Wednesday, 20 May 2015


"Madam." said Mady dropping a neat curtsey as she came into my sitting room.

"Yes Mady." I replied, I could see she was a bit nervous.

"Madam, tomorrow evening..."

"Go on Mady."

"Well Madame I love my new formal uniform. I can't wait to wear it in your service. But there are a couple of details Madam."

"Go on Mady."

"Madam, I am not quite sure how to say this but I must try. Madam, there is so much emphasis on my submission to Sir. I am perfectly happy to submit to him. It isn't that."

"Of course it isn't Mady, and I assure you it is all pro forma. He'll take you, briefly, I would think three thrusts are sufficient. And he'll give you a nice spanking which I know you like."

"Yes Madam. And I am looking forward to both. But I just wondered, how do I submit to you?"

"What do you mean Mady? You submit to me everyday. You obey me and you indulge me."

"Yes Madam, but that is just my job which I love. I just wondered if, well, if I might submit to the real head of the household."

"Hmmm. How would you propose to do that?"

"Well, Madam, if it is not impertinent, I thought I might kiss you. Intimately. And then, perhaps, you might use your cane. I don't mean to presume."

"Not at all Mady. I must admit I hadn't really thought that through. You're quite right. Let me think about it, we have another day."

"Thank you Madam." said Mady curtsying her way out of the room.

The thing of it is that I don't have a lesbian bone in my body. I love the look of women, their curves, their femininity; but if I am honest about it I much prefer elliot when I am in the mood. Mady makes a point of touching me intimately when she bathes me. I don't object, a girl needs her fun; but it is not as if it sends thrills down my spine. At the same time, the thought of a pretty, obedient young girl "kissing" me intimately has its appeal. Not sexually, really, rather the confirmation of power and submission. It was worth a thought. As was a strap-on. The few times a year I take elliot I enjoy myself. Would taking Mady be any less enjoyable?

Much to think about.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Panty Sale

If you are a wife who would like to try panty discipline for your husband or a husband who knows he should be in panties you may have blinked at the cost. Would you like him to sleep in a chemise? Or perhaps you would like to remind him of his position with a pretty, feminine, bra? Again, sweet lingerie is expensive which is why we wanted you to know that is having a one day sale on bras, panties and chemises.

Just the basics but a ten pack of pretty cotton panties is only $9.99. A beautifully feminine bra is only $24.00 and a chemise, perfect for bed and corner time, is just $26.00.

A panty trained husband is well on the way to being the obedient, chaste, considerate man every woman needs.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Formal Occasions

"So Mady you seem to be very comfortable working for us and we are thoroughly enjoying your service." I said as Mady was helping me into a very pretty girdle.

"Thank you Madam. It does seem to be working out well. I enjoy the work, I have lots of time for my own writing and I very much like both you and Sir." said Mady zipping me up.

"No trouble with elliot I trust." I said knowing the answer.

"None at all Madam. I think he enjoys dressing me a little more than he should and I have been allowing him a few little liberties. But as he is always in his little cage I am not at all worried. Plus you are absolutely right: he prefers to be told what to do rather than making many decisions for himself."

"Over the years, Mady, I have found a lot of men prefer to leave decisions to their wives. It certainly suits me. I like elliot to focus has energy and his very good brain on business. But when he leaves his study I want him to understand he simply needs to do what he is told." I said stepping into a stocking Mady held open for me. There was a slight snag/ "We're going to have to pay some attention to those nails."

"Yes Madam."

"Speaking of which, you should know that elliot does a very competent pedicure. Entirely up to you of course; but I think you'll find I have trained him very well."

"Thank you Madam. I had actually been wondering about how my own grooming could be done. We are a long way out of town."

"We are Mady and I assure you that elliot is pretty skillful. Not a woman's touch of course; but he is very gentle. You might want him to attend to you before this weekend."

"Yes Ma'am. Any particular reason?" asked Mady fastening my garter tab.

"There is Mady. This long weekend we are going to formally accept your service. I had thought of a year's bond but, realistically, if you are willing, I would prefer two. That will give you plenty of time to complete your thesis."

"Excellent Madam. We'd talked about a year but I think you are right, two makes more sense. I have had a chance to read the bond."

"Pretty feudal isn't it?"

"Very much so Madam. But I have to say that it seems to bind you and elliot as much as it does me." Mady clipped my other stocking.

"It does. There is, of course, a regular contract for employment which we'll sign on Friday; but the indenture will be the promise we each make to each other. So, of course, it covers more than the normal employer/employee matters. The old law of master and servant is part of it. Plus, on Sunday, we'll take a short trip to Church to have it blessed and sworn in the eyes of God. It is more than a little old fashioned but I think the formality is important. We live in a very casual world but the bond between Mistress and Maid is as old as time."

"Very good Madam. If you would just step into your dress." Mady said as she held my cocktail dress, unzipped, for me to wear. "I have to say I was impressed with the balance. These days if you work for someone they get your labour but they only have the obligation to pay for it. Your bond pays attention to a lot of other things."

