretty, nubile, young girl are certainly evident but our morning routines have not changed other than the fact that he goes to his corner without making coffee. Of course he is not allowed to "have" Mady, any more than he is allowed to "have" me, without my express permission. And, to add a little fun to the mix, I have told them both that only Mady can ask for that permission. So far she hasn't. Though she tells me that elliot is wonderfully adept with his tongue. Absolutely her business as far as I am concerned.

An easy summer is a pleasure; but in the Fall the discipline of my house will tighten. The Lady of the House has her standards and it is all too easy to just relax. That does my darling husband no good and, now that I have the training and discipline of my maid to consider, I have an obligation to maintain my standards. Which, all things considered, I am very much looking forward to.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ice Cream Man - My new FemDom Romance Novel

The first part of my new femdom romance novel Ice Cream Man: White Bone is now up at Amazon. Having a maid has given me time to finally get this into shape. Here is a quote from the blurb:
Miss Winters knows. She quickly has Jamie in bra and panties, a touch of makeup, girl's running gear. She knows she has to move fast before Jamie realizes he is to become Miss Winter's boi.

Forced cross dressing, mistress/servant relations, male chastity, a cleanse and then, tied to a daybed, Jamie learns what it is to take the White Bone. And, as the White Bone slides into him Jamie understands that Miss Winters is who he has been looking for all his life. The intelligent, dominant, stylish woman his mother always said he'd make a fine housewife for.

I hope you all take a look. It is a romance but you'll see it is a romance with more than a few twists. Regular readers will guess what the White Bone is and where it is likely to go. Jamie discovers what he's been longing for. Rather like elliot has at my house.

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