Monday, 16 May 2016

A Conversation with my Maid

dominant wife, maid, submissive husband
Well, I must say that it was delightful to have elliot a few days ago. I tease him about his little cock but, honestly, once in a while it is just the right size for my pleasure. And he was such a good boy with his nightie up over his hips and his ball stretcher gleaming as I took him.

When Mady was bathing me afterwards I could tell she was very, very excited.

"So he really cannot ejaculate unless his nipples are pinched?" Mady asked as she soaped my back.

"Oh, I am sure he could if he really tried. But he knows he would be severely punished if he did. You've been in our little punishment cupboard. Would you do something which had you in there for, say, a few hours?"

"No ma'am. I would rather be caned." said Mady quite sincerely.

"Well, elliot knows that if he ejaculates without the permission his nipples being pinched gives him he'll be caned hard and put in the closet for at least twelve hours. So he doesn't. Ever." I stood up and Mady began to dry me with a wonderfully fluffy towel.

"Do you think you will ever let him ejaculate in you?"

"Probably not Mady. But I have changed my mind before. The point about being in charge of your marriage is it is entirely your decision. As I have told you, there is only one sexuality in our marriage: mine. I do what I want, elliot does what he is told."

"Yes ma'am." said Mady holding my night dress for me to slip into.

"Most men, even alphas like elliot, need a very firm hand if they are going to be productive and happy. They need to focus on their work. Unfortunately, most wives entirely fail to train and temper their husbands. They don't now how or they are worried that their husband will not accept his place. But, as you have seen, it is not terrifically difficult to train a man if you are willing to be firm from the outset. Honestly, I started late."

"Yes ma'am. I know that if I get married I will start well before the wedding day. Will you let me get married?"

"I hadn't thought of that Mady. You are pledged to us for one more year and then you are entirely released from your oaths. So, marriage? That will be up to you." I said pulling on my wrap.

"Yes ma'am. I know that. But I wondered if you might consider a more permanent oath. I have so enjoyed this past year. All of it. And I think you are probably right about how the world has gone wrong in so many ways. I was just hoping that you might consider a different, more permanent promise. Then you could pick my husband and have me bred. Or you could have elliot breed me if you would prefer." said Mady blushing.

"Really Mady? You would like me to pick your husband for you?"

"Yes ma'am. When you are ready to have me bred." said Mady.

"And when would you think that should be?" I asked, curious at this lovely girl's complete submission.  

"Well, whenever you decided of course ma'am. But if you asked me I would say in a couple of years. Right now I am still learning and I am very much enjoying being your maid and working on my writing. I have one more thing I want to write and that will, I expect, take about three years. Then I'll be ready."

"Let me think about all this Mady." I said. "I will give you your answer when you renew your vows which will be very soon."

"Thank you ma'am." said Mady dropping a deep curtsy. "I am sure you will make the right decision for me."

It is, frankly, an interesting dilemma. I have no doubt that Mady is completely sincere and would be delighted to become my...what? Slave? No. I don't want slaves. Other women might but it is not something I am interested in. But if not that then what? I walked back to the bedroom where elliot still stood, erect, in his corner. I had Mady lock him in a nice longline girdle. Wouldn't want him to think he was going to come.

And so to bed. Mady had given me a lot to think about.


  1. Have you decided how to deal with Mady's request that you pick a husband to breed her or have Elliott do the task?


  2. I have to admit I am a bit stumped. But I will be posting about it soon.

  3. I'm just thinking of what it must be like to refrain from cumming in a woman out of fear for what she might do...Very arousing thought...hahaha it can't be easy...Jeez I can't get that thought out of my mind

    1. It takes practice but I do it, so I can give my owner 8 hrs of oral.

    2. Contact me I can help u. My wife has full control of me always.