Thursday, 26 June 2014

Is Masturbation Cheating

Over at the always amusing Denying Thumper blog there is a lively discussion of whether or not masturbation, in the context of a female led relationship, is "cheating". Thumper himself has his cock caged by his wife, an expedient I have considered but decided against with Elliot. It is an interesting discussion. Here's my contribution.

While I don’t keep Elliot locked up he is certainly not allowed to touch himself without my express permission. As for his bottom, I save that for special occasions and milking. Pegging him is not something which I particularly enjoy though he seems to.

If we ever get another maid I suspect I will pass the pegging off to her.

The question of whether masturbation is cheating does not arise in our house. Elliot is supposed to do what he is told. If I have not told him to pull his little cockette into his cup and he does he is being disobedient and will be whipped. I have expressly forbidden him to act on any of his sexual desires. At my house there is only one sexually active partner, me. He has no sex and never will again. He has embraced this as part of his submission. Elliot knows that even asking violates his sexual submission and will earn him a quick and serious correction.

His natural erections are controlled most of the month by a good, stiff, panti-girdle. He may get them but I never have to see them. On the rare occasions I want penetrative sex I will give him a little tablet to ensure he can perform as I require.

I have to say it is wonderful fun to see his eyes light up when I leave his tablet beside his wine at dinner. But even that is no guarantee. Sometimes I will simply have him lick me to orgasm and have him put his girdle right back on over his pretty, hard, little cock. He never knows. He just does what he is told.


  1. Hi Ms. Hannah Jay,

    I have a question, if I may ask:

    You said:

    He has no sex and never will again.

    And then later said:

    On the rare occasions I want penetrative sex I will give him a little tablet to ensure he can perform as I require.

    I'm unclear on this point: You say Jay will never have sex again, but you give him a pill for penetrative sex at times? How is that happening?



  2. Dear David,

    Not as clear as I like to be.

    Elliot has given up any right he has to a sexual life apart from what I desire. He is a sexual nullity in our marriage in the sense that he is only there for my pleasure. You can get the idea on his blog or And I have always liked this post

    1. I wholeheartedly agree Hannah Jay. Like Elliot, any sexual life that I may enjoy or be lucky enough to have stems solely from Mistress K's desire. As such, of course it would be cheating if I were to even touch myself, let alone masturbate, without having been authorized by or instructed by Mistress.

  3. Elliot is soooo lucky to have you!!!! I so wish for this life!!!! Although I do enjoy being pegged!!!!