Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lady's Choice

Elliot is due for a whipping. I find he is greatly more attentive, in much better spirits and delightfully deferential with a well striped bottom. Yes, corner time is useful; but there is nothing to compare to a man with fresh welts.

So I sent him to his shower this morning telling him he'd be whipped when he emerged. A slightly damp target increases the sting quite significantly. And I really did intend to give him his needed dozen and I was thinking of having him humble himself into his cup afterwards...or maybe even before.

But then, I'm afraid, I got busy. One of my writing projects needed attention and, by the time I looked up my darling was showered, dressed and hard at work.

One of the pleasures of a wife led marriage is that I really am in charge. I sat down on the bed and told Elliot, "You do need a whipping but I am busy. So I'm going to whip you later or, perhaps, tomorrow."

"Yes Darling" he said looking relieved. He really hates being whipped on his freshly showered bottom. But he can shower tomorrow as well.


  1. I agree ... a wet bottom stings quite a bit more than a dry one. Yes, he can shower tomorrow too. I know when my punishments get delayed, I don't feel relieved. There is just more time to think about what is going to happen.

  2. Btw Miss Hannah, my Mistress did indeed follow your suggestion and have poor me submerge my balls in ice. Thank you (I think) forgiving Mistress the idea. She seems to have really enjoyed giving that instruction, even though she was 700 miles way. You can see all about it on my blog.