Saturday, 23 April 2016

Maid for a Year

Mady brought me my morning tea in bed as I require. elliot was standing in his morning corner, hands behind his back, cock locked in his cage and his ball stretcher keeping its firm but gentle pressure on his scrotum (what a funny word.)

I don't require Mady to be in uniform in the mornings. Or, more accurately, I want her dressed appropriately for whatever her morning work assignment happens to be. Most days she really has only a bit of light dusting and tidying and so can wear something sheer and pretty. I enjoy Mady's pert little breasts displayed so well in her required quarter cup bra under a thin cotton or linen top. This winter I bought her a couple of very sheer cashmere sweaters which, delightfully, had the effect of keeping her nipples in an almost constant state of erection. Something about the weave.

Mady has lovely, long legs but, in the mornings, I prefer her to wear quite sheer, longish, peasant skirts so elliot only catches glimpses. But the skirts allow my sweet maid to show off her pretty curtsy and the full panties I have her wear. As I know elliot will, soon enough, be standing in his corner in Mady's quarters, I like her to wear panties which have light control and a lovely pure cotton gusset. Mady is a wonderfully moist girl and a morning's light house work ensures elliot will be in for a treat when he goes to her quarters to be exercised or to dress her for service.

"Mady" I said as I sipped my tea, "You realize that you have been with us for a year."

"Yes ma'am. I hope my service has been satisfactory." she said standing by my bedside.

"Very satisfactory Mady." I said. I reached up and, through her blouse, began to play with her nipple. "Have you enjoyed your service?"

"Very much so ma'am. You have been so kind and, at the same time, firm." said Mady very subtly pushing her nipple a little closer. I began to flick it into erection. I could see Mady tensing knowing that when her little pink nipple was hard it would be pinched, hard, between the nails of my thumb and middle finger.

"And you Mady," I said beginning to pinch her hard little pink raisin, "Seem to have fit right into our household."

"Thank you ma'am."

I increased the pressure on her nipple.

"I think it might be time to renew your vows Mady. Now that you know exactly what is expected of you." I said. "I know elliot would love the opportunity to have all three of your holes again. And I certainly would enjoy watching you make you submission."

"Oh yes ma'am. It has been so long since you had me penetrated."

"It has Mady. So I think you should exercise elliot a little lightly the next couple of days and we'll up his dose of Viagra. Have him lick you to completion a couple of times between now and the weekend so your hormones are flowing and we'll renew your submission in the next few days."

"Yes ma'am." Mady panted out enduring the now substantial pressure on her nipple. "Thank you ma'am."

"Excellent Mady." I said releasing her swollen nipple. "Look at that silly man. Just listening to us is making him hard in his cage. I wonder if I will let him come in you. I'll have to think about that. Now on with your day girl."

Mady dropped a very low curtsy and left my bedroom. elliot remained in his corner.

"So do you want to squirt up Mady's pretty little backdoor you silly man?" I asked with a laugh. Of course he did. That was the delight of Mady, she was a constant tease and provocation for my wonderful husband. "Go take a cold shower. Five minutes should quell your erection and let you get to work."

As always, elliot did what he was told.


  1. I just love your blog and updates.I'm a bit like Elliot,you leave me needing a cold shower.Thank you for that.

  2. I just love your blog and updates.I'm a bit like Elliot,you leave me needing a cold shower.Thank you for that.

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