Thursday, 28 January 2016

Remote Control

dominant wife, dominant woman, online dominantion
I have been having a little fun with a couple of men on Facebook. Each has decided to experiment with male chastity and obedience albeit at a distance.

My own evolution as a dominant woman began back when elliot and I were first moving into our own female led marriage. I am not at all sure that I am a natural dominant - it turns out that my maid Mady is much closer to that temperament - but over the past years I have reached the conclusion that while I may not be a natural dominant, most men, given the chance, are remarkably submissive.

Now I wanted to try out that theory. Where to find such men? We live in a Facebook world so....

I put a very simple post up on a Facebook group promising bratty young ladies for submissive men. I am certainly not in the least bit bratty nor am I terribly young but I put up this ad:

Who wants to be locked up?

You can see it here.

I was not sure what to expect and I received around 20 responses.

My general theory was that if I was going to enforce chastity at a distance I wanted to deal with men who genuinely wanted the experience, were somewhat articulate and were willing to send me gifts of tribute for the privilege. Of the twenty or so responses three have met my criteria. I have not set any particular dollar amount for gifts or tribute: I actually want to see what my bois think the experience is worth.

So far the men I have been training have had their own cock cages which is useful. Obviously they have to lock themselves in but, realistically, unless I have Mady do that, elliot always has to place the cock cage on himself. I click the lock closed and that is the extent of my involvement. One of my online trainees was a bit sceptical that I could manage to control his keys at a distance. A coffee can, water and a freezer cured him of that.

My regular readers know that I am a great proponent of the mindfulness spending time naked in a corner gives a man and my online bois are enjoying plenty of mindfulness training. I am also convinced that a submissive male needs incentives. Each of my online trainees will, if they are very good, eventually have a pair of my panties to enjoy in their corner.

Punishment? A couple of minutes of total cock and ball immersion in ice water is an excellent corrective.

However, as I expected, what my online bois really enjoy is the opportunity to serve a demanding, but amusing, woman in a way they have only dreamed of. A few months online training and, I suspect, they will be ready to accept the superiority of a real life dominant wife or girlfriend. In a sense, like many men, they are ready right now but they have to understand and accept their own need for submission before they will have the courage to find the woman they want and need.


  1. you should have them get numbered plastic locks to use

  2. You are quite right although the frozen key method is a huge deterrent to "slips". Even if you go at a lump of ice with a sledge hammer or a pick it takes a while. During which a boi has time to reflect on his disobedience and his likely punishment.

  3. Ooh, this has a lot of potential for the coming year! How does elliott view the introduction of three new males into your world? Will Mady want a hand in their training and submission? So much to anticipate!

  4. I would love this. Can I join in

  5. Would be interesting to read a follow-up post a few months from now about these men (how they did and where they are with their need for submission).

  6. This chastity belt may be best I ordered it. It hasnt arrived yet

  7. Chastity belt usa is in NC, The belt, They have 3, are worn around the waist. I have a cb3000 like the one pictured here. It takes too much effort to put on. I need to wear it all the time to keep my owner pleased, I am not trusted, since I cheated by seeing a pro Dom ,and having massages with happy endings. I am now allowed out for only 30 minutes, to keep out of trouble. Sessions with Doms are 1 hr same with massages.