Saturday, 11 April 2015

Maid's Training

Like every new employee, our new maid Mady, will have to be trained. Nothing I require is especially difficult but I am quite demanding in the sense that I like things done right. This is a fairly large house, though very simple in design. At one end there is what amounts to the guest house which was the original house when we bought the property. Then there is the pavilion which contains my wonderful kitchen, what I call the bar and our formal dining room. Then there is another two story structure which contains eliot's study and office on the north side and my sitting room overlooking a creek to the East and the lake to the South and West. I abhor clutter and poor elliot, who is, I fear congenitally untidy, is allowed one desk which is disordered. The rest of the house is minimal, with clean lines and clear surfaces.

Upstairs is my dressing room, a large bathroom, a little dressing room with a tiny single bed for elliot when I don't want him in my bed and a lovely bedroom with a wrap around balcony overlooking the creek and lake.

The house is deliberately designed to require minimal maintenance. polished concrete floors, flat faced cabinetry, glass fronted modern book cases. I know from experience that twenty minute a day with a damp cloth is all it really needs. Once a week you - well elliot - runs a damp mop over the floors and the area rugs are vacuumed. So, realistically, Mady will have minimal house cleaning to do.

I love to cook but I am not so keen on cleaning up. Here is where Mady will be a great help. Then there is service at cocktail hour and the few nights a week we dine formally. We'll not have company until after Mady has been trained.

My clothing and linens need some care. Mainly delicate washing and ironing. Elliot has been doing some of that, mainly my hand washing, but there is more which should be done.

My personal care will evolve. Right now I have Mady running my pre-cocktail bath. In time I'll teach her how to wash my hair and do my nails. Again, elliot has been doing my nails but, happily, he is a busy man and while it is lovely to have him on his knees cutting, filing and painting my toenails, it is a treat which should be reserved for special occasions. Day to day Mady can certainly take care of that sort of thing. Down the road I may have her do more intimate grooming. My earlier maids have not but that was before we moved to the country, a hundred miles from my waxer.

Everyone of these functions requires training.

As I was thinking this Mady came into my bedroom and bobbed a very pretty curtsey. Elliot had managed to outfit her quite nicely in a below the knee black cotton dress and a lovely apron. No cap...I think they look silly. Looking at Mady's waist I suspect elliot was able to find a suitable corset.

"Your bath is ready Madam."

"Thank you Mady." I was wearing a wonderful, slightly sheer bath wrap. I walked into my bathroom and, interestingly, so did Mady. I was interested what she would do and I undid my wrap. She didn't blink and took my wrap and offered me her arm as I climbed into the egg tub.

"Will Madam require her back soaped?"

I hadn't really thought of that but, why not?

"Yes Mady. Then you can go and see to my cocktail outfit and lingerie. I'll ring when I need you to dry me."

"Very good Madam."

I leaned forward in my bath and enjoyed the sensation of Mady soaping and washing my back. Pure luxury. More than a little decadent but that was, to be honest, one of the attractions of having a personal maid.

UPDATE: It appears elliot is having fun with my maid...perhaps a little more fun than is entirely appropriate (horrible word).

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