Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I must admit I had not really thought through the implications of having a ladies maid. Especially not one with Mady's eagerness and sense of play. I like to take a bath around four in the afternoon. It ends my day and I can change into something pretty for cocktails and dinner. I have been collecting clothes and lingerie for years. Beautiful things, usually vintage, but sometimes new. During the summer, I dress quite simply: skirts, dresses with pretty, loose lingerie: tap panties, camisoles. Pretty silk slips under sheer cotton antique tea dresses. I will, occasionally, wear a light, summer, corset for cocktails; but from June to September, comfort is my watchword.

That in mind, Mady's ladies maid duties were really very simple. I go upstairs for my bath which she draws to the temperature I like and, in theory, as I bathed, she laid out a couple of outfits for me to choose from and put away my day clothes. My lingerie would go in a basket for her to hand wash. In practice, well in practice Mady is a little minx. She loves to "help" undress me which is awfully silly as there are really no fastenings which need a maid's assistance. But, in fact, she just likes touching me and I find I rather enjoy being touched. She'll finish undressing me and, before handing me my wrap, will often suggest a bit of grooming or a quick touch up of my toenail polish or, and this is quite recent, a pleasing pre-bath massage. She is an untrained but enthusiastic masseuse. And she is a cross between very gentle and mildly provocative.

Then, bath time. Mady is just out of sight rinsing out my smalls and it is the easiest thing in the world to ask her to "do my back". When I am done I call her and she arrives with a glorious fluffy towel and gets to work. She is very, very through. She also will bring a little pair of scissors and a razor to ensure that my grooming is faultless. I have never liked the bare Brazillian look - I am not twelve - not am I a fan of the landing strip. But I like to stay trimmed so that elliot can enjoy his duties. Before I had Mady there were all manner of complications with mirrors and such like. Now she takes care of it all.

Three times a week, before my bath, Mady washes my hair which is one of life's great luxuries. Unhurried, gentle, easy. And my hair has never looked better. I encourage Mady to chat as she works. She's very bright. A couple of days ago, as we were waiting for the conditioner to set, Mady asked,

"Do you mind that I have elliot go down on me?"

"Of course not Mady. It keeps him interested and in practice. Actually, I have been surprised you have not asked for his key. You are welcome to it you know."

"Thank you Ma'am I do know. And I suspect I will ask when the weather is a little cooler."

"Well you should. He is actually very well trained and while his little cock is not a maiden's delight, he has plenty of stamina. And, of course, he will never come without your express permission. And a well pinched nipple."

"Yes Ma'am. I know. But, for the time being, I much prefer him in that cute little black cage. I think I am a bit like you, Ma'am. I like to feel a man's cock in me, if at all, a few times a year. But unless they are as well trained as your husband....well, you know how men are. Once they have it they want it again."

"Quite right Mady; but not elliot. Oh, he loves being allowed in me. Even for a few strokes. But he is well trained and it does take quite a lot of discipline before a man is really docile enough to be trusted to think only of your pleasure and his obedience." I said thinking of the canings it had taken before elliot accepted his position. "Elliot tells me you have decided that if you marry you are going to have your husband caged at the ceremony. I wish I had."

"Well, until I met you and saw how your marriage worked I must admit that I was not planning on marrying at all. Just have a girlfriend and leave it there. But a well trained, submissive husband might be a better alternative." said Mady.

"I think so but, then again, I very much like men."

"I know Ma'am. I think I do too. But there has always been the sex thing which I have to say, until elliot initiated me, I never particularly enjoyed."

"But you enjoyed elliot's little cock?"

"Yes ma'am. Very much."

"Have you thought about why?" I asked genuinely curious.

"It seemed so small, so in control. Even when he went into my backdoor - and I have never had a cock there Ma'am - I felt that between us we were in charge. And that made it all so much gentler. I knew if you told him to stop he would."

"Of course he would Mady. He knows that if he disobeys me I will give him a caning he'll remember for a month."

"Yes Ma'am and you were caning him as he took me."

"I was, but not very hard. More a reminder than anything else. But I think I see why you have not asked for the key. You are not sure he would, when it come to the point, do as he was told if I was not there."

"Oh I am sure he would Ma'am. Pretty sure."

"So am I; but your instincts may be right. After all, as I said, it took a long time and a lot of fairly severe treatment with the cane and the bathbrush before I was certain of his obedience. Of course there is really only one thing for it."

"What Ma'am?"

"Poor elliot. You are going to have to start disciplining him regularly."

"He spends plenty of time in his corner Ma'am."

"Not the same thing at all. Nor is the fact he knows that if you report any bad behaviour I will correct it instantly. No, he needs to know that you can swing the cane. Or the bathbrush. He hates the bathbrush and I made more progress in one good session with the brush than I would in three or four with the cane. Of course, I was less expert with the cane then." I said, "So what I think we should do - before you take the key - is have you administer a few good hard whippings. elliot will not like this a bit but he loves any sort of penetrative sex he's allowed and a pretty young girl? There are very few men who could resist and my husband's certainly not one of them. We'll keep him caged for the moment. I want to think about this but I suspect that some time over your knee with the bathbrush and more time under the cane and he will be absolutely obedient in bed...if that's what you want. And it would probably be good for him in any event. Let me think about it. And I have just the cane in mind for you to use."

"Yes Ma'am. But, other than at my interview, I have never really whipped a man."

"Oh, well you saw how easy it is but I will teach you. This might be quite fun. Well not so much for elliot but that is the submissive husband's position. The point is that after you have whipped him a few times, especially when you have done it on your own, elliot will accept the fact that you are completely in charge. At that point you'll be able to do what you like without any worries about "disobedience". And, of course, he'll know that if you have cause to correct him, he will be getting the same and more from me."

"Yes Ma'am. Now lean back and I will rinse your hair."

"Thank you Mady."

"Thank you Ma'am."

It is going to be an interesting Fall.

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  1. In regards to the beach post - elliot should definitely some sort of women's bikini style bottom's at least. Either by wearing them in full or at least underneath his trunks, imagine if his trunks slid down a bit to show off the bikini bottoms.

    katie, anyway you can also add a way for us to comment anonymously as well?

    1. What a good idea. Under the trunks is perfect because they do slide down from time to time. Thank you!

  2. Also does elliot know yet how to give you both pedicures and manicures maybe all three of you can spend a day at the salon and get manis and pedis.