Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Caging the Male

I was amused to read elliot's reflections on his new chaste reality - basically he is in his cock cage full time, 24/7. It does not seem to cause him any serious discomfort and, rather obviously, it takes no effort on my end other than that satisfying "click" as the padlock snaps shut. I like to do that myself.

Now that I know it causes him virtually no discomfort, except, usefully in the morning when his little erection wakes him up in time to make my tea, empty the dishwasher and stand in his corner, I don't see any reason to take him out. Well, occasionally for my greater pleasure but his little cock really does not do much on that front. Much better for him to keep improving his pussy licking technique and retreat to his corner so I can have privacy for my climax.

Frankly, he is much more attentive and much harder working when he is on sexual edge. While there are those who argue that unless a man ejaculates regularly there may be health consequence, there are also those who argue that the surplus ejaculate is either emitted in a wet dream - which elliot has never had - or is simply absorbed. (Though his testicles are happy, sensitive, full and round after his 17 days in chastity.) And there is always prostate milking to ease the pressure if not the tension. Push the vibrator up his bottom and wait until he dribbles for ten minutes.

However, later in the week I may want my greater pleasure or I might just let him out of his cock cage to fill his little sake cup, lap up his mess and go to be humiliated. I haven't made up my mind.

[I am delighted to see that more wives are using out links to purchase these clever silicone cock cages for their husbands. So far this month we've been selling one a day. For unmarried men who believe that they could benefit from serious chastity discipline - and I am pretty sure most men would be much better off without the option to masturbate - if there is enough interest I might set up a remote keyholder service. Comment below if that would suit your needs.)

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  1. As a male Dom, I am impressed with the way you are controlling him with the cock cage. Good training for him. Will be curious if you unlock him soon either for your greater pleasure or to fill the sake cup or if you decide to keep him locked long term.