Thursday, 5 May 2016


I suspect there is a joke which goes, "How does a dominant wife dress? Any way she wants." Which might be true in isolation but very few marriages, especially ours, exist in isolation. We have a position in our community and, in fact, my position as the head of our household, all require a certain formality. Plus, I love clothes. I've been collecting for years.

I also prefer elliot to dress nicely. Years ago, when he was building his business, he was allowed to wear the power suits and the golf casual wear his contemporaries wore and he still has a couple of rather boxy jackets and quite nice trousers for those occasions when he needs to project a more masculine image. (Of course A Man In His Position will almost certainly be locked in his cock cage and wearing a good firm girdle under his trousers - can't let things get out of hand.)

However, over the years, I have dressed elliot in an increasingly androgynous way around the house and out and about. Nothing terribly overt unless he is due for a bit of humiliation. For example, I let him wear camisoles and panties as regular day underclothing; I think a man wearing lingerie is very much reminded of his place. Especially if his lingerie is laid out for him by the maid and, because elliot is required to exercise more or less nude under Mady's supervision (or under Mady herself if truth be told) he can count on a little dose of humiliation as our serving girl sees him in his pretty underthings.

While I have no compunction about putting elliot in skirts regularly, I actually prefer him in nicely fitted, back zip ladies trousers. Especially now that Mady's exercise program has really begun to show results in his derriere. Before she started him on some dreadful number of squats a day, he had a typically male, somewhat flat, butt which required a good girdle if it was to have any shape at all. Now, oh la la, his gluteus is maximus and is really enhanced by a well fitted pair of light weight wool or, as spring comes, cotton slacks. His tummy has disappeared so, unless he is being punished, I allow him to dispense with a girdle except, of course, when we go to Church as any well trained housewife wears a girdle to Church to avoid unsightly jiggle.

Tops: well, in the winter time I like elliot in a nice cashmere or light wool sweater. If I have him in a bra, and his man boobs have needed one when he has run a bit to fat, he has lovely lady, well teen girl really, breasts. And all of his camisoles have support built in so, year round he has a few curves when most men just sort of sag. In the summer, a pretty cotton blouse, often sleeveless, and often with pretty patterns, complete his outfit.

Shoes were a problem. I don't particularily like men in heels. A bit too drag queeny. But there are so many nice casual shoes with just a little heel, no more than an inch, which keep him on his toes and remind him to walk attractively. I don't want him to mince, but I also hate the big clomping strides men like elliot take unless they are reminded not to.

I keep his hair quite long so, if I decide to have a few days en femme, Mady can style it. But most of the time I have it swept up and back off his face. He has lovely soft skin because I make him take care of it with moisturizers and a weekly facial. Unlike the boy in the picture, elliot is required to shave, closely, twice a day.Very minimal make-up most days: just a sun screen foundation with a hint of colour to keep his skin tones even and a little clear lip gloss with a hint of colour to show he is wearing it and reapplying when necessary. At home he has his own small bag with lip gloss, foundation and the mascara I like him to wear for cocktails and in the evenings. He has eyelashes to die for so why not take advantage. Mady does his nails and, again, we use a very clear nail polish with just a hint of pink. He has one silver bracelet he wears on his right wrist at all times. He has several more which I sometimes have Mady put out for him in the morning. I don't make him wear earings during the day and only sometimes will he find a set of pretty clip-ons for cocktail hour.

Dressing elliot my objective is to soften and feminize without actually having my husband in drag. I will put him in much more feminine clothing if it suits me, but day to day I want him to be able to, albeit self-consciously, answer our front door without shocking the neighbours. Yes, I know, the maid answers the door...but with Mady in a sheer top and quarter cup bras, the neighbours would really be shocked.

For Church elliot is allowed to wear flats and a pair of ladies trousers with a fly and a looser sweater. So long as he remembers to walk a half pace behind me I don't need to show off to the Church ladies and, as I say, we have a certain position in the community to maintain.


  1. Could you show an example of him with his back zip trousers and low heel shows, to see if I could do something like that

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