Wednesday, 20 May 2015


"Madam." said Mady dropping a neat curtsey as she came into my sitting room.

"Yes Mady." I replied, I could see she was a bit nervous.

"Madam, tomorrow evening..."

"Go on Mady."

"Well Madame I love my new formal uniform. I can't wait to wear it in your service. But there are a couple of details Madam."

"Go on Mady."

"Madam, I am not quite sure how to say this but I must try. Madam, there is so much emphasis on my submission to Sir. I am perfectly happy to submit to him. It isn't that."

"Of course it isn't Mady, and I assure you it is all pro forma. He'll take you, briefly, I would think three thrusts are sufficient. And he'll give you a nice spanking which I know you like."

"Yes Madam. And I am looking forward to both. But I just wondered, how do I submit to you?"

"What do you mean Mady? You submit to me everyday. You obey me and you indulge me."

"Yes Madam, but that is just my job which I love. I just wondered if, well, if I might submit to the real head of the household."

"Hmmm. How would you propose to do that?"

"Well, Madam, if it is not impertinent, I thought I might kiss you. Intimately. And then, perhaps, you might use your cane. I don't mean to presume."

"Not at all Mady. I must admit I hadn't really thought that through. You're quite right. Let me think about it, we have another day."

"Thank you Madam." said Mady curtsying her way out of the room.

The thing of it is that I don't have a lesbian bone in my body. I love the look of women, their curves, their femininity; but if I am honest about it I much prefer elliot when I am in the mood. Mady makes a point of touching me intimately when she bathes me. I don't object, a girl needs her fun; but it is not as if it sends thrills down my spine. At the same time, the thought of a pretty, obedient young girl "kissing" me intimately has its appeal. Not sexually, really, rather the confirmation of power and submission. It was worth a thought. As was a strap-on. The few times a year I take elliot I enjoy myself. Would taking Mady be any less enjoyable?

Much to think about.

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  1. I know I would enjoy reading about this intimate kissing,even more so the use of the cane on Miss Maday.I so love reading your posts,every day I check for new updates.Also enjoy your Twitter feed,you find the most erotic photos.Thanks for sharing life here in print.