Monday, 30 March 2015

Complete Obedience

I was delighted to see elliot posting today.
Now Hannah had obviously decided that my girdle discipline, like my cock cage and morning corner time was to be a permanent part of our marriage. She would certainly listen to any real objections I might have at cocktails;but mild discomfort wouldn’t count and my humiliation would be a positive bonus.

And, in fact, my opinion didn’t matter a bit. My role is to be a submissive, obedient, husband. Hannah makes the decisions in our marriage and if she thinks I should wear a girdle the I should and do the best I can to make that discipline pleasing to her. It is just that simple. a man in my position

In fact I have not made up my mind as to whether I want to keep elliot in girdles. I think I do because I like his shape in a girdle. No residual belly which is so unattractive in a man.

But he understands his position perfectly. I like to ask him for his views on all sorts of things; but as my husband his opinion will certainly not change my mind. And, whatever my decision, he is expected to obey or face the consequences until he does.

It is a very simple and satisfactory way to organize a marriage.

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