Saturday, 7 May 2016

A Man in Full

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As elliot relates at his blog, I decided as it was a hot weekend, to release his dear little cock from its cage for the weekend. Maybe longer. His ball stretcher remains in place, but he can now have unrestricted erections for at least the weekend. Which is not to say he will be allowed to ejaculate. He was allowed to a couple of weeks ago and that is plenty.

Men are so wonderfully obsessed about their cocks. When elliot is locked up, which is most of the time, he tells me he can feel nothing through his silicone cage. Now that he is unlocked he was telling me over cocktails that even the light stimulation of his panties is keeping him hard or semi-erect most of the time.

My theory is that little boys, from puberty until their mid-twenties, are in a state of sexual excitement pretty much full time. This abates as they get a bit older. The effect of a cock cage is to eliminate the little acts of disobedient masturbation men seem to be incapable of living without. So different from women who are wonderfully cyclical and come on heat with predictable regularity.

As it happens, this is the weekend where I like to take my pleasures. elliot is well trained and is more than capable of giving me just what I want with his tongue; but I am in the mood to have strokes as well. And, frankly, there is nothing more fun than getting elliot good and hard - which licking me does without fail - and then having him mount me knowing that he has to give me a set number of strokes and then be sent to his corner while I finish privately.

I wonder if I should have Mady watch how a well-trained husband is to be used? I'll have to think about that. Although the thought seems to be deliciously exciting.

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