Friday, 8 April 2016

Wonderfully Busy

As elliot points out on his blog we have been blissfully busy. I am in the midst of writing a couple of books - one on Mistress Style (in the old sense of mistress as a woman kept by a wealthy man) and another which will be a bit of a surprise. elliot has a lot of work as well as his regular exercise under - in the most literal sense - Mady's strict supervision.

One nice dominant wife wrote to ask how the ball stretcher I imposed on elliot has been working out. I can report two things...First, his little sack has certainly stretched. So much so that Mady and I are getting him a second, longer and heavier ring for his birthday which is coming up. This is a longer and heavier ring and will take the weight on his testicles from 4.3 ounces to a full nine ounces. I plan to have him wear it for several months and then add back his current stretcher when his sack is long enough to accommodate both. Second, unlike the cock cage, the stretcher causes a constant pressure. Not pain apparently, just a degree of sensation. I like that.

We'll both try to write more regularly as we finish up our projects. Spring is in the air and watching Mady exercise elliot naked except for his panties is a delightful distraction. The little minx has taken to removing her panties when she has him piggy back her around the property so my darling elliot can feel her moist, open pussy on the back of his neck. I can see his little cock straining inside his panties and his cage. Just as it should be.


  1. So good to hear from you and that all is well in your household. What a luscious thought; to have the moist, open pussy of a little minx on the back of the neck.
    Glad to hear that elliot is staying in good shape with his cock caged and balls stretched.
    I recently bought the "starter" cock cage that you recommend. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunate depending on your perspective, my wife is not that interested in keeping me caged as she prefers to have access when she wants.
    I am also very interested in having a ball stretcher imposed on my parts.
    Thank you so much for keeping us updated and entertained!

    1. I bought this Chastity belt ,It hasnt arrive yet,

    2. This belt looks east to get in and out of, secures around the waist and is made to be worn full time .Great for cheaters