Sunday, 1 May 2016

Summer Dress

Summer is around the corner and, as is my custom, I like to go top to bottom in our house. The winter weight duvets are put in the lovely, cool, basement airing cupboards. Summer weight curtains replace the insulating drapes we put up at the end of October. I even switch out the daily wear dishes for more floral, springy patterns.

Mady has been a huge help. She joined us last year and now knows where everything is. And, as elliot is prone to remark, in her shorter daytime skirts and hose, looks lovely atop a ladder putting up curtains. Her waist training is going well and in the evenings elliot laces her down to what she tells me is a comfortable 20 and a half inches. She has been laced to 18 and 1/2 but that really is just showing off. She looks lovely with her waist that tiny but it makes anything more serious than pouring wine and handing around hor d'oeuvres pretty much out of the question. I like my maid to work and work hard when she is on duty and while I insist she corsets, I don't insist on a Lady of Leisure waist. "Plenty of time for that when you are married and have a husband and maid of your own."

In the summer time I release elliot from his cock cage  for a few months. When he is allowed to have Mady in celebration of her year in service, I suspect I will leave his delightful little cock unbound. Not so his scrotum. In fact, that will be the occasion on which the second ball stretcher will be added to the first. It will double the weight pressing down on his testicles at all times. The first stretcher has certainly stretched his sack with no deleterious effects. And prolonged chastity and a daily dose of Viagra has ensured that his testicles themselves are lovely and full. Not huge but a reasonable size for a man in his position.

I turned my mind to Mady's summer uniform. She's a pretty girl with a nice body. Pleasingly rounded but not terribly large breasts and nice, light pink, nipples. She has a pert bottom and keeps her pubic hair neatly trimmed and her pussy itself well waxed.

I called her to my sitting room and suggested that she summon elliot as well. When they were both there I had her, after she had made her curtsy, stand in front of me.

"Strip to you corsets Mady." I said expecting and receiving instant compliance. Mady has turned out to have a strong and very willing submissive side. She has told me that, if she has one complaint about her service it is that I am not strict enough.

She quickly took off her black skirt and sheer blouse. Then her lacy quarter cup bra and her smoky grey hose.

"Panties too, ma'am."

"Of course Mady. elliot won't be seeing anything he does not regularly taste will he?"

"No ma'am." she replied and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her cotton panties and pulled them off. I could tell she was nicely aroused by her obedience which is just how I like it. I had my lovely dog heeling stick to hand and I touched the tip to her nipples which erected them quicker than a cool breeze. She stood, one hand covering her sex and the other behind her back. Still wonderfully modest which I appreciated. I touch the hand covering her sex.

"Proper presentation Mady."

Over the year she had been with us I had trained Mady to be, if the occasion warranted, a properly submissive girl. While I think Mady is, in fact, a natural dominant, every girl should know the basics of submission. Proper presentation while standing means hands behind your back and legs slightly apart. Mady adjusted her position.

"Much better, Mady. But I should not have had to tell you. Turn."

The heeling stick is a bit cruel even from a sitting position. Mady turned and was quickly corrected with six welts across her now quivering bottom. She didn't wimper or move from her position as I punished her. I was soon done.

I took the dog stick and ran it up her left thigh.

"A little further apart Mady."

She obeyed and exposed her pretty slit to the dog stick's tip. I began a gentle wrist rocking motion with the tip of the stick pressing up against her clit and catching on her little pink hood. From the corner of my eye I could see that, even in his cage, elliot was getting aroused.

"So, Mady, I have been thinking about your summer uniform."

"Yes ma'am."

"I am thinking a simple quarter cupped summer weight set of corsets for lingerie. No panties as they are so hot. Off duty you can wear some pretty cotton panties to keep elliot interested in his corner. For day I have decided on white cotton tunics and shirts. I am afraid they will be quite short but, if you are careful, quite modest. Sheer. If you are serving guests, you'll have a little skirt and a second tunic which will, to a degree, hide your nipples."

"That sounds lovely ma'am. So cool."

"I thought so." I said, "After five you'll switch to a black cotton corset and black sheer blouse with a longer, black or grey linen skirt. No hose and, of course, no panties."

"Yes, ma'am, thank you."

"Do you like my little dog stick?"

"Yes, ma'am. Where it is now, ma'am."

"Excellent. But enough fun for now. Have elliot service you later. You have work to do."

It is difficult to curtsy with a dog stick tickling your clit but Mady managed, picked up her clothing and retired.

"Enjoy yourself dear?" I asked elliot.

"Oh yes Hannah." he replied, "You just love teasing us don't you?"

"I must confess elliot, I do. I want you eager when it's time to take Mady."

"I don't think you need to worry too much about that." said elliot. "In this case doing what I am told is going to be delightful."

"Well I hope it is elliot. Because you are going to be giving her strokes on my direction pretty much all summer. I'd like Mady to stay with us for some time and, well, she's a young girl and talented as your tongue is, and tiny as your cock, the fact is she needs to be taken regularly. Call it summer fun for her. Not that you will be coming; but I want her to, a lot."

"Yes darling. I'll do my best." said elliot with a smile.

"Oh, I know you will."

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