Dominant Wife Supplies

The Lady of the House needs a few things to keep her husband up to snuff:

Solid Steel

This is one of the best implements I have ever owned. It is just what it looks like - 71/2 inches of polished, solid, stainless steel. Two rounded ends. It weighs a lot.

Sending my husband to his corner with this pushed up his bottom is delightful. To hold it in he has to clench which stimulates his prostate. Which, if I leave him long enough, leads to a lovely little mess for him to lick up when corner time is done.

Or you can have him insert it for his bath...or for cocktail hour. The opportunities to use solid steel to enhance his submission are endless.

A perfect gift for under your private tree.

Order today...let him count the days until he'll feel your steel.

A Really Solid Paddle

I have a lovely Sorority Paddle for those occasions when my darling really needs a well bruised bottom. A solid paddle is louder than it is nasty, but it is a great warm up for a serious caning.

It is also very useful if you are correcting your husband in company. If your maid or girlfriend wants to try disciplining your husband she will usually feel more comfortable using a paddle rather than a whip or a cane.

Did I mention it is loud. Walnut on a bare bottom sounds like a gun is going off.

Order today...he really does deserve it.

A Long Handled Wooden Bath Brush

I have to admit that there is something wonderful about correcting my sweetie with this simple, day to day, bath brush.

The long handle means you have a lot of leverage, the heaviness of the wood gives it some oomph (more if you soak it in, well, a bath). But the head is small enough that you can use it side to side.

Of all the implements I use to correct my husband this is the one he is most afraid of. Because I can use it for quite a while without my arm getting tired. I usually tie him for a bath brushing.

Plus, this one is great for its other use...really scrubs your back.

Order today...your bath will never be the same.

A Big Black Strap-On

Nothing says that a dominant wife is in charge as effectively as bending her husband over, lubing him up and pegging him until his little cockette dribbles. This strap on is big enough to make him feel every thrust. Of course, if you push it in and undo it, you can strap it on your sweetie so he can have an extended session with your big, black, cock.

Order here...he deserves it.