Tuesday, 31 December 2013

You can Wait

I promised my sweet man that I would give him a blow job. Now, truth to tell, I actually enjoy sucking his cock. It is not terribly big which makes it easy to take all the way in my mouth. Nor is it all that thick which also means it is quite comfortable to blow him.

But, and it is an important but, our rules are that he pleasures me. I only let him come very occasionally and then, mainly, into his little iron sake cup. Very occasionally I let him come in me but usually he must content himself with a few thrusts immediately after I have come, which I desperately desire and insist on.

I don't think I have given him a blow job to completion for a couple of years and I am not sure I will now. I don't mind the taste of his sperm but I don't like the fact I am not in full control.

So I suspect I will lick and suck him for a little while until he is close and then have him come, by his own hand, into his cup while I pinch his nipples. He has been very attentive and I want to reward him but keep him wanting to please me.

And, for Heaven's sake, it is New Year's Eve and I'll tease him a little by flirting with my old sweetie of a landlord. Perfect.

A New Year's Treat Starting tomorrow for a couple of days a number of my sweetie's books are free on Amazon Click here Free Kindle Erotica and to get the books we've published you can look under his author name "elliot jay"

All the Best for 2014!

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