Monday, 18 May 2015

Formal Occasions

"So Mady you seem to be very comfortable working for us and we are thoroughly enjoying your service." I said as Mady was helping me into a very pretty girdle.

"Thank you Madam. It does seem to be working out well. I enjoy the work, I have lots of time for my own writing and I very much like both you and Sir." said Mady zipping me up.

"No trouble with elliot I trust." I said knowing the answer.

"None at all Madam. I think he enjoys dressing me a little more than he should and I have been allowing him a few little liberties. But as he is always in his little cage I am not at all worried. Plus you are absolutely right: he prefers to be told what to do rather than making many decisions for himself."

"Over the years, Mady, I have found a lot of men prefer to leave decisions to their wives. It certainly suits me. I like elliot to focus has energy and his very good brain on business. But when he leaves his study I want him to understand he simply needs to do what he is told." I said stepping into a stocking Mady held open for me. There was a slight snag/ "We're going to have to pay some attention to those nails."

"Yes Madam."

"Speaking of which, you should know that elliot does a very competent pedicure. Entirely up to you of course; but I think you'll find I have trained him very well."

"Thank you Madam. I had actually been wondering about how my own grooming could be done. We are a long way out of town."

"We are Mady and I assure you that elliot is pretty skillful. Not a woman's touch of course; but he is very gentle. You might want him to attend to you before this weekend."

"Yes Ma'am. Any particular reason?" asked Mady fastening my garter tab.

"There is Mady. This long weekend we are going to formally accept your service. I had thought of a year's bond but, realistically, if you are willing, I would prefer two. That will give you plenty of time to complete your thesis."

"Excellent Madam. We'd talked about a year but I think you are right, two makes more sense. I have had a chance to read the bond."

"Pretty feudal isn't it?"

"Very much so Madam. But I have to say that it seems to bind you and elliot as much as it does me." Mady clipped my other stocking.

"It does. There is, of course, a regular contract for employment which we'll sign on Friday; but the indenture will be the promise we each make to each other. So, of course, it covers more than the normal employer/employee matters. The old law of master and servant is part of it. Plus, on Sunday, we'll take a short trip to Church to have it blessed and sworn in the eyes of God. It is more than a little old fashioned but I think the formality is important. We live in a very casual world but the bond between Mistress and Maid is as old as time."

"Very good Madam. If you would just step into your dress." Mady said as she held my cocktail dress, unzipped, for me to wear. "I have to say I was impressed with the balance. These days if you work for someone they get your labour but they only have the obligation to pay for it. Your bond pays attention to a lot of other things."

"It has to Mady. You will live under our roof, obey our rules; it is only fair that we take care of all your needs. We certainly want your labour but we also want your loyalty. There are old customs which, while rather quaint, are based on how people actually live. Our indenture is about those customs and, on Saturday night, we will accept your promises of obedience, service and respect. And we will give ours of care, guidance and discipline. And now for cocktails."

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