"It has to Mady. You will live under our roof, obey our rules; it is only fair that we take care of all your needs. We certainly want your labour but we also want your loyalty. There are old customs which, while rather quaint, are based on how people actually live. Our indenture is about those customs and, on Saturday night, we will accept your promises of obedience, service and respect. And we will give ours of care, guidance and discipline. And now for cocktails."

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Such a Lot To Do

Mady, our lovely maid, has settled in. I have to say her work is nearly perfect and she is a very fast and enthusiastic study. Her first significant bit of naughty work, milking elliot, went very well indeed. They seem to be getting on very well and Mady has put him very much in his place when she is not "on duty".

I, meanwhile, have been a blur of activity. This is the point in the year where I rotate my winter clothes to storage and bring up Spring. This year Mady had been a huge help. elliot tries but he does not really understand how a woman prefers to have her clothes stored. Just simple things like good hangers. Skirts go on skirt hangers, or, if they have hanging tabs, in the little notches good wooden hangers have. I like to be able to see my shoes so have clear shoe boxes for storage. Boots need to be polished, elliots job, and then properly stuffed and jacked. Wear and damage need to be noted and then sent for repair.

Vintage lingerie presents its own challenges. And here Mady has been especially helpful. It turns out she is very good with a needle and a few of my panties and two of my bras have enjoyed her attentions. As have two lovely but fragile garterbelts I had all but given up on.

As we worked we talked. I encourage Mady to ask whatever she wants. elliot is usually working when we are sorting and storing. It is, I must admit, very sweet to have an intelligent young woman about the house. At the same time, our positions are preserved by the formality of the curtsey and, of course, the skirt and blouse she wears as her day uniform. We work in the mornings leaving my afternoons free and hers as well.

"Ma'am, I have to admit I was curious about how reconciled Sir seems to be to being submissive first to you and now, at least sometimes, to me. Was he always like that?" she asked hanging corsets in their winter storage.

"I don't think so Mady. He was quite the ladies man when he met me and was more than delighted to "take charge" as the expression goes. I fell hard I have to say and I was intrigued with his apparent mastery. He liked to play with his girls and he thought I was no exception."

"So he did spank you."

"Often and for a couple of years when we were first together. Not my cup of tea frankly. You may enjoy that sort of thing, I put up with it."

"But you didn't like it?"

"Not particularly. I liked the sweetness which followed. But the actual spankings hurt more than was fun. But they were excellent experience for how we live now." I said remembering how hesitant I had been when we changed over towards our present arrangement. How much I worried that I had hurt elliot with the bathbrush or the cane.

"How did that change?"

"Well, I actually started reading around the internet. The thing which was so striking was how many wives there were in my position. Finding themselves head of household, leading their marriages. And, of course, many of these wives wrote about how they disciplined their husbands." I said folding some pretty silk slips. "The interesting thing about physical discipline is that while there are some men who need a good deal of pain, most get the message without their wives having to raise welts too often."

"But you welt Sir." said Mady.

"Sometimes. But not as much as I suspect he would like me to. And, if truth be told, when I want to seriously punish him I use the bath brush rather than the cane."

"You have other instruments. I saw your riding crop when I was hanging up your dress the other day."

"Oh I have lots of toys...a couple of crops and a lovely heel stick which I use when I want a bit more intensity. But disciplining a husband is really more about training him than actually correcting him. You'll see. I am planning a bit of fun on the Long weekend when your probation is over."

"Does that mean?" asked Mady a bit breathlessly.

"Yes Mady, I have decided that you are very suitable for our maid's position. We'll make it formal over the weekend. Along with your duties you will, of course, have priviledges. You have been wonderful as my maid and you have certainly done very well with elliot."

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cock Cage??

Over at my darling's blog he's been getting a lot of searchs for "does a sub hubby need a cock cage?"

Before I locked elliot up I would have said "no". After all, a good husband accepts his position and understands that he is not allowed to touch his cock or initiate sex at any time. It is a matter of honour and a good husband is nothing if not honourable.

However, having locked elliot up and now having had him in his cock cage for well over a month without letting him out for more than a few minutes, I can safely say that submissive husbands, at a certain point, are better locked up. (Especially if you have a cute and rather naughty maid about the house but that is another post.)

The reason is pretty simple: elliot does not "need" to be locked up to be submissive; but locking away his little cockette reminds him constantly of his position. It is too easy for a couple to slip into a routine. Which is fine as far as it goes; but keeping your husband under lock and key means that he is always aware that you are in charge at the most intimate possible level.

Combined with a daily micro dose of Viagra and, in our case a pretty maid, elliot is usually a little erect in his cage. It is not uncomfortable, but it is a constant. As well, knowing he is locked up means I don't worry a bit when elliot laces Mady in or spends time in her space or in her corner. I am not sure I would be quite so confident if I didn't keep the key to his chastity in my own private place.