Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Man in Your Life

Mady has been reading around the internet about female led relationships. I encourage her. She often discusses what she reads with me as she is dressing me for cocktails.

"Ma'am, I very much enjoy the LadiesonTop blog by Lady A." she said last evening.

"So do I Mady, when I have a chance to read it."

"But I was a bit confused with Lady A's last post about "The Natural Order". There was a graphic there with a picture of a girl in business clothes and a guy in a cock cage and a collar standing by a stove. The caption was something like, "She is a successful career woman, he is a piece of property kept at home naked and chaste, to cook. clean and satisfy his female owners sexual needs" I don't like the sounds of that." said Mady beginning to lace up my corset.

"Neither do I Mady. But different women like to led their marriages in different ways plus, different women have different material to work with. If you are silly enough to marry a beta male who is submissive because he really has no other choice, you might think about keeping him barefoot and in the kitchen - but I can't imagine that would be much fun. I mean why would you marry at all if that was all that was available?"

"Yes. Ma'am. But I think women your age had a lot more choice. Most of the men I met in university were so, I don't know, weak? I mean they had no idea what they wanted to do, who they were. It was one of the reasons I spent most of my time with girls. At least I wasn't disappointed. Breath in Ma'am." Mady pulled the ribbons of my corset a little tighter that I wanted but I knew there would be a little give.

"You might very well be right Mady. The fact is that elliot was and is very much the alpha male type. Even though I keep him locked up and chaste, it took my years to first of all realize that was what I wanted and then lead him to the position he is in now. It was a bit of a tightrope. Because I want his complete sexual submission but I don't want him to be any less aggressive in the business world or any less interested in his books or his wine or, frankly, women as sexual creatures. I read on the net and a lot of the time I wonder why some of the dominant wives don't simply have their husbands castrated and have done with it."

"But that isn't what you want Ma'am. And if you could lift your foot for this stocking." said Mady.

"It most certainly isn't. Let me ask you Mady, when elliot dresses you is he indifferent to you sexually?"

"No Ma'am. Quite the opposite. And often, when he has the opportunity, he'll slide a hand up my skirt or down my blouse just for fun."

"Exactly. Now, if he is more active than you'd like you know you can tell me and he'll be whipped and, in a little while, you will be whipping him yourself; but not so he'll stop wanting to grab your pretty little bottom or tweak your nipples; rather to ensure he knows he will be punished for his impertinence. I like him to be interested. And, of course, he is."

"Yes he is Ma'am. Very." said Mady.

"Is he being a pest." I asked in case there was any cause for concern.

"No Ma'am. Other foot if you could Ma'am. He basically responds to my provocation. Some days I just want to do my job, other days I like a little attention. And it certainly isn't hard to get your husband to pay attention."

"No. And I want to keep it that way which is one of the reasons I like having you around. He's perfectly harmless in his little cock cage. So we both can tease when we want to without his having the slightest chance to get out of hand. I wanted a "well tempered" husband, not a eunuch." I said as Mady knelt behind me to fasten my back garter tabs.

"I understand that Ma'am. Which is why you are never worried about his taking liberties with me...or me with him."

"Exactly right Mady. I want my husband to be sexually on edge. More than a little frustrated most of the time. I like his little cock hard a lot of the time. The little doses of Viagra are wonderful, but the testosterone is all his own. A manly man who is well trained and obedient is a great deal more fun than some sort of slavish man who is devoted because he has no other options. elliot loves his submission and his obedience but every day he makes a choice because he has a choice."

"I see Ma'am; but have you ever thought of turning him into even more of a wife than he is now?" asked Mady holding my cocktail dress for me to step into.

"For a second or two occasionally. But, truth to tell, I don't want a wife. I want a chaste, sexually obedient, husband who loves me, will care for me and protect me. Who loves to go and make lots of money and bring it home and give it to me. Who brings me flowers and buys me pretty things. Of course, I want him perfectly mannered. But, most of all, I want a real man who accepts his position and my own." I said as Mady zipped up my dress and went to fetch my pretty gray heels.

"I think I understand Ma'am. But I suspect I'll have a hard time finding a man like that."

"Perhaps, Mady, but after you have been in my service for a few years, you will know exactly what you want and you will have a very good idea of what it takes to train the sort of man you might want to have. You are on the right track when you say your husband will be married to you in a cage. And, were I you, I would have him promise to obey in your vows. I'm sorry I didn't when I married elliot. You'll know better."

"Yes, thank you Ma'am. I'll go and see to the cocktails." said Mady with a low curtsey. "I have a lot to learn."

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