Friday, 27 May 2016

On Responsibility

dominant wife, maid, submissive husband
A few days ago my maid Mady and I discussed her vows and she said something rather interesting but also disturbing,

"Yes ma'am. I know that. But I wondered if you might consider a more permanent oath. I have so enjoyed this past year. All of it. And I think you are probably right about how the world has gone wrong in so many ways. I was just hoping that you might consider a different, more permanent promise. Then you could pick my husband and have me bred. Or you could have elliot breed me if you would prefer." said Mady blushing.

"Really Mady? You would like me to pick your husband for you?"

"Yes ma'am. When you are ready to have me bred." said Mady. (a conversation with my maid)
I was struck with her language "When you are ready to have me bred."

I looked around on the internet and discovered, frankly to my dismay, that there is a whole genre of "breeding" porn. Who knew? I flipped through a bit of it and, while it is not at all my thing, I could see how it might appeal to a young woman not entirely sure of what she wanted for herself. However, to turn the decision over to me and, what's more, to suggest that I might want elliot to "bred" her was more than a little worrying. Before making any decisions I thought I would have a chat with Mady who I rang for.

"Yes ma'am," she said with her now entirely natural curtsy as she entered the room.

"I have been thinking about your request the other day. Quite seriously I might add. As you know, elliot and I are very fond of you and I want to make the best decision I can for all of us." I said.

"Yes ma'am, that was what I was hoping for." said Mady looking rather demure in her sheer top with her nipples hardening in her quarter cup bra. It was not the chill, it was, I think, the excitement of her own complete submission.

"We quite understand your desire to obey and be directed. And you are certainly a wonderful maid and a dear companion. Plus you keep elliot wonderfully interested which is a huge bonus for us all. But what is all this about "being bred". You are not a horse or a dog, girl, You are an intelligent, pretty young woman who, if I have anything to do with it, will marry from this house and be in charge of her own."

"Thank you ma'am. that's what I wanted to. But I also thought that you would understand if I gave you my complete submission which meant allowing you to bred me if that is what you think is best." Mady said obviously having thought about it.

"Well, Mady in a few years I may introduce you to a man you are to marry. But, like most things which women do, you will have to decide if he is what you are looking for. As for breeding: you are going to have to chose whether or not you have children and with whom. But, again, not for a few years." I said this gently knowing that Mady would be disappointed.

"Yes, ma'am...But I thought." said Mady her lower lip quivering.

"That's just it Mady, you thought. You are not a horse or a dog or a slave. You are a thinking young woman who is writing a book, learning to be a wonderful and valuable servant, and, most importantly, learning to lead."

"May I speak frankly ma'am?" she asked.

"Of course Mady."

"I asked you to consider accepting a more fundamental vow from me. I am not quite sure what it would be but something which I would acknowledge without a time limit. Where I would become more than your maid and more like a possession." Mady said this as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "I feel so safe, so loved, here. I realized I need that and I need to know it will last."

"I understand Mady. But, honestly, it is a big "ask". I have never liked the idea of "slaves" whether in the context of "play" or in any sort of real life situation. But I have thought about it and I've done more than a little research. It is a difficult sort of a question because what it seems to me you are looking for at one point was very common. It was the basis of your first vows.

You are now, for a limited period of time, my bondswoman. It is an old usage and not likely to be enforced in a court of law; but you are my indentured servant."

"Yes, ma'am. I understand that." said Mady.

"To go beyond this gets us into very, if you will excuse the expression, feudal territory. I am having elliot research it now. The problem is that we do not live in a feudal world. Which is why I have postponed your renewal of vows. We'll come up with something which will let you make your submission and become a permanent...and there is the problem Mady. A permanent what? In any case, you may go. But I want no more talk of your being bred. When the time comes I am quite certain that the man you decide to marry will be absolutely delighted to cover you when you are on heat assuming you let him out of his cage."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am." said Mady as she curtsied and left the room.

Feudalism, matriarchy, mistress and servant: it all seems a rather long way from the moment I decided to take charge of my marriage. But it also seems to make a lot of sense. Mady has found a terrific peace and contentment in her service to me. She understands her duties and her position and, perhaps most importantly, for the first time in her life has a degree of steady, consistent, discipline. Plus, and it is no small thing, she also has a good deal of authority to deal with elliot in her own right.

In many ways Mady is like a stray kitten who has found a home. Wonderfully content but a bit worried she might somehow lose that home. I need to reassure her.  


  1. I thought you had a good conversation with Mady. But I still think you are in a tricky situation. She obviously has these desires to be your permanent possession or slave and that to her, complete submission includes her submitting when you pick a man to breed her. Now obviously this is not your cup of team but it appears she has these desires and they are not likely to go away. As you said you have to reassure her that even though you don't want to breed her, you want her to continue serving you. Good luck in dealing with this dynamic. What is Elliott's view on all this?


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