Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Lazy Summer Coming to an End

Well, at last that naughty husband of mine has finished the account of my maid Mady's initiation into my service. I say "my maid" because the Covenant she made and the Oath which she swore before God were to me. I had considered involving elliot but watching Mady take charge of my delightful husband I realized that while my dear submissive man might well discipline my maid, he should have no authority over her. Quite the opposite in fact. And so it has been over this long, hot summer.

I could have kept elliot in his little cock cage for the summer but it is a bit sticky and not fun to swim in. Especially as I have elliot swim lengths in the lake every day to improve his physique. If there is one thing I will not put up with it is flabby men. And he is of an age where he needs to exercise. For similar reasons, unless he does something requiring correction, I rarely whip him in the summer time. I am accurate with my cane but a welt below his swimming trunks might reduce his inclination to take his exercise. I swim regularly myself but I also enjoy taking a picnic and a good book and watching elliot.

Of course this summer we have had the delight of my maid. I had thought that she might prefer to work on her thesis in the early afternoons when we go to the beach and gave her that option.

"No ma'am, if it is all the same to you I would like to serve you there as well as at home. I am taking a little break from my thesis while this weather holds."

So when it has been sunny we have - or rather Mady has - packed the picnic basket, grabbed our lovely beach umbrella and headed to the lake. A three block walk. elliot carries the umbrella and basket, Mady my beach bag and her own. As elliot swims she sets up our little encampment under a spreading maple. She usually wears a little sun dress and a maillot underneath. I do not permit her to wear a bikini in public and she tans a little naked on her balcony at home. I like her in retro look swimwear and ordered her three pretty, but very modest, swimsuits. When she has finished setting us up and has laid out lunch she cursies to me and, with my permission, pulls the sundress over her head and goes off duty. I have not the slightest idea what our neighbours at the beach think of this ritual. I do know that Mady has atttracted more than a little male attention with her tiny waist, long tanned legs and high, firm, breasts. Which is fine by me. While I am, at least, twenty years older than Mady, I attract my fair share.

Even "off duty" Mady sees it as her place to serve me. Everything from very gently rubbing sunscreen into my skin to keeping my water glass filled from the thermos. She takes care of elliot too and has a positive gift for teasing the poor man. I have never seen a girl so adept at flashing her nipples or accidentally running her hand up his thigh. And, if no one is looking, she is quite capable of grabbing his little cock and stroking it through his swim trunks until he is sporting a little erection. "Time for a swim, Sir. Walk of shame time." Poor elliot, I suspect he might long for his cage occasionally. But, no matter, it's fun to watch Mady tease him and I know, because he has told me, that he very much appreciates his luck.

So we swam and read and idled - well elliot was busy with work - and the summer slipped away. We'd leave the beach around four and would convene for cocktails at six. I usually worked on my book for an hour. Somewhere in that time Mady would shower and elliot would go and dress her and perform whatever services she required. Mady's summer evening uniform is extremely simple: a white cotton chemise with matching panties, a summer weight underbust corset, then a sheer peasant blouse and a very simple cotton skirt. Low heeled sandals complete the outfit. She will serve cocktails in this and add an apron for the kitchen and dinner service. It is modest, pretty and looks summery.

We'll go on living on summer rules for a while, at least until Labour Day. However, elliot has been locked up for the past week and I doubt I will be letting him out of his little cock cage for a while. I find being locked up focuses him. Now that we have Mady his own duties have changed. I want him to work hard and be very attentive to me. The distraction of a pretty, nubile, young girl are certainly evident but our morning routines have not changed other than the fact that he goes to his corner without making coffee. Of course he is not allowed to "have" Mady, any more than he is allowed to "have" me, without my express permission. And, to add a little fun to the mix, I have told them both that only Mady can ask for that permission. So far she hasn't. Though she tells me that elliot is wonderfully adept with his tongue. Absolutely her business as far as I am concerned.

An easy summer is a pleasure; but in the Fall the discipline of my house will tighten. The Lady of the House has her standards and it is all too easy to just relax. That does my darling husband no good and, now that I have the training and discipline of my maid to consider, I have an obligation to maintain my standards. Which, all things considered, I am very much looking forward to.

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