Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Locked Man is a Happy Man

The weather has cooled down again and I have changed my mind about letting elliot out of his chastity cage. Much as I enjoyed my "ride" the other day, the fact of the matter is that elliot's little cock out of its cage is far too distracting for elliot.

As I have remarked to Mady my maid, men are very simple creatures. Creatures of impulse. While I am quite certain that elliot would never ejaculate without my permission, I noticed him touching himself several times when he was out of his cage and thought I was not looking. Plus, because it has been several weeks since he was last allowed to come, he kept having unwanted erections. Even when Mady was exercising him, his little cock would be hard as a rock.

The best thing about his chasitity cage is it desensitizes his cock. Not only does it physically prevent his unwanted (at least by me) erections, it also also isolates his little penis from the stimulations men find so distracting. That, in turn, means that elliot is more productive at work and far more attentive to my needs.

Being in his cage also makes him a much more obedient and considerate lover. Yesterday afternoon, after he had been locked up, I took him upstairs for a few minutes of oral pleasure after lunch. He knows I never want his cock in the afternoon but, that message is made all the more clear when he is in his cage. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy being able to lie back on my bed, slip off my panties and have a lovely man expertly lick and suck my pussy until I send him to his corner while I finish. Over the years I have become quite private about my own orgasms. I don't mind if he hears my sighs give way to moans; but I don't want him watching. And, of course, unless I unlock him before he starts, he knows his only focus is to be my pleasure. Which he is very, very good at. All the more so because he knows that my pleasure is his most basic duty as my submissive husband.

Philosophically, I am inclined to think the world would be a much better place if men had their desires completely curbed and controlled by the women they love. There is no reason a man needs to come more than a few times a year. In fact, honestly, really well-controlled male sexuality is a hugely creative force. Since elliot has been caged he has been much more productive and has managed to keep me more than sexually satisfied. Plus, of course, he has been required to service Mady. Of course he is a bit crazed with sexual frustration; but that means he works harder and is much more obedient and docile.

I may yet let him out of his little cock cage in the heat of the summer. After all, I want him disciplined not uncomfortable; but, then again, I may not. What I may do is swap his current soft silicon cage for a metal chastity cage to match his ball stretcher. I suspect that would be cooler, if a little more obvious in swimming trunks.

So much to think about. But at least elliot's little cock is out of the way.


  1. I agree completely that I am much more obedient, docile, and productive (at home and work) the longer I go without orgasming. I've grown to dislike the post-orgasm hangover so much so that I volunteer for longer periods of chastity.

    Well written article, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. The post orgasm hangover is a genuine problem. Especially if a man is chaste for months at a time.

      My own sense is that a slightly more frequent cycle, monthly seems to work, avoids the sharp decline in performance while maintaining the obedience and docility a chaste, caged, man brings to a marriage.

  2. Miss Hannah,

    First of all, my Mistress/Wife and I absolutely love your, and Elliot's blogs. My lovely eM works very hard, as of course do I, to keep our FLM alive and interesting, and realistic. Like Elliot, I am kept locked up, caned often, and my Mistress' sexuality is the only one that get's much attention in this house.

    The good news is that Em uses your blogs as part guide to find out what is not only possible in terms of control, but also what is realistic. That bad news is that eM uses your blogs as a guide find out what is possible and realistic. LOL. But both of us believe you and Elliot and Mady all in fact do live this way.

    All that by way of introduction. But I am writing also to request that you consider having Mady contribute to your blog. She does seem like a wonderful young woman, and to date only exists in the third person. It would be lovely to hear about her life in the first person.

    Anyway,thank you so much for your lovely writings. Best of all to you both.


    1. I will ask Mady if she would like to guest post from time to time. I have thought about it and your lovely comment is tipping the balance.

      How nice for you to have a dominant wife. My mailbag suggests a lot of men would very much like to be led but not that many women are prepared to take on the responsibility.

      I am delighted your wife reads our blogs. (And I hope you have her permission to.) A lot of leading a marriage is trial and error and if our blogs help that is wonderful!

    2. You have a gift in your ability to share your delicious life with us...........

  3. You made a very true and factual statement in this great post. A man only needs a few orgasms a year. My wife only allows me 3 a year, every 4 months. But if she, during that time, has not been satisfied with my attitude and housework, I lose that chance and have to wait another 4 months. That is a very strong incentive to please her. I am kept extremely horny. She has me wear a CB 6000 most of the time, although she really does not like the artificial form of chastity. If she says I may not cum, that is all I need she says. She has an expression she says to me and her friends. "A horny husband is a good husband".

