Thursday, 26 June 2014

Is Masturbation Cheating

Over at the always amusing Denying Thumper blog there is a lively discussion of whether or not masturbation, in the context of a female led relationship, is "cheating". Thumper himself has his cock caged by his wife, an expedient I have considered but decided against with Elliot. It is an interesting discussion. Here's my contribution.

While I don’t keep Elliot locked up he is certainly not allowed to touch himself without my express permission. As for his bottom, I save that for special occasions and milking. Pegging him is not something which I particularly enjoy though he seems to.

If we ever get another maid I suspect I will pass the pegging off to her.

The question of whether masturbation is cheating does not arise in our house. Elliot is supposed to do what he is told. If I have not told him to pull his little cockette into his cup and he does he is being disobedient and will be whipped. I have expressly forbidden him to act on any of his sexual desires. At my house there is only one sexually active partner, me. He has no sex and never will again. He has embraced this as part of his submission. Elliot knows that even asking violates his sexual submission and will earn him a quick and serious correction.

His natural erections are controlled most of the month by a good, stiff, panti-girdle. He may get them but I never have to see them. On the rare occasions I want penetrative sex I will give him a little tablet to ensure he can perform as I require.

I have to say it is wonderful fun to see his eyes light up when I leave his tablet beside his wine at dinner. But even that is no guarantee. Sometimes I will simply have him lick me to orgasm and have him put his girdle right back on over his pretty, hard, little cock. He never knows. He just does what he is told.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


A really well trained husband will discipline himself.

A few days ago I explained to Elliot that from then on, when he got up in the morning to put on my kettle for tea, he was to look and see if I had left my panties out. If I had he was to strip, take the panties and press them into his corner in our room with his nose. I told him he was to remain in that position until the kettle had boiled. Then he was to take the kettle off, make my tea and, as it was steeping, quickly rinse out my panties and bra, hang them to dry and serve me tea in bed.

When I woke up this morning there he was, naked, in his corner.

Perfect. Even better, he was delightfully hard. Precisely how I like him first thing in the morning.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Book Nook

It is fun seeing what our readers buy at Amazon. Here's a booklist from this month so far:

A Man In My Position (The
Well Tempered Husband)

Women And Their Submissives Got Into The BDSM
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FemDom Training of Submissive Males

Submitting to Her (a
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The Dominant Wife

The Dominant Wife Rulebook

The Femdom
Conquest of Larry into Slavery: Male Erotic Training

The Hesitant Mistress

Under Her Thumb: Erotic
Stories of Female Domination

Wives Who Spank (Spanked
Husband Stories)

Worshipping Your Wife 2: Best
of the Blog


One huge difference between a female led marriage and a regular marriage is that a dominant wife can and should tease her sweet husband knowing that she controls any sexual release on his part.

I love spending a few minutes at the beginning of the day dressing where Elliot can see me. He knows he is not allowed to touch but he is required to look. Some mornings, when I am feeling a bit frisky, I'll make him lift up his nightie (and I recommend simple cotton nighties for all submissive husbands as it is a constant, easy, nightly humiliation to have to put on a night dress) and stroke his little cockette before slipping on my panties and bra. He gets deliciously hard and has no where to go.

Then I send him for a nice cold shower while I finish dressing. He has to stay under until I tell him to get out. He hates a cold shower so I usually call him after a minute or two. Which means he can, naked, fasten my stockings and zip my dress. If I want him en femme to a degree I can put out a pair of his panties or a nice firm girdle. He never knows what will be waiting for him.

He loves being a man in his position and I must say I will never be anything but the Lady of the House.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lady's Choice

Elliot is due for a whipping. I find he is greatly more attentive, in much better spirits and delightfully deferential with a well striped bottom. Yes, corner time is useful; but there is nothing to compare to a man with fresh welts.

So I sent him to his shower this morning telling him he'd be whipped when he emerged. A slightly damp target increases the sting quite significantly. And I really did intend to give him his needed dozen and I was thinking of having him humble himself into his cup afterwards...or maybe even before.

But then, I'm afraid, I got busy. One of my writing projects needed attention and, by the time I looked up my darling was showered, dressed and hard at work.

One of the pleasures of a wife led marriage is that I really am in charge. I sat down on the bed and told Elliot, "You do need a whipping but I am busy. So I'm going to whip you later or, perhaps, tomorrow."

"Yes Darling" he said looking relieved. He really hates being whipped on his freshly showered bottom. But he can shower tomorrow as well.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

You Go Tiger!

Men are wonderfully funny. For all his training, obedience, mindfullness Elliot usually wakes up hard. Which is a great thing because it also means he wakes up motivated to do what I tell him. But he also would dearly love to throw his submission to the wind and do the quick and nasty twenty thrusts and done.

Here's the funny thing, a little bit of me is absolutely delighted he wants sex, with me, that much every day.

And, some days, like today, just for fun. I let him.

Which is no trouble for me and such a surprise for him.

Always my choice, sometimes his pleasure.

Friday, 6 June 2014


I put Elliot in his corner for twenty minutes yesterday morning. While I know that I am, to a degree, playing into his attention seeking side, simply handing him yesterday's panties or having him fish them out of the laundry and sticking him in his corner is no trouble for me and, I think, useful for him. I do give him something to think about though. Yesterday it was his slightly short temper.

He never knows how long he will be left and, unless I actually set a kitchen timer I can easily forget all about him naked and cold with my scent growing stronger as the panties moisten. Which is also good for him as it reminds him of his position.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pretty Me in Lingerie

Today and tomorrow you can download "Stockings Tops" a Kindle picture book of me in a bit of naughty lingerie free at Amazon. Click here. And if you go to Amazon, don't be shy about doing your other shopping through our link.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Just a Taste

I love how clean I feel after a shower. And why shouldn't my dear husband enjoy a little taste of my fresh pussy?

The wonderful thing about being entirely in charge is that I can call him, tell him to lick me - which he does eagerly - and, when I have had my little pleasure and am lovely and moist, tell him to get back to work. Of course he's hard. Of course he wants me. He hasn't been allowed to slip into me in weeks. But horney as he is he is even more obedient.

A quick taste was all I wanted him to have....Keeps him on edge and I love the feel of his tongue on my silky folds.