Monday, 15 June 2015


Well my silly husband has finally managed to tear himself away from business and move us along the story of Mady my maid's real introduction to my service. I don't want to give away too much of the story but suffice to say I decided she would indeed make her primary submission to me. I thought it made more sense.

One of the things I find I like best about having a ladies maid is that I finally have someone to tell secrets to. So, for example, when I decided that I would cane her I asked her if she had ever been caned before. It turned out she hadn't and was a bit apprehensive.

"Well Mady, this will not be a disciplinary caning so only a few strokes will be even a little severe." I said one evening before the initiation ceremony as Mady knelt to fasten the back tab of my stocking. "Lift up your skirt and bend over the chaise and I will give you a few strokes so you can know what to expect."

Mady instantly complied and I saw her lovely pink bottom beneath her quite sheer panties.

"Do you require my panties down Madam?" she asked with a little tremble in her voice.

"Oh, I don't think those will provide much protection but they will protect your skin a little. Ready?"

"Yes Ma'am."

I swung the cane with about a quarter my regular force. A little line appeared on her bottom. "Now, Mady, when I cane you during the ceremony it will be much harder but you will have had a through spanking immediately before hand. A good spanking dulls the nerves quite a lot and I suspect my caning will not hurt much more than this next stroke does."

I increased my back swing and put a little wrist into it.

"Oh Madam." said Mady reflexively rubbing her bottom.

"We'll have none of that Mady." I said mentally making a not to have elliot hold her wrists for her real caning. "Can you cry Mady?"

"Sometimes Madam."

"No, I mean can you work yourself up so that you make yourself cry?"

"Well, yes, sort of. I am not very good at it."

"Then practice with this next stroke." I added a bit more force and was rewarded with a yelp.

"No, Mady. Take that vocalization and force it into tears. Try again."

It took too more strokes and Mady was soaking the chaise with her tears. Far more than my whipping had caused.

"Excellent Mady. Dry your eyes. That really was very good and just what I want."

"You like making me cry?" asked Mady a bit taken aback.

"Not at all Mady. But I know my darling husband and when he sees you cry as I whip you he will immediately and permanently want to protect you. Which is exactly how I want him to feel about you."

Recognition glimmered and Mady threw herself at my feet. "Thank you Madam, you really do want what's best for me."

"Very much, Mady, very much."

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