    1. There is no question that a horny husband is more attentive and much more submissive. Locked up or simply honour bound to be chaste a husband is acutely aware of his place.

      Three orgasms a year seems a bit strict to me but your wife will know best. The point is to ensure that a man knows that his only hope of sexual release is the whim of his wife. If he pleases her there is hope, if not there is always the cane.

      I rarely whip elliot now but, as is detailed in our first book, A Man in My Position, cane and bathbrush were frequently employed in the early days of our FLR. You might suggest to your wife that she relax your chastity just a little, say once every two months, but that before you make your mess you should get a very through whipping for both errors and omissions.

      Spare the rod, spoil the husband is another excellent expression. Of course her friends will think she's joking, you will know she is not.

  4. Hannah Jay: thank you for your reply. Yes, 4 months is strict, but instead of making it less, my wife has made it longer. For many years it was a 3 month wait time. But then after she allowed me to cum, she did not like the 2 week or so time period where she saw a big difference in my behavior. The down time she calls it. My wife said that amounted to 8 weeks a year of down time. With only 3 orgasms allowed each year, she now has made it 6 weeks.
    I do get teased and denied every morning. We cuddle before we get up and if I am locked she will unlock our chastity device and only remove the penis tube. My panties go back up and she will play with my cock and balls thru the silky nylon. Feels wonderful! If she is very pleased with my behavior, she will edge me, stopping just before the point of me making a mess. That rarely takes too long as I am mostly kept on the edge anyway.
    I am not allowed to enter her any more. She does not care for penetrative sex since she turned 55. When the time comes, she will tell me to take off my panties and put on my pink plastic panties. She then will tell me as she is rubbing me, "you have my permission to cum. You have 1 minute". Most of the time her telling me to cum is enough to send me over the edge, but on occasion I have not cum in the one minute. I must then wait another week before she will tell me to cum again, the same way. If I do not cum then, and it has happened, I miss my chance and must wait 4 months.
    She used to tie me to a rafter in our basement and whip me for poor attitude or housework. But one time I was wearing red panties and after she whipped me she saw a large wet spot on the front of them. She accused me of cumming during the whipping. I really did not, it was a large pre cum spot, but she would not hear it. And of course, in our WLM, my wife is always correct. The fact that she was wearing a bra, panties, garter belt, stocking and high heels, all black, almost did make me cum with no help.
    My wife enjoys teasing me and watching me trying to get hard in our CB 6000. She is very beautiful and has a great body. A Heather Locklear look a like people say. So when she walks around the house wearing only little panties, I strain against the plastic tube. I have had to re glue the seam several times due to erections. She laughs and says her usual, "a horny husband is a good husband"

    1. wow! Wifey really does wear the pants! and you in panties :))

  5. I agree completely that the post-orgasm hangover is a real problem backed up by scientific evidence. I feel so much better when I get past the hangover, fortunately mine only lasts 2-3 days. My depression is non-existent, my daily headaches are gone, I'm not a constant pessimist, I'm much more helpful around the house, and much more attentive to my wife. She is happier for all the same reasons.

    I agree completely with your statement that this world would be a better place if men had their desires curbed and controlled by women. Relationships would improve, divorce would probably go down, maybe we would even see a decrease in crime (overly optimistic?).

    My wife and I are huge fans of orgasm control, it started as an experiment but it's now part of our everyday lives and we plan to continue for the rest of our lives.

  6. I wear CB 6000s with KSD G3. Before marriage I was addicted to porn and masturbation. In FLR relationship is basic to avoid male masturbation.
    Control of the male orgasm is the next step. When husband ejaculate he loses energy and interest for his wife.

    My wife teasing me every day about half an hour. My denial period is about 2 months. During denial I have a strong tension in the balls, I'm always excited. All I want is to satisfy my wife.
    When I get an orgasm, suddenly disappears my energy and all desires for my wife. It takes days for me to recover from orgasm and to again have strong desire to satisfy my wife. Ruined orgasm is better. After such an orgasm takes me half a day to back on-line. My wife loves that after denial I get ruined orgasm.
    I like emotional stability, which provides ruined orgasm to me. I do not like large fluctuations in strong emotions.

  7. My husband is similar to Dragan, was a porn addict and he masturbated a lot. Chastity belt keeps him away from that two very bad habits.
    Long term orgasm denial allows him to be happy. Then he can concentrate on the right things.