Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Well, Get Down There

I have been feeling wonderfully, sexually, alive these past couple of days. One of the perfect things about a female led marriage is that we only have sex when I want sex. And we only have sex the way I want to have sex.

These past few days I have wanted to be licked. I have trained my sweet, submissive, husband to lick my pussy just the way I like it. I rarely let him finish of course. When I come I prefer to use my own hand after he has kissed and moistened me. He loves to watch. And then, if he is lucky, I allow him to slip into my wet, throbbing, pussy. Maybe to come, usually not.

But yesterday morning, after he had pleasured me for a while with his obedient and skillful tongue I decided I wanted my privacy.

"Take these panties and go to your corner...make sure you are hard when I am finished."

I have to admit that the sheer power of sending my husband to his corner to press my wet panties with his nose pushed me over the edge. I left him in his corner, hard, longing for me. I had to get on with my day.

"You can let your little cock go soft now, Dear. I won't be needing it. But stay in your corner until I am done in the bathroom."

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  1. i have always maitained that what viriginia johnson said was true -that women are sexually superior.i already knew god designed women to be superior and multi-orgasmic.My first relationship that was female led was wonderful,suitable, and made us pleased but she alwaystook it when she needed it and became a model i never forgot.