Sunday, 22 June 2014


One huge difference between a female led marriage and a regular marriage is that a dominant wife can and should tease her sweet husband knowing that she controls any sexual release on his part.

I love spending a few minutes at the beginning of the day dressing where Elliot can see me. He knows he is not allowed to touch but he is required to look. Some mornings, when I am feeling a bit frisky, I'll make him lift up his nightie (and I recommend simple cotton nighties for all submissive husbands as it is a constant, easy, nightly humiliation to have to put on a night dress) and stroke his little cockette before slipping on my panties and bra. He gets deliciously hard and has no where to go.

Then I send him for a nice cold shower while I finish dressing. He has to stay under until I tell him to get out. He hates a cold shower so I usually call him after a minute or two. Which means he can, naked, fasten my stockings and zip my dress. If I want him en femme to a degree I can put out a pair of his panties or a nice firm girdle. He never knows what will be waiting for him.

He loves being a man in his position and I must say I will never be anything but the Lady of the House.

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